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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 31 Recap

Du Mingshan decided to sever contact with Gao Tianshuo and Luo Danfang continued to stick to the trial plan.

Mother Luo talked about Luo Yuefang to his father. She was proud of what her son did. She said that when Luo Yuefang saw Chen Kunhu when he was young, he was so scared to cry by the tattoo on his arm, but this time he did it quietly. It became such a major event, Luo’s father felt that he caused trouble for himself. If he hadn’t arrived in time, the consequences would be unthinkable. However, the two reached an agreement that his son can be alone when he grows up. Give it to him.

Du Mingshan recalled her experience with Gao Tianshuo. Her mood was very complicated. She had no idea what to do next. When she turned around, she saw Gao Tianshuo standing there. Gao Tianshuo said an apology to Du Mingshan. Du Mingshan said He doesn’t need to apologize, because on such occasions, a dominant person needs to raise his arms and fight against the evil forces, so the real ten pages appeared, and he made the right decision.

The only thing she can’t think of is that the person she trusts most deceived him. This is her bottom line, so she can’t tolerate it. Although she knew that Gao Tianshuo was ten pages, this was a very happy thing, but she was not happy. Despite Gao Tianshuo’s repeated explanations, Du Mingshan still did not forgive him. She said that she did not know how to face Gao Tianshuo.

When Du Mingshan turned to leave, Gao Tianshuo stopped her, saying that he was not the kind of person who hurt his beloved. He vowed that he would never be such a person in the future, but Du Mingshan still couldn’t solve the bumps in her happiness. Don’t contact yourself, don’t even send him phone calls or text messages. Gao Tianshuo told Du Mingshan that A Sam and Tian Tian had broken up, which made Du Mingshan feel sad, and she felt sorry for Tian Tian.

After the two separated, Du Mingshan sent a message to Tian Tian, wanting to explain the matter clearly after meeting her, but Tian Tian did not give her such a chance, Du Mingshan had to return home angrily, Li Meiqi and Liao Qianman patiently To comfort her, Du Mingshan couldn’t stand such a double blow, and burst into tears.

Mother Luo asked Father Luo to talk with Luo Yuefang during the meal. The father and son did not have a deep communication, and no one wanted to say a word. Perhaps this was more like the character between their father and son. Li Meiqi and Liao Qianman comforted Du Mingxian. There was a ten-page report on TV. Zhao Yinze confirmed the ten-page identity on behalf of Zexian Publishing House. Du Mingshan told the sisters that she would get better as soon as possible.

Don’t worry too much about yourself, but suddenly encounter this problem, she must digest it. Everyone talked about Tian Tian, and they all felt that she was even more unable to face this problem, but the sisters did not tell her in advance, and it was indeed for Tian Tian thought about it, but she was misunderstood by her unexpectedly.

Luo Danfang’s plan to test his brother is still going on. She set the time for this weekend. Although Xu Kaiyu wanted to object, he couldn’t hold back Luo Danfang. He had to help Luo Danfang to lie to Luo Yuefang, saying that he and Li Meiqi would have a two-day and one-night trip on the weekend. Luo Yuefang was a little strange because their original plan was three days and two nights. Why did it suddenly change.

At lunch, Luo Danfang invited Li Meiqi to go with him, but Li Meiqi did not want to mix up her affairs with Xu Kaiyu, so she stayed. Luo Yuefang chatted with Li Meiqi in the pantry, reminding her that she was not so anxious about the case at hand, and she didn’t need to be too involved. At this time, information came and Luo Yuefang hurried out.

Luo Yuefang’s assistant asked Li Meiqi for a document. Li Meiqi heard that Luo Yuefang was no longer returning to the company, but was doing business in the restaurant, so she asked the assistant to send the documents. Luo Yuefang was a little surprised to see Li Meiqi coming and asked her to stay. Coming down to accompany her for dinner, Li Meiqi asked if he had known Ten Pages’ identity a long time ago. Luo Yuefang nodded and admitted, saying that in order to cooperate with Gao Tianshuo, he had to figure out his identity, and he sent those reporters.

Li Meiqi said that Du Mingshan was very sad when she knew about it. Luo Yuefang told her that if a person wants to conceal something, there must be a reason to conceal something, or past pain or not wanting the other person to be hurt. The reason for concealing, then how to trust the other party, Luo Yuefang said that it can be confirmed from one person’s behavior that Gao Tianshuo’s performance in the Yaxing case is worthy of his trust.

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