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To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 34 Recap

Li Siyu asked the person in the company’s financial department to help pay for the medical expenses of the injured family member, otherwise he would have trouble sleeping and eating. But the people in the finance department said that their cash flow was not much, and Li Siyu said that he gave their money first. At this time, the two people’s mobile phones rang suddenly, and it turned out that Guan Xiaotang had entered Li Siyu’s computer and turned his previous photo with Chen Yiming into a photo of himself and Li Siyu.

Everyone was making fun of the two of them. At this time, Li Siyu dragged Guan Xiaotang to scold him. Guan Xiaotang said that he would not give up. Li Siyu quickly turned on the computer and found that the original picture was still on the computer.

Gu Xiaoling and Li Siyu went to Zhang Zhizhi’s house for dinner, and the three opened red wine and talked about the recent situation. Zhang Zhizhi said that he had already transferred to the sales department. Li Siyu understood Zhang Zhizhi’s life was not easy when he heard it, and said that he could lend Zhang Zhizhi to turn around. Zhang Zhizhi declined Li Siyu, saying that he had always relied on Liu Yang and Li Siyu before. Now he wants to rely on himself, and women have to be independent.

At this time, Zhang Zhizhi received a courier here, a gift from Guan Xiaotang. Both Gu Xiaoling and Zhang Zhizhi were curious about who this person was, and it turned out that he was born in 1998, too young for marriage, but it’s okay to talk about it for fun. Li Siyu said that it was absolutely impossible for them, and Gu Xiaoling felt that they could try.

Chen Yiming did not see Wang Ziru in the meeting the next day, but Wang Ziru’s shoes were still in the office. After the meeting, Chen Yiming asked the secretary Wang Ziru when he was free. Chen Yiming asked Wang Ziru to have dinner at night, and Wang Ziru agreed.

As a result, on the agreed day, Wang Ziru did not come to the appointment. Chen Yiming called him and he did not answer. Chen Yiming could only call the secretary, but the secretary confirmed Wang Ziru’s itinerary and said that he had no arrangements and he did not know where he was. At this time, Wang Ziru called back and said that he was in a meeting and he was embarrassed to have an appointment. Chen Yiming had to make another appointment next time.

The two met in the elevator of the company the next day. Wang Ziru apologized to him for what happened that day and said that he could compensate her. Chen Yiming had to agree to his appointment. In the evening, the two were drinking and chatting at the barbecue booth. Chen Yiming chatted with Wang Ziru in embarrassment, and tried to speak several times but stopped in his mouth. Wang Ziru suddenly confessed to Chen Yiming.

Wang Ziru said that he understood what Chen Yiming was trying to say. He was actually free that day, but in order to avoid Chen Yiming, he prepared for a long time before answering the phone. Chen Yiming had been drinking and didn’t know what to say. Wang Ziru said that he would not disturb him. Even if this matter is turned over in the future, he may continue to love her after today, but he won’t let Chen Yiming know again.

The next day Wang Ziru came to the company, but the secretary came and said that Chen Yiming had come to resign early in the morning. Wang Ziru saw Chen Yiming’s resignation letter in the office, and was very angry, angry that Chen Yiming was a coward. After Chen Yiming’s resignation, Lei Haowen wanted to start a joint venture with Chen Yiming, but Chen Yiming felt that the time had not come. At this time, he received a call from relatives in his hometown to collect debts.

Li Siyu’s company’s cash flow is not working well, and employees’ wages cannot be paid. At this time, Guan Xiaotang hacked into Li Siyu’s computer again and learned that his account really had no money, so he told Li Siyu that he did not want to pay, but Li Siyu refused. Guan Xiaotang directly transferred the money to other employees who needed wages.

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