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Dating in the Kitchen 我, 喜欢你 Episode 23 Recap

It’s hard to believe that Gu Shengnan went back to his home so cautiously. He didn’t even dare to wake up the voice-activated light with ten bulbs on the stairs. He walked to the house in darkness, and a long sigh of neutral sign appeared.

Lu Zheng took advantage of her kindness, sobbed and aggrieved that his mother at home washed her face with tears every day, and there was really nowhere to go, and pretended to leave if Gu Shengnan was disturbed. Gu Shengnan’s softheartedness once again brought him and Lu Zheng together. They went to drink and got drunk. Gu Shengnan’s complaints against Lu Jin that were hidden deep in her heart all threw up, and she was drunk and groggy. She didn’t even know that Lu Zheng held her to send her to Jin’s house.

Lu Jin hugged Gu Shengnan, and the person in his arms fell asleep under the dim light. Gu Shengnan defended Lu Zheng, and Gu Shengnan assured him that he would never pay attention to Lu Zheng again. Scenes emerged, and Lu Jin silently shed tears. Obviously it was their brothers’ contest. Why did you want to involve Gu Shengnan? All her kindness was cherished by him and used by Lu Zheng. He didn’t know whether to be angry or distressed, and Gu Shengnan should not be involved between him and Lu Zheng.

When he woke up from a hangover, Gu Shengnan was not in front of his own home nor saw Lu Jin. Lu Jin’s mother Zheng Hong sat aside. She did not need Gu Shengnan’s explanation. Gu Shengnan should make it clear that the person was Lu Jin. Chairman Zheng Hong set aside a check and left. Obviously, he asked her to leave Lu Jin if she couldn’t explain it clearly.

Gu Shengnan couldn’t contact Lu Jin, and went to the company to find him and was ignored. This kind of silence seems to make Gu Shengnan very anxious. Lu Zheng encouraged him to ask in person. Whether it is reconciliation or breakup, it is at least an accurate answer, and it is better than the cold and violent it is now.

At Songqiao No.1 that night, Lu Zheng sent Gu Shengnan to find Lu Jin. When she saw Lu Jin’s crying pear flower with rain, Lu Jin was still calm and calm when she saw Lu Zheng’s car in the distance, and answered Gu Shengnan vaguely. Turned around. The door of Songqiao No. 1 was closed, and Gu Shengnan’s hope was also shut outside.

In the car back, Gu Shengnan looked sad, and Lu Zheng advised her to go out and relax. In order to take care of the little turtle named “Luguimao”, Gu Shengnan gave Lu Zheng the key. When Lu Jin went to Chengdeli one day, he saw Lu Zheng. He threw the picture of Gu Shengnan and Lu Jin into a bucket like garbage.

Xu Zhaodi used to have the same beauty. She couldn’t get it to make things difficult for customers. Now she returns home with a heavy will and meets Meng Xinjie who has been waiting outside the door. She didn’t seem to have any energy at all, Meng Xinjie comforted her with personal misery, but still had little effect. Xu Zhaodi asked what Meng Xinjie had said before, and he said he wanted to raise her. But looking at the cold and warm world for so many years, she didn’t expect much of this sentence.

Meng Xinjie was dressed up and looked solemn and solemn. He could say that he could do it. Although he is not destined to be a young master who is rich in gold and talent in this life, he is willing to become steadfast for Xu Zhaodi and protect love with his company.

So Meng Xinjie’s marriage proposal was a complete success, but with it there was another problem, the house. Xu Zhaodi has been wandering in this city for several years. She needs a home of her own, not rent.

Meng Xinjie knew she was insecure and agreed to everything. The fact is that Meng Xinjie’s savings budget is only one million, and Xu Zhaodi’s dream house is nearly five million. How could his little assistant afford it? For this reason, Xu Zhaodi borrowed money from his old uncle, and Meng Xinjie’s multi-gold bully is always Lu Jin. He wanted to advance the salary of Lu Jin for the next ten years for the sake of love. Who knew that Lu Jin’s recent love was not going well, and he began to accumulate virtue. To do good, he directly wrote a check to this silly brother. The big stones on Meng Xinjie’s pursuit of happiness were finally cleared, and he kissed and hugged Lu Jin.

The shareholders meeting of Ming Ting finally began. Lu Jin and a group of Zhenghong employees attended, and Lu Zheng finally sat at the same negotiating table with him. For the sale of Ming Ting, Lu Zheng seemed to be joking, and whoever had the highest price bought it.

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