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The Promise of Chang’an 长安诺 Episode 28 Recap

The court has been arguing about the establishment of a prince. Xiao Chengrui also intends to establish a prince. Since ancient times, He Lan Yunqi blamed himself for not giving birth to a son for him. Xiao Chengrui said that if Helan Mingyu gave birth to a prince, he would adopt him to Helan Yunqi. Under the name, give him the name of the son. Helan Yunqi was very happy, didn’t Xiao Chengrui deliberately let Helan Mingyu’s child be the prince? Helan Mingyu couldn’t be happy when he heard about this. She was naturally at ease with the child at Helan Yunqi, but what other princes should think. She didn’t want her child to be a thorn in the eyes of her brothers when she was born.

Xiao Chengrui found another pigeon exactly like Helan Mingyu’s starling flying, and happily took the starling to her palace, but heard Helan Mingyu frowning and said that it would be nice if he didn’t have this child. If so many things did not happen, she would not have to enter the palace and live freely with her child outside the palace. She would rather have this child born in an ordinary family than let him be the emperor’s child. Xiao Chengrui’s heart was cold when he heard these words.

At this moment, the starling in his hand made a sound, Helan Mingyu heard the sound, and Xiao Chengrui let the starling go away without saying a word. Xiao Chengrui recalled what she said in his heart and was very sad, so he appointed Helan Wanyin’s fifth prince Xiao Qiheng as the prince. Helan Wanyin was happy but also worried, Xiao Qiheng was still young after all. Su Yuying and Concubine Hui came to chew their tongues again and provoke her and Helan Mingyu.

Xiao Qihan came to see Ling Zhen’er as soon as he returned to the palace, and once again offered to let her marry him, but Ling Zhen’er refused again. It was impossible for them. Xiao Qihan couldn’t wait to propose marriage to Helan Mingyu immediately, but Ling Zhen’er quickly blocked her, she was pregnant. Xiao Qihan naturally understood that as long as the child was born, Ling Zhen’er could marry him, and Ling Zhen’er hurriedly left with shame.

When Xiao Chengxu came back from the expedition, Su Yuying specially cooked chicken soup for him. Xiao Chengxu asked her if anything happened in the palace, Su Yuying was immediately upset, knowing that he was still thinking about Helan Mingyu. Xiao Chengxu said that she was a little uncomfortable and she called the imperial doctor, but in fact he asked for Helan Mingyu’s body.

The imperial doctor said that she was about to give birth, and Concubine Hui also diagnosed the heartbeat a few days ago. Su Yuying was very angry. She was Xiao Chengxu’s righteous wife. He cared about Helan Mingyu so much, and he didn’t know that he thought she was carrying Xiao Chengxu’s in his belly! Xiao Chengxu was a little annoyed. It was not only him who ridiculed her words. If they were passed into the palace, she would not even want to live.

Su Yuying ran to Concubine Hui to complain again. Concubine Hui asked her to take her place with peace of mind, and wooed Xiao Chengxu to let him support her son. Su Yuying told her not to have this dream. Helan Wanyin’s child is the prince. Ling Zhen’er found that Ling’er was crying holding Fotan, saying that she went to the Internal Affairs Office and refused to give it. It took a long time to give it. Ling Zhen’er sighed, and could only take her to pick up the wood and warm up the house first. Helan Mingyu was embroidering the child with a silk scarf, and Ling Zhener lamented that she hadn’t done needlework for a long time. When Helan Yunqi went out of the palace to recuperate, Ling Zhen’er was up and down, after all, Helan Mingyu was about to give birth.

In the evening, Helan Mingyu had a sudden abdominal pain, fearing that she was about to give birth, Ling Zhen’er quickly helped her into the room to let Ling’er find her father-in-law who was on duty at night, and asked Xiao Chengrui to declare the doctor. However, Ling’er couldn’t find her father-in-law who was watching the night, so Ling Zhen’er had to go to Helan Wanyin to see Xiao Chengrui, but Hui’er drove her away. Ling Zhen’er returned to the palace anxiously, Helan Mingyu asked her to find Xiao Chengxu.

Ling Zhener rushed to the Yanwang Mansion in the snow. There was no official Helan Mingyu’s life or death in the palace, and Helan Yunqi was in the palace again. Xiao Chengxu hurriedly went to the midwife and the imperial doctor, and ignored Su Yuying’s frustrated words, Ling Zhen’er also persuaded her not to mention this matter, otherwise it would not be good for her.

Xiao Chengxu found a midwife, and Helan Mingyu had to go through all kinds of pain to finally give birth to the child. He was a little prince. In the middle of the night, Xiao Chengrui was awakened by the outside sound. The father-in-law told him that Helan Mingyu had just given birth to a little prince, but he refused to visit her. Ling’er told Xiao Chengxu about the safe birth, and asked him to keep Madam Li behind, and said to the outside that it was the person Helan Yunqi had arranged in advance.

After Helan Yunqi returned to the palace, she was very angry when she learned about Helan Mingyu. How did she give birth to a prince too, how could she treat her like this! Madam Li had received the favor of Xiao Chengxu at home. Helan Yunqi asked her to work at Helan Mingyu, saying it was her good morning A7 brother. Today is the day when the little prince washes the third. Xiao Chengrui came to see his son. He Lan Yunqi complained a bit. He only took a look at the child three days after it was born. How cruel.

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