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Marry Me 三嫁惹君心 Episode 30 Recap

When Long Yue and Ju Mu’er learned that they had been rescued by the Heavenly Star Palace, they immediately felt embarrassed. The palace owner could not show up after such a long time. It is likely that they were someone they knew. Feng Wu is now caught in a dilemma. On the one hand, she is entrusted by her teacher to protect Xiaobao. She promised to treat Xiaobao as her own and protect him to death. Now Xiaobao is in danger. She cannot let anyone know Xiaobao. Bao appeared here; on the other hand, she was unwilling to hurt Mu’er and Long Yue, it would be dangerous if they were let go now.

Long Bao learned that Feng Wu had detained the two suspected Long Yue and Ju Mu’er, so he came to check, and Feng Wu quickly took him away when he saw it. The palace lord of the Tianxing Palace turned out to be Fengwu, and Fengwu was also difficult to choose. On the one hand, she didn’t want to hurt the two of them, and on the other hand, she didn’t want to defy the instructions of Ji Yan and Shi Boyin, so she was in a dilemma. Long Bao suspected that the two persons Feng Wu had detained were Long Yue and Ju Mu’er. The slight noise made by them spread to Ju Mu’er’s ears, making Ju Mu’er suspect that their detainer was Feng Wu.

Then Long Fei led people to find here, but when the sound of Shi Boyin’s piano heard from all around, a killer appeared to besiege and was rescued by Feng Wu in time. At this point, Feng Wu knew she could not hide it, so she had to admit that Long Bao was indeed the royal bloodline born by Ji Yan, and she was entrusted to her by Shi Bo Yin from Xi Min Kingdom. At this time, Ding Yanshan was also attacked by Yun Qingxian’s men and came to ask for help, and learned that Ding Yanxiang was pregnant, but she was imprisoned by Yun Qingxian, fearing it might be unexpected.

Ju Muer decided to follow them back to Beijing to save people, and Long Yue stayed here to watch over the mystery of the undead investigator Bo Yin. While Yun Qingxian was not at home, Ju Muer wanted to bring out Ding Yanxiang. Unexpectedly, Yun Qingxian rushed back unexpectedly. In order to keep Ju Muer, Ding Yanxiang gave the jade pendant that Yun Qingxian gave to her that day. With Ju Muer, I hope to save Ju Muer’s life at the critical moment.

Long Yue and Ju Mu’er believed that it was no coincidence that all of this happened. They were worried that Ji Yan would be beaten into a move by Shu Bo. Fortunately, Long Teng won the right of Wu Jinwei’s assistant assistant, which made Shu Bo feel jealous and could not act arbitrarily. Ju Mu’er and Yun Qingxian were talking in the room. Yun Qingxian said that he would help Ju Mu’er find out the real culprit. Ju Mu’er felt a little shaken. Then Miss Ding came to deliver the snacks, Ju Muer saw that the two were so harmonious and got up and left. Yun Qingxian wanted to send them off, but when she saw Miss Ding was also there, she had to send them back.

Long Yue, who returned to the Long Mansion, was told by his subordinates that Ju Mu’er’s face was not very good, so she hurried to check her situation in the room. Ju Mu’er concluded that the murderers were all the same person, and Ji Yan had no reason for the murder, so she thought Go to find out the real murderer. Long Yue was worried and told her not to take risks anymore. Ju Muer blamed herself for the two Lifei and Ji Yan who were all caused by him. Long Yue hurriedly embraced Ju Muer to comfort her.

Later, when Long Teng and Long Yue discovered that ghosts were haunted twice, the ashes left by a certain spice in the palace appeared. At the same time, Ju Muer took the initiative to find Shu Ruochen and persuaded Shu Ruochen to take her into the palace again. The two came to the scene of the crime. Ju Muer carefully recalled the scene of the crime and inferred from the sound of the murder weapon. Therefore, it was determined that the murder strings were most likely to come from Kun Yueqin, which is unique to West Fujian.

While talking, there was a noise in the closet, and Ju Muer boldly opened the cabinet. It turned out that Long Yue pretended to be Wu Jinwei and sneaked in here to investigate. Ju Mu’er returned to the Long Mansion and was quite angry. Long Yue knew that he was wrong and should not hide Ju Mu’er’s actions, so he promised to never conceal anything in the future. Then the two exchanged clues they had found, and unexpectedly discovered that the same smell of spices appeared in Liuyifang, so they decided to find the owner Lin Yueyao.

Shu Ruochen, who returned to Shu Mansion, saw that Shu Ruochen was at home and couldn’t help but froze in place. Shu Bo asked Shu Ruochen and blamed Su Qing for the crime. Shu Ruochen had to admit that he was wrong, and then Shu Bo happily lifted Shu Ruochen up and gave Shu Ruochen up. For pure reasons, let her not contact outsiders. Shu Ruochen told Shu Bo about the clues that Ju Muer had found. After Shu Ruochen left, Concubine Shu Gui walked out from behind. The two conspired to deal with Ji Yan, but Ju Muer was their obstacle.

Long Yue found that the clue was related to Liuyifang, and went to visit with Ju Muer that night, and accidentally saw Lin Yueyao bathing. Lin Yueyao noticed that Ju Muer made a noise accidentally. The two ran away in a hurry. They found Kun Yueqin downstairs. They were about to take it away, but Lin Yueyao stopped them. Long Yue and Ju Muer fled to the street, but were stopped by several assassins. Fortunately, Yun Qingxian arrived in time to scare the assassins away. Ju Muer realized that something was wrong, and immediately returned to Liuyifang, only to find that people had already gone upstairs air.

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