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Dating in the Kitchen 我, 喜欢你 Episode 22 Recap

Lu Jin couldn’t get through Gu Shengnan’s phone call, and Riemann informed him that Ming Court’s purchase price had been raised by a third party. Now there are two questions: one is to find out the third party and see who is behind it; the other is whether to increase the price. Lu Jin is bound to win the Ming Court, of course, increase the price. In addition, this mysterious third party that suddenly appeared, things still need to be cautious, he let Riemann stare personally.

The cheers and excitement in the car dealership of the road sign were loud, and a group of young people were racing in four-wheel drive, and the trolley was speeding on the track. Gu Shengnan brought his old uncle and Xu Zhaodi to find Luzheng. The speed and passion in the small four-wheel drive made a group of young people excited.

Until the night, the table was gone, and everyone was happy to eat supper. Lu Zheng invited Gu Shengnan to go with him, but when the two of them said goodbye to their uncle, they walked with Gu Shengnan’s waist. The old uncle called her immediately, excusing her grandfather had something to do and separated Lu Zheng and her.

The next day, Gu Shengnan and Lu Jin were learning four-wheel drive, and there was cream left on the corners of their mouths when they were eating puffs. Lu Zheng leaned over and wiped it off for her very close. The action was too intimate, Gu Shengnan panicked and took the bag and left. The pinhole camera on a four-wheel drive on the table still flashes red.

In the evening, the old uncle seldom came to Gu Sheng’s house for dinner. Before moving his chopsticks, Lu Zheng came to apologize full of apologies. He probably did something wrong yesterday to make Gu Sheng angry, so he bought a four-wheel drive for her. Gu Shengnan’s attitude of avoiding suspicion suddenly changed. He became excited when he saw the car, and left the old uncle to join together with Lu Zheng at the dinner table.

The old uncle left and explained Lu Zheng’s recent behavior to Lu Jin. When Lu Jin called Gu Shengnan, in order not to make Lu Jin worry, Gu Shengnan did not say that Lu Zheng was by his side. At the same time, a photo of Lu Zheng erasing the cream on the corners of his mouth for Gu Shengnan appeared on Lu Jin’s phone.

Lu Jin came to see Gu Shengnan on a plane that day, and Gu Shengnan’s joy when he saw him was full of joy. Lu Jin handed her a photo, and Gu Shengnan hurriedly explained that she did go to find Lu Zheng to play a remote-controlled car, but there was nothing else. Lu Jin gently reasoned with him, never eager, but Gu Shengnan had to understand whose girlfriend and fiancé she was, and the distance should be kept well.

Lu Jin was really tired to see him on the plane for more than ten hours. Gu Shengnan realized his mistake, he was both distressed and regretful, and Lu Jin was exhausted because of his mistakes.

Lu Jin’s presence in the car shop where Luzheng turned to the sky was still a matter of photos. Not only did Lu Zheng not explain, but when Lu Jin decided not to care anymore, he bluntly said that he liked Gu Shengnan, and finally touched Lu Jin’s inverse scales and punched Lu Zheng’s mouth to bleed. Gu Shengnan just appeared at this time, and the pictures of Lu Jin and Luzheng looked like a brotherly conflict caused by Gu Shengnan.

Gu Shengnan ran to help Lu Zheng and defended him. After all, Lu Zheng was his younger brother. How could Lu Jin beat people. What makes Lu Jin puzzled is why Gu Shengnan appeared here. Gu Shengnan felt even more baffled. Lu Jin said he believed him, but now he also appeared in the car dealership and injured Lu Zheng. Lu Zheng patted Gu Shengnan’s hand and said that there must be a misunderstanding. This scene was even more dazzling in Lu Jin’s eyes. When Lu Jin leaves, Gu Shengnan is sad, and Lu Zheng is secretly proud.

As for the brand cooperation of Xu Zhaodi’s company, everyone unanimously recommended Xu Zhaodi. This time the brand is a rich old man. To deal with this kind of client, she is beautiful and smart, and she is not overwhelmed by which partner, the director also decided to hand over the project to her. No one asked if she could be promoted, and Xu Zhaodi was forced to start preparing materials. She seeks the cooperation and help of colleagues, but this kind of work is not divided into things that don’t remember credit, who wants to do it.

She worked overtime to complete the project by herself. The old man was very satisfied and touched her hand and invited her to quit. It seemed that this order could not be done, so she explained to the director to replace it. The director also said with a heart-to-heart voice that beauty is her advantage. Xu Zhaodi never looked forward and backward. What’s wrong now. Probably because of Meng Xinjie, Xu Zhaodi returned home without fighting spirit.

After clearing up Lu Jin’s phone call with her old uncle that day, she didn’t tell him that Lu Zheng was at home. This was a wrong step. Of course, Lu Jin would think that she was deliberately concealing something bad. When Lu Jin came to her again, they apologized to each other. One shouldn’t hit people, and one shouldn’t be so close to Lu Zheng. The moment the misunderstanding was clarified, the haze of feelings disappeared.

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