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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 35 Recap

Luo Yuefang refused to speak out of his distress Luo Danfang deliberately quarreled with Xu Kaiyu to cover up.

The editor-in-chief Zhao Yinze found Liao Qianman and discussed with her the details of going to Pingtung to attend the wedding. Liao Qianman felt that things were a bit abrupt. Zhao Yinze estimated some things that might happen after the two met, and also specifically mentioned the possibility. When encountering kisses, it is recommended that the two perform a drill beforehand, so that they will not wear the gang. Although Liao Qianman felt a little weird, he agreed to his request.

Zhao Yinze also specially prepared chewing gum to keep his breath fresh, Liao Qian Man was a little moved by his positive attitude. The two began to try to kiss together, but they were suddenly bumped into by Sister Jing Fan who broke in. Liao Qianman hurriedly explained to her, but Zhang Jingfan disapproved.

After Luo’s mother found out about her son’s abnormal situation, she approached Luo Yuefang to find out about the situation. By the way, she mentioned whether her son was still concerned about the affairs of six years ago. Luo Yuefang felt uncomfortable, and after a few prevarication with his mother, he turned around and went downstairs. He remembered the days he spent with Ding Xiaorou, which was also a very happy time for him. Unconsciously, he compared Ding Xiaorou and Li Meiqi.

After returning to the office, he looked at Li Meiqi’s seat intentionally or unconsciously. He accidentally squeezed the pressure ball that Li Meiqi gave him. Then Li Meiqi came over and asked him why he squeezed the pressure ball. It wasn’t that something bothered him, but Luo Yuefang turned his head and found that Li Meiqi was missing. It turned out that this was Luo Yefang’s own imagination. It seemed that Li Meiqi occupies a very important position in his heart.

Xu Kaiyu and Luo Danfang returned to Taipei together. Xu Kaiyu expressed her inner love to Luo Danfang, but Luo Danfang felt that it was nothing, because she had always been entangled in his heart, but in the end she agreed to get along with Xu Kaiyu. The first day the lovers are together, they have to celebrate and decide to eat the Valentine’s meal. Luo Danfang hoped that Xu Kaiyu would be a bit older when she was with her, preferably like her brother, but Xu Kaiyu’s appearance made Luo Danfang a bit funny. When the two started holding hands, they were a little uncomfortable, but in the end they still joined hands together. Forward.

Luo’s father and Luo Yuefang communicated together. Luo’s father talked about business affairs to his son in a disguised form. He also mentioned Chen Kunhu in particular. At the same time, he asked his son to share his relationship problems with him. He also said that he went to see a psychologist. The doctor said he was emotional. He was a little depressed and asked him to communicate more with the people around him. Luo Yuefang encouraged his father to face it bravely.

Father Luo apologized to his son, saying that he had been pushing him tight. The two could chat like friends in the future. Father Luo asked Luo Yuefang if he had a girl he likes. Luo Yuefang said that he did care about someone, but it was over now. Then, he said his own difficulties, saying that he was not qualified to like the people he loved, but in fact he was afraid that the people he liked would be hurt.

Mother Luo told Father Luo that the person Luo Yuefang liked was Luo Danfang’s college classmate. After Luo Danfang came back, she was questioned by her parents. She was afraid that the matter between herself and Xu Kaiyu would be exposed, so she found an excuse to leave without saying a few words. . At the same time, Li Meiqi is also full of troubles.

She cleans up and cleans herself repeatedly at home. Liao Qianman thinks she is very strange, but does not know what happened. Guessing that she may be between troubles and Luo Yuefang, Li Meiqi He hurriedly denied it, and then told about the affairs between Luo Danfang and Xu Kaiyu. Hearing that Luo Danfang and Xu Kaiyu spent the weekend together, Liao Qianman was surprised and also happy for Luo Danfang.

Luo Danfang and Xu Kaiyu deliberately quarreled in the company. In order not to let others misunderstand them, they were unexpectedly guessed by Li Meiqi. Luo Danfang asked Li Meiqi and Luo Yuefang about the matter. Li Meiqi said that the two were just the relationship between the employee and the boss. Luo Danfang was a little surprised when he heard that nothing happened to them.

Later, Luo Danfang told Li Meiqi some things about Luo Yuefang. Six years ago, when he returned from studying in the United States, he refused to take over the job of his father in charge of the company. This made Luo’s father furious. At this time, he met Ding Xiaorou by accident. The feelings between the two gradually deepened.

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