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The Lost Tomb Reboot S2 重启之极海听雷第二季 Episode 30 End Recap

There are corpses everywhere in Nanhai Palace and temples, all of them are Erjing and his men. A large amount of poisonous gas spread from the cracks in the bronze wall. Wu Xie put a tape called “Purification” into the recorder, and immediately after it made a special frequency of thunder, all the poisoned people felt like rabies after waking up. , Began to attack frantically.

Since Zhang Qiling’s blood could not last too long, they had to do everything possible to delay the time until the sound on the tape was played, before the entire defense system could be completely shut down. Audio-Technica looked at each other with a smile, and then rushed to the group of inhumane monsters. The scene was chaotic, full of death and responsibility.

Bai Haotian and others threw the antidote on it and notified Director Tong to close the entrance to the dead zone as soon as possible. Director Tong waited anxiously, but the poison gas continued to spread and gradually approached, and he could only order all the vents to be blown up. Hei Blind, Liu Sang and Bai Haotian hid everywhere to no avail. In addition to the insect fog attack, Bai Haotian thought of military vehicle No. 076 and immediately led them into the carriage. However, the carriage could not be completely enclosed, and the three of them planned to get into the sarcophagus. .

At the same time, Er Jing stared at Wu Xie and grabbed his neck firmly. Even if Zhang Qiling pierced Er Jing’s neck with a black gold ancient knife, it still had no effect and was severely injured. When Fatty Wang and Zhang Qiling saw Erjing pull out the ancient sword and want to chop off at Wu Xie, the lives of Bai Haotian and others were also at stake. They did not expect that the thunder in the tape would end, the lotus artifact gradually unfolded, and the poisonous fog in the air disappeared completely.

The eleven warehouse crisis was lifted, and everyone stood on the edge of the cliff in the dead zone, waiting from day to night for more than five hours, without seeing the iron triangle. When the black blind man was a little anxious and everyone was in grief, he suddenly heard Fatty Wang’s laughter. Looking up, he was walking with Wu Xie and Zhang Qiling. Bai Haotian cried with joy, and rushed to hug Wu Xie.

With the cheers on the scene, the Iron Triangle was safe and sound. They hugged each other, returned to the first experience, and there are many precious memories. Scenes were written by Wu Xie in his notes. Like all stories, when the wrong direction is chosen, the hard pursuit turns into a ridiculous farce. The obsession of the second capital is too deep. It is the indulgence of greed that makes him enter the path of sin. If people’s desires are not legally restricted , It would quickly devour people’s hearts and make them degenerate. Wu Xie realized from it that what was lost cannot be returned, only to cherish what he has now, and what is left is to look forward to the future.

Wu Xie told the legend about the King of the South Sea to Shih Cang and submitted the artifact to the research institute for research, but after the two tapes were broadcast, the lotus artifact seemed to have self-destructed, and now only the bronze shell is left for reference. Perhaps this is the self-protection effect of the artifact, but the archaeological team will conduct a special investigation.

Wu Erbai’s operation was very successful, and I believe it will not take long to restore mobility and language skills. To take care of his second uncle, Wu Xie asked Hodolf to take care of Wu Shanju. Wang Meng learned that he was not an agent store manager and even thought he was fired. He was aggrieved and cried out immediately. As a result, Hodolf read out an equity transfer contract on the spot. It turns out that Wang Meng’s contribution has been seen by Wu Xie, so Wu Xie handed over 10% of the equity to Wang Meng and made him a shareholder of Wu Shanju. Wang Meng was quite moved and lay on the table and wailed loudly.

Hodolf wanted to study the bronze toxin composition, so he applied for a laboratory in the hospital. The black blind went to the cemetery to visit the mute woman. How could Jie Yuchen suddenly appear, suggesting that the mute girl was not dead. He was stunned when he heard the words, and couldn’t help laughing. Indeed, he looked down upon Xie Yuchen. How could the famous Jie Yuhua make such a mistake .

Fatty Wang came to the school and wanted to go through the admission procedures for Xiaomei, but the school teacher asked Xiaomei’s biological father to be there because he was not an immediate family member. Later, Xiaomei wanted Fatty Wang to be her legal guardian and become her real father. Fatty Wang had this plan, and the father and daughter got along very well.

Zhang Qiling returned to Wu Shanju, guarding Wu Xie and Wang Fatty. After the Iron Triangle experienced the storm, it was a stable and leisurely life. At the same barbecue stall, due to the participation of Bai Haotian, Hodolf, Heixiazi, and others, everyone had a happy drink and discussed a trip to Changbai Mountain during the vacation.

Wu Xie looked at everyone with a smile on their faces, and felt deep in his heart. From the beginning of the story, it was an iron triangle, but at the end of the story, it was a group of people. It is this group of people who are not afraid of life and death. Because of their company, Life will be colorful, no matter how much time is left in the future, but the green hills will not change, the green water will flow forever!

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