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To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 38 Recap

Guan Xiaotang patiently asked Li Siyu about the company’s current situation. Li Siyu told Guan Xiaotang not to worry, he would definitely not give up the company. Guan Xiaotang said that he would stand on this side and would always be with him. But at this time, the people in the company were already panicking. Everyone said that the company was going to close down, and there was no capital, and even wages could not be paid. Li Siyu convened a staff meeting to tell everyone that the funding problem had been resolved, and gave the employees some anger. At this time, Chen Yiming came to their company.

Li Siyu didn’t want the employees to see that he was arguing with Chen Yiming, so he invited Chen Yiming into the office alone. Chen Yiming came here this time because. After discussing with Wang Ziru, they agreed that Li Siyu’s company was dead. Now there are products of the same type on the market, and they are doing better than them, they have no way to go, only the way to go bankrupt. So Chen Yiming came here this time to persuade Li Siyu to abandon the company, not to make mistakes again and again, to the point where he can’t handle it in the end.

However, Li Siyu knew the company’s situation a bit in his heart, but he still insisted on telling Chen Yiming that he would not give up the company.

Seeing Li Siyuming’s stubbornness, Chen Yiming didn’t want to say more, but when he was about to leave, he found that Guan Xiaotang had arranged the front door of the company when the two were arguing. Guan Xiaotang was in front of Chen Yiming. When Li Siyu came out to confess in public, colleagues also booed. Li Siyu didn’t want to refute Guan Xiaotang’s face, so he had to accept Guan Xiaotang’s gift. After Chen Yiming left, Li Siyu shut herself in the door, acting very lonely.

Although Li Siyu didn’t want to face it, he had to admit that the views Chen Yiming put forward were exactly what he lacked in his current company. He could not hold on to it. The company seemed so small in the face of reality. In the end, Li Siyu decided to dismiss the employees, paid them three months’ salary, and announced the news of the dissolution of the company.

Some employees still want to continue working with Li Siyu, but Li Siyu feels that the company can no longer be saved and does not want to drag his colleagues any more. Guan Xiaotang asked him how much money the company still lacks. He could come and find a way. Li Siyu disagreed. He couldn’t use others to bind his dreams, and eventually Li Siyu’s company went bankrupt.

Li Siyu is about to go back to his hometown, he cannot stay in Shanghai anymore. Seeing Li Siyu’s appearance, Gu Xiaoling felt so strange and very annoying. Although his previous appearance was also annoying, he wanted to see Li Siyu before, rather than Li Siyu, who was so depressed and without fighting spirit now. But after Li Siyu failed to start his own business, he felt that he was already in his 30s, but he still couldn’t achieve anything. I am afraid that he will not be able to stand out in this life. In the face of reality, everyone is ordinary and small.

Seeing Li Siyu’s appearance, Gu Xiaoling knew that he couldn’t persuade him, so she had to help him pack up and tell him that if he wanted to come back, he would be welcome at any time. Guan Xiaotang still wants to contact Li Siyu, but Li Siyu has turned off the phone. When he returned home, Guan Xiaotang sent himself a lot of messages, but he didn’t want to read or reply.

On Chen Yiming’s side, Wang Ziru introduced a friend to invest in Chen Yiming through Lei Haowen, and Chen Yiming’s company gradually got on the right track. After he got his salary, he was going to pay Lei Haowen back. At this time, Lei Haowen said that Li Siyu actually gave the 300,000 yuan.

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