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Dating in the Kitchen 我, 喜欢你 Episode 21 Recap

Gu Shengnan was overjoyed at the old uncle. Lu Jin’s overlord’s aura was so handsome. She followed Lu Jin’s cold and ruthless appearance, and then she screamed like crazy. The old uncle watched from the side, this is the little girl whose eyes were bewildered by love. For this reason, Gu Shengnan officially upgraded herself. She is no longer Gu Shengnan. She is Mrs. Lu and the woman behind the successful man.

Since Mingting Group and Wien have reached a cooperative project on the reconstruction of Sinan villa area, Lu Mingting has finally turned the tide of his life to turn Mingting Group into danger, and Zhenghong Group has invested all the investment and expenses in acquiring Mingting Project. All energy will be wasted. The board of directors has their own opinions. Some people are persuading the withdrawal of capital to stop losses in time, while others are unwilling to waste their efforts. The opinions are divided.

Just as everything was gradually coming back to life as Lu Mingting thought, the Wayne Group suddenly unilaterally suspended the cooperation. The Mingting Group hopes to be desperate, and after the big ups and downs, another stagnant water. It turned out that Lu Jin personally visited the youngest daughter of the Wien Group. She and the president’s wife were in a rush, directly cutting off the cooperation between the Wien Group and Mingting.

Lu Jin cut off all of Lu Mingting’s retreat, and forced Lu Mingting to find Gu Shengnan to intervene in person, and he had a chance to chat with Lu Jin. The old man leaned on crutches to plead with Lu Jin to let the Ming Ting Group go. After thirty years, this low-pitched request was mixed with forced and helplessness, and its value and meaning were as light as a feather.

How Lu Mingting abandoned him and Zheng Hong in the first place, and how he decisively left and never returned. In his childhood, apart from learning to stand up for his mother, there was no father’s role involved in his childhood. Isn’t it too late to ask for forgiveness? Zhenghong Group is determined to acquire Mingting.

Although Lu Jin was stubborn when facing Lu Mingting, his heart still became unfamiliar after he left. In the boxing gym, Lu Jin frantically faced the punching bag for an hour, with blood oozing in the straps of his hands. Gu Shengnan felt distressed when he saw this scene, and hurriedly stepped forward to block it. Lovers are the best antidote. Lu Jin hugs Gu Shengnan. They entangled passionately, and all their worries disappear in the gentle village. They were still cuddling in each other’s arms the next morning.

No one expected that an argument with Lu Jin completely ruined Lu Mingting’s precarious life. At the funeral, Lu Zheng and his mother, Bai Ju, mourned in mourning. Lu Zheng remembered Lu Mingting’s words when he was critically ill and clasped his hand. Ming Ting cannot be destroyed, we must defend this group. In the far corner, where no one saw, Lu Jin held a bouquet of flowers with a solemn expression, and Zheng Hong also quietly placed a bunch of flowers for him.

Lu Zheng came to Lu Jin innocently, knowing his intentions. Let the Ming Ting Group go and stop acquiring it. But the business field is a business field, and there is no pity for any feeling here; only when the road signs can be strong enough to stand alone, then protect the Ming Ting and show it to Lu Jin. Lu Zheng returned without success, looking at the dark clouds in the sky, secretly made up his mind.

On the one hand, Lu Jin is discussing how to acquire the Ming Ting Group, on the other hand, Lu Zheng is embarrassed. The peace between the two brothers completely ceased to exist, and this battle finally surfaced. Lu Jin is going to Vancouver. Before leaving, she arranged everything for Gu Shengnan. She just wants to work happily and spend money.

Lu Zheng spent three or four days studying in the car dealership and finally found his old classmate Zhang Yimin. With all of Ming Ting’s net worth, he was involved in a Southeast Asian resort cooperation project. I learned that Lu Jin went to Vancouver and used Zhenghong’s Vancouver branch to secretly purchase Ming Ting’s minority shareholders. After calculating the total shares of Zero Zero, more than 40% of the total shares are in Zhenghong’s hands. If we absorb more shareholders, Ming Ting will change ownership directly. Lu Zheng was not rushed or impatient to hear, so they bought it.

Gu Shengnan went out to throw trash and just met Lu Zheng. When facing a man whose father had just passed away, Gu Shengnan couldn’t say anything harsh or refusing, so he asked him to come in and make a sumptuous lunch for him. As a result, Lu Zheng was allergic to crabs. When he woke up, he was in the hospital with Gu Shengnan by his side.

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