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Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 31 Recap

Ding Yu brought the hair back to the hotel. He believed that they should hold the hair for a DNA test. He Xuelin firmly believed that it was absolutely impossible for Yuanyuan’s hair, but now only DNA test is the best method. Chen Shengliang took the lock of hair and went out for a test. He cried into tears where Ding Yu and He Xuelin could not see. He was ashamed of Yuanyuan, ashamed of his only daughter, and was deeply afraid that Yuanyuan would have an accident.

After calming down, Chen Shengliang answered Mr. Zhao’s call. As everyone knows, this night, Yuanyuan was following a little boy not far away from them, looking at the stars, Huanxi mistakenly used the plane as a meteor, and wanted Yuanyuan to make a wish. He knew that Yuanyuan’s wish was not to divorce her parents, and she shook her head. Smile, it’s not a meteor, but an airplane.

The next day, Ding Yu went to the train station and checked the surveillance but found nothing. Why did he buy the porridge. When he heard Chen Shengliang said that He Xuelin had low blood sugar, Ding Yu intimately why Xuelin put sugar in, and at the same time he made a new one. The plan is that if the train station does not work, they will take a bus along the track of Mrs. Guo and ask.

Huanxi took Yuanyuan to her home. He went home and heard her grandma said that Xiaofu had gone to find her parents in the city. He packed up some of his clothes and also took out all his private money, ready to bring Yuanyuan. Yuan went to town to find her parents. Grandma Xiaofu hurriedly stopped Huanxi, but Huanxi had decided to leave. She only asked her grandma to take care of herself and left with a backpack. Outside, Huanxi will make peace with Yuanyuan.

Ding Yu and He Xuelin asked about new clues in the noodle restaurant. A child dressed up with short hair followed a little boy eating noodles in the noodle restaurant. The little yelling brother called brother. The two were very affectionate. He Xuelin thought that person was definitely not. It would be Yuanyuan. Ding Yu judged by his instinct that the short hair is most likely Yuanyuan. He went to the noodle shop and asked the details of the two children.

After learning that the short hair child would eat spicy food, Ding Yu was more certain So that person is Yuanyuan. Yuanyuan eats spicy food, but she never eats it in front of He Xuelin. He Xuelin still thinks that the person is most likely not Yuanyuan. Ding Yu is quite sure that he will find his hair again. Looking for that place, He Xuelin continued to ask along the street.

Ding Yu’s foot was pierced with an iron nail. He reluctantly pulled out the iron nail, and went to the place where he found the hair with He Xuelin. The two followed the clues towards the school. Seeing Ding Yu’s sluggish appearance, He Xuelin complained about Ding Yu. The two came to school and asked for new clues. Huanxi took Yuanyuan to fish. Huanxi was almost drowned in water at the time and was just by the passing medical team.

Saved, He Xuelin called Chen Shengliang and Chen Shengliang admitted that he had indeed saved a child, but he always emphasized that the boy with short hair was definitely not Yuanyuan. He Xuelin was worried about Yuanyuan’s asthma. Let Chen Shengliang think about it again. Chen Shengliang mentioned that he had given Huanxi a bottle of asthma medicine. Huanxi said that the boy with short hair had asthma, but he still thought that the black child could not be Yuanyuan. Hearing this, He Xuelin and Ding Yu hung up the phone extremely, and they missed Yuanyuan again. Seeing He Xuelin’s frustrated appearance, Ding Yu comforted He Xuelin.

They should be happy, at least Yuanyuan is not in any danger. And she now has asthma medicine. They should be happy. He Xuelin calmed down and thought that Ding Yu was right, but Chen Shengliang could not recognize her daughter. He Xuelin thought it was God’s retribution, Ding. Yu thinks the opposite is the case. He thinks that Chen Shengliang is very affectionate. One of his cardiologists took asthma medicine with him for this one-tenth chance, and this opportunity happened to be given to Yuanyuan.

He Xuelin and Ding Yu didn’t know that Huanxi was Xiaofu’s elder brother. They asked their classmates about Huanxi’s usual place of residence, but after some inquiries at the place of residence, they realized that Huanxi did not live here. The family of four came to live during the New Year A few days. This clue was interrupted, and He Xuelin and Ding Yu had to look for other clues. They wanted to stay in the school and ask other students one by one to find the latest clues. At this moment, Ding Yu suddenly fell. He Xuelin checked and found that Ding Yu’s foot was stuck in the nail, but now he started to have a fever. If the cold shot was not broken in time, Ding Yu would definitely have an accident.

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