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Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 33 Recap

Fang Jue wanted to go to Lanxi to find Swallows, but Fang Jue’s mother told Fang Jue not to continue to be stupid. The two were simply not suitable. Swallows had no love at all, and Fang Jue’s brain ran into nothing. Yanzi had already arrived in Lanxi, and met Chen Shengliang on the road. The two of them rode in the same car. Yanzi called He Xuelin and learned that they were at the Zhangji Town Medical Station.

He Xuelin was busy taking care of Ding Yu as soon as he woke up. After Ding Yu woke up, he saw He Xuelin’s heart warm. He mentioned the anxious look in He Xuelin’s eyes yesterday. He was very happy in his heart. In order to see He Xuelin’s gentle eyes, he would rather be sick A little longer. Hearing that Ding Yu wanted to be sick longer, He Xuelin was worried and angry at Ding Yu. She lost her temper while scolding Ding Yu and wept.

It used to be that Ding Yu’s personality was too bad and good. Only the words will be separated, and she solemnly gave Ding Yu one last chance. From now on, the three of their family must have the same pace, and Ding Yu must change his own bad personality. Ding Yu agreed to He Xuelin without hesitation. He Xuelin knew that Ding Yu could not get up now. She took a sip of water and gave Ding Yu a sip of water.

He Xuelin’s words and the scene of her feeding Ding Yu and drinking water fell in the eyes of Chen Shengliang and Yanzi. Chen Shengliang talked to He Xuelin alone. He thought that He Xuelin was just pitying Ding Yu. He didn’t believe that He Xuelin would look so fierce and evil when he confessed. However, He Xuelin shook her head and denied that she loves Ding Yu, so she is willing to tolerate Ding Yu. Ding Yu has also seen her most ugly appearance and is willing to choose to tolerate her, so she and Ding Yu are destined to be inseparable.

Swallow looked at Ding Yu’s happy appearance in the ward. She thought Ding Yu was very spineless, but Ding Yu said that Swallow didn’t know how to appreciate. Swallow came over to see He Xuelin’s true love for Ding Yu. He was sitting outside drinking with He Xuelin. Both of them firmly believed that they would find Yuanyuan. After this conversation, Yanzi also understood the bitterness in He Xuelin’s heart. She herself drunk and helped He Xuelin back to the room to rest. Chen Shengliang and Ding Yu both blamed Yanzi for drinking He Xuelin, but Yanzi rarely spoke for the first time. Only when He Xuelin drank too much can he get a good night’s sleep, and now Yuanyuan hasn’t found it, the two men are fighting here and being jealous, they are not qualified to shout to be with He Xuelin.

Ding Yu went to the bathroom. He Xuelin saw Chen Shengliang when he woke up. Chen Shengliang once again emphasized to He Xuelin that the short-haired child could not be Yuanyuan. He Xuelin only claimed that Chen Shengliang didn’t understand Yuanyuan at all, nor did he understand the child’s world. At the same time, Yanzi came to the hospital.

She saw Ding Yu come out to the bathroom alone, and blamed He Xuelin for not helping Ding Yu out. Ding Yu mentioned why Xuelin had spoken last night, and the Yanzi refused to admit it. After that, several people quickly assigned directions. Yanzi and He Xuelin went to the elementary school to ask for clues. Ding Yu stayed in the room to recuperate, and Chen Shengliang wanted to join the tracing team, so he went to the train station to find clues.

He Xuelin and Yanzi pulled the cart into the cart with difficulty. Teacher Li knew that the two of them would definitely not be able to fiddle with the cart, so they let a group of children go down the mountain to pick them up. A bunch of children helped He Xuelin and Yanzi a lot. He Xuelin mentioned to Yanzi her fears and worries last night on the road. She was afraid that Ding Yu would be in case last night. Yanzi thanked He Xuelin from the bottom of her heart.

When He Xuelin and Yanzi came up the mountain specially to thank the master’s house who helped her before, she gave the money to the master’s apprentice. The master learned that He Xuelin had given the money, and asked the apprentice to return the money without saying anything. Asking the apprentice to help send out the missing person notice in He Xuelin’s hands, He Xuelin feels heartwarming. Everyone she meets on the way to find a child is a good person.

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