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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 33 Recap

Luo Danfang tested his brother’s attitude towards Li Meiqi Luo Yuefang decided to find Li Meiqi for a showdown.

Luo Danfang continued her tentative plan for her brother. Although she had a preliminary judgment, she had to confirm what her brother thought about Li Meiqi. In this way, Xu Kaiyu and Li Meiqi’s travel plans must be carried on. Zhao Yinze showed Du Mingshan the script he had written and asked her to make some suggestions. He also planned to add some poem recitals, but Du Mingshan said that he did not have time. Zhao Yinze had been sitting next to Du Mingshan waiting. Du Mingshan had no choice but to read his script first. After that, Du Mingshan gave Zhao Yinze some opinions and put forward his own views on some of his fictional plots, and felt that it was not necessary to reciting poems. Added to the plot, but Zhao Yinze felt it was necessary.

Luo Danfang deliberately showed his brother Xu Kaiyu and Li Meiqi what they had taken when they went on a trip. She wanted to put a thorn in Luo Yuefang’s heart to see his reaction. She didn’t expect Luo Yuefang to have a light wind. Luo Danfang was unable to judge because of his lightness. Zhao Yinze arranged for his subordinates to immediately clean up the ten pages of negative news. He treated the ten pages as an important matter for the publishing house. Zhao Yinze showed the script he wrote to Liao Qianman to be familiar with. Liao Qianman was a little touched. He was very concerned about his fictional cat, but he was not interested in poems. He suggested that the plot should be removed. Although Zhao Yinze is not Too willing, I had to obey Liao Qianman’s ideas.

Luo’s mother wanted to introduce her to her daughter, but Luo Danfang refused, but this time Luo Yuefang stood on his mother’s side. Luo Danfang began to fight back when he saw the situation. He mentioned his brother’s relationship problems and importantly mentioned the trip of Xu Kaiyu and Li Meiqi. His mother asked Luo Yuefang to put the emotional issue on the agenda, feeling that he still couldn’t let Ding Xiaorou go, and Luo Yuefang became depressed after hearing this. Fans of Tian Tian’s live broadcast seemed to be back together again. After watching the live broadcast, the sisters gave her a message to encourage her to cheer up. After Tian Tian closed the live broadcast and saw these messages, although her mouth was tough, her heart was still moved.

Luo Danfang mentioned that his brother cared about her good friend Li Meiqi very much. Luo’s mother took Li Meiqi seriously. Luo Yuefang said that Li Meiqi was only an employee of his company and caring for her was normal. Mother Luo knows Luo Yuefang’s concerns. She encourages her son to do what she wants to say and do as soon as possible. Don’t let yourself regret it. Life is as simple as that. Put your life goal on what you like. , Don’t waste any more time, her life is only a few short decades.

Li Meiqi and Xu Kaiyu have been waiting for Luo Danfang, because she hasn’t come for a long time, and they worry that she might not come. At this time, Luo Danfang ran over after renting a car. Xu Kaiyu was excited when they saw it. After the three arrived at the place, Luo Danfang deliberately asked Li Meiqi and Xu Kaiyu to get close to take some photos, and Xu Kaiyu sent these photos and videos to Luo Yuefang.

Luo Yuefang carefully saw Luo Danfang’s shadow from the video, and he understood that all of this was deliberately tested by his sister. Luo Yuefang remembered the scene where Li Meiqi had rescued him. He still liked Li Meiqi in his heart, but what happened six years ago made him still unable to let go.

Luo Yuefang called her sister and asked her to send herself the travel addresses of Xu Kaiyu and Li Meiqi. Luo Danfang was very happy when she heard it. She thought that her brother would be coming soon, but Li Meiqi was in a bad mood and she didn’t know how to face it. To Luo Yuefang. Luo Danfang asked Li Meiqi and Xu Kaiyu to act together and controlled by her. Xu Kaiyu was very nervous, Li Meiqi told him a cold joke, and Xu Kaiyu relaxed. At this time, Luo Yuefang rushed over, and Luo Danfang hurriedly used the phone to remotely control Xu Kaiyu when he saw it, and asked him to kiss Li Meiqi.

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