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Marry Me 三嫁惹君心 Episode 29 Recap

Long Teng expressed his heart to Shu Bo, and Shu Ruochen was watched by Taishi Ding that day. Fortunately, there was no danger afterwards. Now his two hearts are determined, and he wants to marry Shu Ruochen and enter the door as soon as possible. Shu Bo was very grateful to Long Teng for saving Shu Ruochen and himself, but after all, Shu Ruochen was the one who was going to enter the palace, so whether he would have money to get married so soon.

Shu Ruochen said that he was not Long Teng and would not marry. Long Teng also said that such precedents existed before. Shu Bo had no choice but to agree, saying that Shu Ruochen would always be Shu Ruochen’s home. Shu Ruochen and Long Teng returned to Long’s house, and they were happy to clear all obstacles. There was a sudden heavy rain in the sky, and the two of them only hid from the rain under the eaves. Shu Ruochen put his head on Longteng’s shoulder, and his sweet feelings were beyond words.

Facing the score left by Shibo Yin, Hua Yibai was puzzled. Suddenly he blew it over, and the paper on the table fell. Hua Yibai suddenly felt that this symbol had been seen before, and finally he rummaged through the classics. Finally, when he saw the verses of the twins of Longsheng in a book of West Fujian, Hua Yibai suddenly realized that the clue that Shi Bo Yin wanted to leave to them was related to the royal blood. Ya Lili asked him if he found any clues. Hua Yi denied it and asked her where Shi Boyin lived in Ximin. After he had dealt with Shi Boyin’s affairs, he took Ya Lili.

Where to live in seclusion. Ya Lili would naturally not agree, and Hua Yibai was extremely helpless. Hua Yibai’s investigation department inspected Shi Boyin’s files and didn’t want to fall into Yun Qingxian’s trap. He was arrested and tortured by Yun Qingxian, but Hua Yibai insisted on not telling the secrets he found. Yun Qingxian said that what Hua Yibai found was also found out by herself, and also threatened Yalili.

Ya Lili took Ju Mu’er to the place where Shi Boyin was buried. They didn’t know that Hua Yibai had been arrested. Ya Lili also blamed Hua Yibai for being unreliable. Ju Muer and Ya Lili dug up Shi Boyin’s tomb, only to find that the coffin was actually empty. At this time, Ya Lili suddenly heard the sound of the piano, mistakenly thought it was Uncle Yin and chased it.

Ya Lili did not see Shi Bo Yin, the son of King Zhende who appeared in front of her. The King of Germany hit her with a deadly hand, and Ya Lili was hit by a dart. Ju Muer chased her out and was blocked by Yun Qingxian. Yun Qingxian forced her to take her away regardless of Ju Muer’s married into the Long’s house. Ju Muer drew out a dagger to fight with her, and then escaped.

After Ju Muer and Ya Lili reunited, Yun Qingxian and De Wang Shizi came out with Hua Yibai, threatening to force them to show up under the threat of Hua Yibai’s life. Ya Lili clicked on Ju Mu’er’s acupuncture point and said that she owed a lot to Hua Yibai in her life, and now she couldn’t ignore it. Hua Yibai yelled to her to leave after seeing Yalili coming out. Yalili hugged him and said in his ear that Ju Mu’er was nearby, and asked him to say anything.

Hua Yibai shouted out the message left by Uncle Yin and asked Ya Lili if she would fall in love with herself if she met her first. Yalili was very sad. Yun Qingxian came over to Hua Yibai with a sword. Yalili stood in front of Hua Yibai. The sword penetrated the two of them. Yalili said that if there is another life, she hopes to meet first. The one who arrived was Hua Yibai. Ding Yanshan told Long Yue about Hua Yibai’s arrest by Yun Qingxian, and she was worried that Yun Qingxian would be disadvantageous to Ju Muer. By the time Long Yue found Ju Muer, Hua Yibai and Ya Lili had already died tragically.

In order to find out the truth, Long Yue and Ju Muer decided to go to Ximin. Feng Wu and Xiao Bao left without saying goodbye, which made Long Fei anxious. Long Teng suspected that Xiao Bao was not Long Fei’s child, but Long Fei felt that as long as Xiao Bao was surnamed Long, he was his child. At this time, someone reported seeing Feng Wu taking Xiao Bao heading towards Xi Min, and Long Teng asked Long Fei to lead people to chase him, protecting Long Yue and Ju Mu’er by the way.

Long Yue and Mu Ding Yanshan met A Sheng as soon as they arrived in Ximin. Long Yue said that Ding Yanshan and A Sheng were a match made in heaven. Ju Mu’er and Long Yue found the letter left by Shi Boyin’s former residence, which said that Ji Yan gave birth to twins for the emperor. Around. Ju Muer and Long Yue were worried that Yun Qingxian’s people would come after them, so they wanted to send this letter out first, but they didn’t want the killer to surround them.

Long Yue and Feng Wu fought with the killer, and the two inhaled poisonous smoke during the fight. Just when the two lost, another group of people descended from the sky, and the leader raised their hands and they were taken away. Ju Muer and Long Yue didn’t see that the leader turned out to be Feng Wu. Ju Mu’er and Long Yue were taken back to Tianxing Palace. Ju Mu’er asked them about the medicine, and then took the first one. Long Yue felt that these people would not poison them, and denial would not save them.

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