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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 34 Recap

Luo Yuefang told Li Meiqi that they could only be friends. Xu Kaiyu confessed to Luo Danfang and got acquiescence.

When Luo Danfang saw his brother coming, he hurriedly told Xu Kaiyu to kiss Li Meiqi immediately, but the two were a little embarrassed, but under Luo Danfang’s pressure, Xu Kaiyu slowly approached Li Meiqi. At this time, Luo Yuefang appeared and grabbed Xu Kaiyu in time. , Xu Kaiyu was frightened, and ran away in a panic after saying a few apologies. Luo Yuefang then took Li Meiqi away and told her what was in his heart. Luo Yuefang said that he liked Li Meiqi a long time ago.

Since she saved herself, Li Meiqi has been lingering in his heart, but he now In this situation, I can’t bear to drag Li Meiqi into the predicament and be hurt. Therefore, from now on, they can only be the relationship between colleagues and friends. After speaking, Luo Yuefang turned and left, leaving Li Meiqi standing alone and unconscious. Measures.

Luo Danfang and Xu Kaiyu found out that Luo Yuefang was taking Li Meiqi away on the sightseeing bus. He and Xu Kaiyu hurriedly chased them, but did not find Li Meiqi’s trace, so she had to call Li Meiqi, but no one answered, so he had to call Luo Yuefang I misunderstood that he and Li Meiqi were going back to Taipei together. Luo Yuefang heard that Li Meiqi was going back to Taipei, so he drove to Li Meiqi and returned with him. Du Mingshan came to see Tian Tian, but Tian Tian was still angry and did not want to care about her. Du Mingshan was very sad. She said that if she did not come back, she would quit the group. Tian Tian was crying and she did not want to let her sisters because of herself. We are sad.

Luo Yuefang took Li Meiqi back to Taipei together. When he got off the car, he told Li Meiqi that he would go to rest early. After Li Meiqi left, Luo Yuefang hesitated and drove away. Soon after, he stopped the car, turned and drove the car back. I wanted to clarify my thoughts to Li Meiqi, but he was delayed because of company affairs. In the evening, Luo Danfang and Xu Kaiyu slept in a tent together. Xu Kaiyu asked her if she would sleep here. Luo Danfang hesitated. Xu Kaiyu opened the package. There were many board games inside. Luo Danfang and Xu Kaiyu started playing together.

Mother persuaded Tian Tian, Du Mingshan and others to reconcile. Tian Tian told her inner suffering. She said that she liked A Sam, but A Sam had no plans for the future, which made her very angry. She told her mother that she would deal with it. For these things, there was a phone call at this time, and a manufacturer wanted to talk to Tian Tian about advertising. This made Tian Tian very happy because she had a lot of negative messages. In this case, there are still manufacturers who can contact her. This was something she didn’t expect. In fact, A Sam did a lot of work behind her back.

Li Meiqi returned home and remembered what Luo Yuefang had said to herself. She felt a little sad. At this time, Luo Danfang called and asked if they would return to Taipei safely. She thought that Li Meiqi was already with Luo Yuefang, and Xu Kaiyu took the opportunity to play games and win. Luo Danfang became a little angry because of her. After hanging up the phone, the two of them continued to play. Luo Danfang drank a little too much. Xu Kaiyu misunderstood her meaning. In order to make Luo Danfang happy, he wanted to make some actions. Thinking of Luo Danfang but fell asleep.

Early the next morning, Luo Danfang found herself lying in Xu Kaiyu’s arms. She woke up suddenly. Xu Kaiyu talked about what happened last night. Luo Danfang was a little embarrassed. Thank you Xu Kaiyu. She waited for Xu Kaiyu to tell her. His confession, he unexpectedly said that his arms were all numb, and Luo Danfang was so scared that he was about to send him to the doctor.

Li Meiqi told Liao Qianman of her thoughts. Liao Qianman didn’t understand what Luo Yuefang did. At this time, the editor-in-chief called and asked her to talk about the script for going home to the wedding, because tomorrow she will be with The editor-in-chief went to Pingtung together, but Li Meiqi felt that the editor-in-chief was good, but Liao Qianman felt that this person was very strange. Li Meiqi persuaded Liao Qianman. It is good to have a friend like the editor-in-chief.

Advantages, until now, Liao Qianman can only bite the bullet and play the trick. Luo Danfang and Xu Kaiyu were preparing to return together. Xu Kaiyu confessed to Luo Danfang with the love tricks he learned from the book, and gathered the courage to kiss him directly. Luo Danfang acquiesced in this relationship.

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