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To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 37 Recap

Chen Yiming and Lei Haowen said that they have a one-hundred-thousand-yuan advertisement that they want to talk about. If the talk is successful, there will be no problem. Chen Yiming and Director Gong of the Advertising Department had a good chat. Minister Gong said that their boss wanted to talk to Chen Yiming in person. Chen Yiming brought the information to the boss, but when he heard that his official account had only 60,000 fans, he laughed at him severely, saying that Chen Yiming was overwhelmed, and he would come to him when he had millions of fans. .

Mr. Zheng also said to everyone that many young people nowadays do not know what they can do, and do not look at their own jins to come out to discuss business. Chen Yiming regarded himself upright and his information was thrown on the ground. At this time, Chen Yiming received a debt collection message from the bank, saying that his mortgage had been overdue for 6 months. Chen Yiming suddenly collapsed. He shouted to his mobile phone in the lobby and told them to take the house back. It would be better for the court to shoot him.

After discovering, Chen Yiru found that everyone around him was looking at him. There was a familiar person in his eyes, Wang Ziru. At this time, Mr. Zheng came to Wang Ziru kindly and said that he had submitted the information he had submitted before. President Wang is willing to cooperate with him. Wang Ziru humiliated President Zheng in the same way that President Zheng humiliated Chen Yiming before. He said that his company was valued at tens of billions before he came to him.

Mr. Zheng left angrily. Wang Ziru came over to help Chen Yiming pick up the information, saying that he was a fan of Chen Yiming’s public account and hoped to have the opportunity to cooperate with him. Chen Yiming refused Wang Ziru’s turn and left, and then received a call from the bank saying that his loan had been fully paid off. Chen Yiming knew that Wang Ziru was behind him. Wang Ziru chased it out. Chen Yiming asked the prince to save himself some dignity and face.

Wang Ziru said that all he could pay back was money, but he could not pay back the other things he gave. He is also an individual. When he is rejected It would also be sad, but if the prince decides to give up, he will not come to disturb Chen Yiming again, and the prince will leave lonely. Chen Yiming thought for a long time and decided to catch up and hug Wang Zilu, and the two got together like this.

Li Siyu lay on the bed at night, thinking of the words and encouragement that Wang Ziru had said to him before, thinking of introducing himself to Wang Ziru and Pan Zhiyong, but ended up like this in the end. Wang Ziru received a text message from Li Siyu at Chen Yiming’s China Night. Li Siyu asked Wang Ziru when to meet him. Wang Ziru looked at Chen Yiming outside the window and sent Li Siyu the location and time. Wang Ziru took the blanket and went to the balcony to find Chen Yiming, put a blanket on Chen Yiming, Chen Yiming hugged Wang Ziru backhand, and the two kissed.

The next day Wang Ziru arrived as scheduled. Li Siyu asked him why he did this. He felt that Pan Zhiyong was very suitable for Emerald, and Emerald had made a great contribution. Wang Ziru said that he also admires Pan Zhiyong, but the position of chairman is not suitable for him. Wang Ziru said that he is very suitable. Li Siyu asked Wang Ziru if he used himself in the first place.

Wang Ziru admitted that he wanted to enter a new energy company at the time and happened to run into Li Siyu, so he signed the contract with Pan Shiyong, and now he also squeezed out Pan Zhiyong’s position. Li Siyu was very disappointed with Wang Ziru. Wang Ziru said that his boyfriend had come to pick him up, so please leave first. Li Siyu looked out the window and found that the boyfriend was Chen Yiming.

Li Siyu was faced with both emotional and career failures. Lubao called for the withdrawal of capital. Guan Xiaotang asked them if the company was going to collapse. Li Siyu insisted that he had other financing channels.

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