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The Lost Tomb Reboot S2 重启之极海听雷第二季 Episode 28 Recap

First, the aged liquor and music box, followed by the paint spilled on the ground, Wu Xie associated all the objects along the road, and suddenly realized that this was a clue that the fat man had specifically left him, meaning the countdown to the action. Knowing that Liu Sang was nearby, Wu Xie hinted to Liu Sang that the action was cancelled through the content of his conversation with Erjing, even lied that Erjing bronze had been poisoned into his body, and used his mobile phone to help him take pictures of the poison lines on the back of his neck. The other party’s mood changes, and the whereabouts of the bronze poison antidote.

Hearing that he was uneasy, he went to rest in a few words. After he left, Wu Xie whispered a new plan. Liu Cang and others received the information and prepared to cooperate secretly. Bai Haotian was even more eager to try and praise Wu Xie. clever. In fact, Wu Xie had prepared a letter long before, and told Wang Meng to open the letter as soon as he found that the second capital had entered the eleventh warehouse, and find the black blind man according to the content of the letter.

Wang Meng asked the black blind man to help rescue Wu Erbai. They cooperated with each other, and even used the tactic of arrogantly to get rid of the thugs who were watching Wu Erbai. Just when Wang Meng was about to leave with Wu Erbai on his back, he didn’t expect the other party to return the same way. Because there were too many people and they all had weapons in their hands, Wang Meng could only put down Wu Erbai and come to rescue after the agreement. Busy.

According to the plan, Wu Xie took Erjing to find two batches of bronze reeds, and the last batch was hidden in a secret cave, which was also the key entrance to the Nanhai Wanggong Temple. Wu Xie took the reed first, but he hadn’t come out for a long time, and there was no response. Er Jing asked two of his subordinates to follow him and ordered them to get the bronze reed to kill Wu Xie.

Just as his subordinates were about to act, the hole suddenly exploded, and Erjing fell directly into the hole and injured his leg. Wu Xie rushed to hear the sound, took him away first, and then put a few reeds of the lotus artifact into the bag and carried it on his body. Originally Erjing wanted to reach out and take it, but Wu Xie tied his thunder on the reed in advance, but anyone who touched it easily could cause an explosion, which discouraged Erjing.

The two searched forward according to the marks marked by Jiang Yuan, and finally stopped in front of the cowhide cloth with a totem painted on one side. Wu Xie inferred from the color of the pattern that the stockholders should have stayed here decades ago, so after opening the cowhide, it turned out to be a mysterious dark room with pendulum clocks hung on the wall, and all the hands were turning irregularly.

Thinking of Wu Erbai’s magnetic interference while digging the Nanhai King’s Underground Palace, Wu Xie guessed that there must be a problem with the wall. He pried open the stone wall under the pendulum clock and found that the stone wall had been pasted in advance, and there was a bronze wall behind it. It is this bronze wall that affects the movement of the pointer. Second Jing took advantage of Wu Xie’s observation of the stone wall, and slowly approached, preparing to pick up the scimitar on the ground, but Wu Xie suddenly looked back and met his eyes.

Breaking through the wall and crossing the secret road, standing in front of the cliff, looking at the endless Nanhai Wanggong Temple, Erjing was both shocked and pleasantly surprised. Wu Xie dismantled Erjing’s conspiracy face to face, and even held the grenade in his backpack to warn him not to act rashly. Erjing knew that he was completely exposed and asked how Wu Xie found out, but Wu Xie found out the rape without going deep. Treating Erjing as a real uncle, that’s why I don’t want to believe this cruel reality.

Faced with Wu Xie’s angry accusations, Er Jing slowly revealed his true intentions, including his past. At the age of two, he was killed at his home in Beijing. At the age of seven, he witnessed a group of people breaking into the house, not only taking all of his belongings, but also killing his mother by mistake. Two Jing wanted to run out and call for someone, but was almost killed by a tree during the period. Fortunately, the leader rescued him in time and asked him to join the Tinglei team.

Later, I learned that Leicheng could satisfy desires and heal regrets. He simply followed the team leader to study Tinglei and consulted a large amount of historical data. It turned out that the so-called Leicheng Holy Land was just a blindfold of the King of the South China Sea. He led the world to Leicheng, but The treasure is placed in the underground palace temple in the eleven warehouse. Second Jing decided to use the power of the Wu family to help him get the Leicheng artifact, so he pretended to be Wu Sansheng and sent a message to Wu Xie, which aroused the curiosity of the only heir of the Wu family, and then sent a text message to Wang Junyi, by the way, developing in the dead zone. Jiang Yuan became an informant and helped him guard the treasure.

It’s just that Wu Erbai is old and cunning, and wants to deprive Wu Xie of action at the first time to avoid falling into the trap. Fortunately, Tian Youjin’s theft organization appeared. They occupied the route from the eleven warehouse to the dead zone, which became the biggest obstacle to the second capital, but they also pushed the speed of the plan and attracted Wu Xie’s attention. Because Wu Xie succeeded in eradicating Tian Youjin, Er Jing was able to sit back and enjoy his success so easily.

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