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Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 34 Recap

Chen Shengliang was unwilling to take Ding Yu to the train station. Ding Yu tried his best to sneak out of the medical station, but still met Chen Shengliang at the door. Although Chen Shengliang said he did not want to take Ding Yu, he still prepared a pair for Ding Yu. Turn, drive Ding Yu to the train station.

Yanzi and He Xuelin came to elementary school. He Xuelin tied her hair for the girls and learned that Xizi would come to school in two days. Yanzi also took pictures of the little boys in the school, bringing surprises and laughter to these children There is only one girl named Xiaofang. Not only does she look down on Yanzi and He Xuelin, she can’t blend in with these children.

Chen Shengliang took Ding Yu to the train station. The two mentioned Xuelin on the road to prepare for a fair competition. Ding Yu indicated to Chen Shengliang that he and He Xuelin would start to live a good life again. He would stick to his position and He Xuelin would also choose he. Chen Shengliang dismissed Ding Yu’s remarks. He Xuelin would not want to divorce if the two of them had a stable relationship, and Yuanyuan would not get lost. He would never give up, and he would definitely let He Xuelin choose him. The quarrel is a quarrel. The most important thing for the two of them now is to find Yuanyuan. They still have a tacit understanding and dispersed separately, holding the missing person notice to ask Yuanyuan’s whereabouts.

He Xuelin and Yanzi learned from Xiaofang that Xizi slept in her firewood room last night, so they followed Xiaofang to her firewood room. On the way, Xiaofang was tired and stayed to rest. He Xuelin knew that Xiaofang had to be strong in nature and self-esteem, but she also longed for beauty just like children of the same age, so He Xuelin took the initiative to raise her braids for Xiaofang. Xiaofang did not refuse He Xuelin and felt He Xuelin too. Sincere. After braiding the braids, Xiaofang told He Xuelin frankly that Huanxi didn’t live in her house last night. She hoped that He Xuelin could go back to the village with her to be her mother. In fact, her mother has never been to save money since she was born. After returning, everyone said she was a motherless child. She also knew that her parents had already divorced, but she just didn’t want to be looked down upon by others.

Yanzi was very angry at Xiaofang’s deception, especially when he heard Xiaofang’s unreasonable request, He Xuelin was softened and prepared to do Xiaofang a favor. She let Yanzi go back first, and she was going to go back to the village with Xiaofang. At night, Xuelin called Ding Yu to report safety and asked Ding Yu about the results of his search today. Ding Yu said that he had no clues there, and He Xuelin was planning to stay at the elementary school. It was too late to go back and it was not safe. Secondly, she wanted to stay there to find children.

Uncle Hong and He mother secretly booked a plane ticket to Lanxi. The two were going to secretly take advantage of He Xuelin before she found Yuanyuan and visit Teacher Guo. As long as they found the child first, He Xuelin would definitely look at them with admiration. The imagination is beautiful, but the reality is very cruel. Mr. Guo doesn’t need to see Hong Shu and He’s mother at all. Uncle Hong’s hand is still swollen and swollen by the door, so He feels very distressed. The next day, He’s mother and Hong Uncle stared at Mr. Guo again. Yesterday, Mr. Guo didn’t see Mr. He. He came forward to chat with Mr. Guo and learned that Mr. Guo had indeed brought Yuanyuan to Lanxi at the time. After the train station, Mr. Guo had forgotten Yuanyuan, and she didn’t know where Yuanyuan had gone.

Yanzi recorded He Xuelin’s diligence and beauty. She posted a circle of friends. Fang Jue saw Yanzi’s circle of friends, packing up his luggage, and was going to Lanxi. When Ding Yu saw these photos of He Xuelin, he also left a letter and medical expenses to Chen Shengliang, and came to the elementary school on abduction.

Yanzi learned of Xiaofang’s loneliness from He Xuelin. Not only did she take the initiative to apologize to Xiaofang, she also took the initiative to chat with Xiaofang. She learned that Xiaofang had been folding frogs and wanted to find her own mother. I learned how to fold a thousand paper cranes there, and folded a thousand paper cranes for Xiaofang. The paper cranes represent good blessings and wishes. Xiaofang was unwilling to accept the swallow’s paper cranes, but the swallows patiently let Xiaofang Accepting a thousand paper cranes, it will go to Xiaofang’s mother with Xiaofang’s wishes and what she wants to say in her heart. Xiaofang accepts a thousand paper cranes and crying to apologize to the swallow.

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