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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 32 Recap

Tian Tian broke with her sisters with anger, Gao Tianshuo ran away from home and chose to stay away temporarily.

Luo Yue asked Li Meiqi about her trip with Xu Kaiyu, and asked when she began to trust Xu Kaiyu. Li Meiqi had to follow Luo Danfang’s meaning and said that she felt that Xu Kaiyu was sincere and honest, and was very serious in her work. To be trustworthy, Luo Yuefang asked Li Meiqi whether the relationship between them really reached the point where they could travel. Li Meiqi fell into deep thought after hearing this. She did not answer this question directly, and Luo Yuefang did not press on step by step and gave her enough. Thinking about the space, he seemed to perceive some of these problems.

Du Mingshan came downstairs to Tian Tian’s house and called her, trying to explain things clearly to her, but no one answered the phone, and no one responded when he rang the doorbell. In desperation, Du Mingshan had to write a note and put it on In her mailbox. Gao Tianshuo tried to contact Du Mingshan, but she didn’t want to pay attention to him, and even didn’t want to have too much interaction with her in daily life. Gao Tianshuo asked Liao Qianman about Du Mingshan’s current situation, but Liao Qianman’s eyes were rolled. Du Mingshan insisted on writing to Tian Tian’s mailbox, but he never received Tian Tian’s response. Gao Tianshuo waited for Du Mingshan’s return in the stairwell.

Although she waited for Du Mingshan, she did not want to talk to Gao Tianshuo. In desperation, Gao Tianshuo had to go to the magazine to find Du Mingshan, but Du Mingshan applied for a special rest. Zhao Yinze saw Gao Tianshuo and wanted to ask. He asked about ten pages of identity, but Gao Tianshuo was not in the mood. Gao Tianshuo was very disappointed. Because of his own affairs affecting Du Mingshan’s daily life, he decided to leave temporarily and let Du Mingshan live the same life as before. As for where to go, he didn’t fully think about it.

Du Mingshan has been looking for Tiantian, but Tiantian just ignored her. Du Mingshan returned home with a sad mood. Li Meiqi patiently comforted her when she saw her. At this time, someone rang the doorbell and Li Meiqi went over and opened it. It turned out to be Tian Tian. The two thought that Tian Tian was here to make peace with them, but they didn’t expect Tian Tian to break with them. Although Du Mingshan has repeatedly stated her attitude and explained why she did not tell her about this matter in advance, Tian Tian is determined and believes that the good sisters cheated her, causing fans to scold her on the Internet and make her other people’s laughing stock.

When Gao Tianshuo was about to leave, he met Tian Tian who was walking out. The few people were very embarrassed when they met. Du Mingshan turned her head back home, and she was unwilling to say a word to Gao Tianshuo. Soon after, Wu Bihua found Du Mingshan and said sincerely sorry to her. She said that it was all because of her. She told Gao Tianshuo not to reveal his ten-page identity. She asked Du Mingshan to forgive Gao Tianshuo because of her. It can be seen that the two still love each other, but Du Mingshan said that she has to calm down. She can’t make up her mind now.

After Li Meiqi went to work, he told Luo Danfang about what happened last night. Luo Danfang immediately ran to find Tian Tian to ease the embarrassing atmosphere of the sisters, but Tian Tian insisted on his attitude, which made Luo Danfang very troubled. , She immediately came to Du Mingshan to discuss how to solve this problem, but the two of them studied for a long time and could not find a good solution. A Sam saw a lot of negative news about ten pages on the Internet, so he came to Zhao Yinze to discuss a solution. He suggested that he had approached Luo Yuefang to help solve them, and at the same time asked Zexian Publishing House to publicly support ten pages.

The sisters saw Gao Tianshuo’s message on Weibo and attached the picture Du Mingshan drew in his notes. The sisters did not understand the true meaning of this picture, so Du Mingshan knew it well, and the sisters understood Du Mingshan’s heart too. Concerned about Gao Tianshuo, but couldn’t persuade her. After that, everyone began to care about Tian Tian’s live broadcast, worried that she would be attacked by some acid people, but Li Meiqi found that Tian Tian cancelled the live broadcast.

A Sam asked Luo Yuefang to help Tian Tian as well as Gao Tianshuo. Seeing that he was very sincere, Luo Yuefang decided to help him with this task. A Sam came to Zexian Publishing House. Gao Tianshuo has decided to cooperate with Zexian Publishing House. Zhao Yinze was very excited when he heard the news. Only Du Mingshan understood that Gao Tianshuo did it for himself.

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