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To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 40 Recap

In the evening, Chen Yiming and Wang Ziru ate at home. At this time, Chen Yiming went to help Wang Ziru serve the soup, and his mobile phone rang. Wang Ziru couldn’t resist curiosity and read his news. Chen Yiming’s parents asked when Chen Yiming could bring his new girlfriend to see him. Wang Ziru was very unhappy after seeing the news.

Chen Yiming returned with a bowl of soup and told Wang Ziru that his parents wanted to see him. Wang Ziru said that falling in love is only a matter for the two of them and does not want to involve other people. Wang Ziru also said that Chen Yiming often worked overtime until late. In fact, he would mind, but Chen Yiming would not ask if he didn’t tell him. He hopes to give two people their own space, but Chen Yiming feels that Wang Ziru just wants to fall in love with him, and has not considered the future.

He was disappointed and wanted to leave. Wang Ziru stopped Chen Yiming and explained to him that Chen Yiming said that he was an angel, but he should know that the financing risk of the angel round was above 90%. In case one day your investment fails, then you are the only one who will suffer. Without saying much, Chen Yiming turned and left Wang Ziru’s house.

Here Wen Xingyu called Li Siyu’s house and asked Li Siyu to come out to meet. He took Li Siyu to the new house he bought, saying that there is no financial consideration. They still have shops in the central square. When they marry into their home, they only need to take care of the children with peace of mind. Li Siyu frankly, he and Wen Xingyu are only suitable for being friends and don’t want to think about love matters. There is no love between him and Wen Xingyu, only pure friendship. When Li Siyu returned home, Gu Xiaoling ‘s mother learned that they had blown it, and planned to introduce Li Siyu a new person.

Chen Yiming, Liu Yang and Lei Haowen played in the arena. Lei Haowen asked Chen Yiming how to leave Wang Ziru alone at home. Chen Yiming didn’t want to mention this. He turned around and asked Liu Yang how to make arrangements at night. Liu Yang said that he would take care of Yuwei at night. Lei Haowen asked Liu Yang what was going on. The two were not divorced. ? Liu Yang said yes, do you want to show him the divorce certificate. Liu Yang said that he cares about Zhang Zhizhi more than before , and Lei Haowen persuaded him to hold Zhang Zhizhi well.

Mr. Su said that his business trip plan was cancelled, so he and Zhang Zhizhi took Yuwei and Susan together, and they ate in a hot pot restaurant after playing in Disney. The daughters were playing on the sidelines. Susan accidentally soiled her clothes. Zhang Zhizhi thoughtfully helped him solve it. Su Lixing was very warm in his eyes. His wife ran away with a foreigner a long time ago, but when she received a call from his wife that she was going to get married and wanted her daughter to be a flower girl, Su Lixing hung up angrily.

Chen Yiming found Wang Ziru at night and told him that even though the angel round’s financing failure rate was 90%, he would give Wang Ziru 100% of the chance. He and Wang Ziru are inferior to him everywhere, but his sincerity alone is not comparable to Wang Ziru. Wang Ziru changed his mind, but still did not take the step of meeting Chen Yiming’s parents, and gave them a thoughtful gift when they got on the train.

Li Siyu was urged by Gu Xiaoling’s mother to go on a blind date. Gu Xiaoling suggested to him to lend Lei Haowen to him as a boyfriend. As a result, Lei Haowen brought Guan Xiaotang to the birthday party at the family party.

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