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To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 36 Recap

Wang Ziru find Chen Yiming asked to pay not only his own money, as well as for his care and attention, Chen Yiming face for their own dignity and chose to escape, this man he was contemptuous. Chen Yiming fled. In order to pay off the debts owed by relatives, Chen Yiming decided to start a business with Lei Haowen. Wang Ziru secretly registered a trumpet after learning about it, followed Chen Yiming’s Weibo, and cheered him up every day.

Zhang Zhizhi and Liu Yang quickly handled the divorce in the Civil Affairs Bureau. Liu Yang invited Zhang Zhizhi to have a meal together at noon. Zhang Zhizhi said that it was not necessary. He still needed to visit a client at noon. Zhang Zhizhi also talked about Liu Yang’s things. Liu Yang said that if the dormitory here is organized, he can move in immediately. Zhang Zhizhi said that if he wants to see Yuwei at any time, he can call himself in advance. Zhang Zhizhi stretched out his hand to shake hands with Liu Yang, but Liu Yang clenched the divorce certificate in his hand and left.

Fang Zhan and Wang Ziru met in the coffee shop. Fang Zhan gave to Wang Ziru the two recent financial statements made by the company. Wang Ziru was surprised when he saw it, because Zhao from the Finance Department is always from Pan Zhiyong. Fang Zhan said that only the people below did it and gave it to them directly. Xiaoqiang was the one he recruited himself. Wang Ziru was very satisfied with the financial statements. At this time Fang Zhan still couldn’t bear it, and asked Wang Ziru if he really wanted to do this. Wang Ziru resolutely said that he was more suitable for chairman than Pan Zhiyong.

Wang Ziru had already had this plan even long before when he became a shareholder of Emerald. He had planned for a long time and was waiting for today. Wang Ziru formally proposed to the board of directors a proposal to remove Pan Zhiyong. Pan Zhiyong was shocked. He never expected that Wang Ziru’s ambition was so big that he wanted not only the shares of the company, but also the position of chairman. Pan Zhiyong has no other choice but to challenge Wang Ziru, and the company will soon hold a board meeting.

The Administration Department is cleaning up Li Siyu’s office. Li Siyu has a lot of things that he has not taken away. Subordinates holding a large box of things and asking Yuan Huizhong what to do with these things. At this time, Yuan Huizhong was busy with the things at hand. He let his subordinates stay in his office, find a corner at random, and wait for the work to be done before solving this side. Then finally settled the matter at hand, Yuan Huizhong knelt down and looked at what Li Siyu left behind.

He found that Li Siyu still kept the stomach medicine he bought for him, and even bought the premium VIP discount card used when Yuan Huizhong started his business and opened a restaurant. Yuan Huizhong’s heart was very touched. He approached Zhang Zhizhi to understand the situation. Zhang Zhizhi said Li Siyu had never regarded Yuan Huizhong as an enemy. Yuan Huizhong’s heart was also very emotional. At this time, Li Siyu came to the company to find Pan Zhiyong, but they were having a meeting, so Li Siyu went to Yuan Huizhong’s office.

Yuan Huizhong and Li Siyu reconciled. Li Siyu was happy, but waited for the news that Pan Zhiyong was deposed. It turned out that Wang Ziru was fully prepared, and Fang always asked Pan Zhiyong why he had invested 3 million in Li Siyu’s property without authorization. Everyone asked him to step down when he said that.

Wang Ziru’s goal was achieved, but Pan Zhiyong said that their industry must be down-to-earth, otherwise Wang Ziru disapproved.

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