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To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 33 Recap

Li Siyu had a meeting and asked to arrange multiple offline points. As a result, the various departments began to play football with each other. In short, everything was easy to handle with the money. Li Siyu arranged a business trip to Hefei in the afternoon, but Guan Xiaotang had booked a ticket and sat beside him. Li Siyu was very angry when he saw him, saying that he had put down so much work and didn’t do it and ran over to make trouble. Guan Xiaotang told him to sit down quickly and listen to his own explanation. First of all, the work has been completed, and then he completed a web page that jumped to the Hefei page in the car, and it was more confident to talk with him. When Li Siyu saw this, he couldn’t say much, and asked him to make the webpage of the next location in a while, and Guan Xiaotang promised to complete the task.

When I arrived at President Mei’s office, President Mei was playing games. After seeing the two come in, Li Siyu took out the official statement and handed it to Mr. Mei to see their data, but Mr. Mei said that he was not interested in these. Then I asked Li Siyu if he would play games, but Li Siyu said that he didn’t play much. May always asked him to give him a hand, but the King of Fighters lost three in a row. President Mei expressed that he was not interested in their project. At this time, he saw Guan Xiaotang not admitting defeat and said to play with him. As a result, Guan Xiaotang disregarded Li Siyu’s hint and directly killed President Mei in seconds.

Mr. Mei is very playful and asked him to play a game in the league. As a result, after Guan Xiaotang logged in to his account, Mr. Mei found that he was the god of love. President Mei was very excited, saying that he was his diehard fan and watched every live broadcast of him. Then Guan Xiaotang euphemistically said that he could add a friend first, and President Mei agreed directly with the contract. When returning, Guan Xiaotang said that he actually understood all these routines, but he didn’t bother to perfuse hypocrisy. Li Siyu has nothing to do with him, but he has to admit that sometimes his method does work.

At this month’s regular meeting of the sales department, Zhang Zhizhi ‘s performance was zero, which was ridiculed by everyone. Yuan Huizhong said that she had given her a client, why didn’t she sign the order? Zhang Zhizhi said he went to find a client but was kicked out. Colleagues say that it is common to be kicked out. If you don’t have the ability to bear this, you still do sales, how comfortable being a boss. Yuan Huizhong said that if he still fails to get results next month, he will leave. Zhang Zhizhi returned to her seat, and Lin Ling came to comfort her. At this time, Zhang Zhizhi received the news that his salary had arrived, and was very happy. The salary here plus the bonus of the excellent department is already 30% higher than that in the administration department.

Zhang Zhizhi went to Mr. Su’s company again, and was kicked out as before, and the promotional materials were also thrown out. Zhang Zhizhi stood at the door and said that he would visit President Su next time. When he returned home, he found Liu Yang was cooking. Zhang Zhizhi was also aware of Liu Yang’s changes over the years, but he still couldn’t forgive Liu Yang for his betrayal.

Liu Yang told Zhang Zhizhi that his younger brother wanted to go back to his hometown for development, so now the laboratory is vacant and he wants to go to work in the laboratory. However, because the laboratory has no results now, the subsidy is not as much as before, and the salary may be only half of the previous, but it can finally relieve Zhang Zhizhi’s economic pressure. Zhang Zhizhi asked if his body could eat it, Liu Yang said it didn’t matter in the laboratory. In the evening Liu Yang wanted to talk to Zhang Zhizhi, but found that she had fallen asleep on the sofa.

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