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To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 39 Recap

Chen Yiming felt very angry when he heard it, why did Lei Haowen cheat himself. Lei Haowen said that he was innocent and it was difficult to do both. Li Siyu asked herself to keep this matter secret, and Lei Haowen told Chen Yiming that Li Siyu had gone back to her hometown because of a failure to start a business because of work closure. Chen Yiming didn’t believe that Li Siyu gave up. However, looking at Lei Haowen’s sincere gaze, he understood that Li Siyu really gave up this time, and he had to believe in this reality. Shanghai is indeed a place that is difficult to survive.

After Li Siyu returned to his hometown, he delivered his resume and found a new job. When I went to work in the new company, I found that one of my colleagues happened to be Liu Junning, my former high school classmate. Liu Junning took Li Siyu to get acquainted with the new company environment, but Li Siyu found that his home company was completely different from the Shanghai company. The employees here are very lazy, very absent-minded and procrastinated. And everyone is looking for excuses to delay work for a day.

Manager Feng arranges for the employees to do things. Everyone pushes me or pushes you and you don’t want to do it. There is no way, so he has to hand over the work to Li Siyu. The manager asked Li Siyu to draft a work plan for next year. After Li Siyu received the job, he immediately started to ask for information from various employees, but it aroused dissatisfaction from everyone, especially a colleague named Zhai, who said that he was self-righteous and said that some employees who were overpowered also wanted to challenge. he. Li Siyu felt very innocent, and he did not offend him.

At this time everyone’s takeaways came, and Zhai Ge directed Li Siyu to take the takeaways. Li Siyu was very unconvinced and wanted to go with Zhai Ge. At this time, Liu Junning pulled him away, saying that he was invited to drink milk tea to calm his anger.

Before Liu Junning told Li Siyu, he asked Brother Zhai for some reports and information on the Internet. However, Brother Zhai said that he was out to work, but he was actually playing mahjong. This matter was known to the manager, and naturally it was fined, so Brother Zhai came back to find Li Siyu to give up his anger. However, Li Siyu felt that they were unreasonable, Liu Junning said with a smile, everyone is not a child, so what reason.

There is no need to take this work plan so seriously. He said that he had a work plan from last year, so Li Siyu could change it to deal with it. However, Li Siyu felt that he could not be too perfunctory to the tasks assigned by the manager, but his colleagues did not cooperate with him, so there was really no way he could do it.

After returning home, Gu Xiaoling’s mother said that Li Siyu was already in his 30s, and that he would not be able to marry when he was a little older. Now he can only find divorced men with children. Here, Gu Xiaolin’s mother enthusiastically introduced a new blind date to Li Siyu. After Li Siyu went there, she discovered that she was the person who accosted herself at the classmate meeting last time, and her name was Wen Xingyu. After the introducer left, Li Siyu and Wen Xingyu chatted casually, and then they left with the excuse that they had something to do.

In the evening, the heavy rain in Shanghai knocked down the big tree and smashed the room of Gu Xiaoling’s house. Guo Xiaolin called He Mu but it was turned off. He could only call Lei Haowen. He woke up at the hotel the next day and found that Lei Haowen had been helping the workers to clean his home after returning home. He was very moved.

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