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To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 32 Recap

Zhang Zhizhi, because Liu Yang does not have a job now, and his meager salary is not enough, so he tried to apply for a transfer, but because of his business ability is really not enough. Mr. Hu told him that there is only one department in the entire company that wants him, which is the sales department where Yuan Huizhong is now. Mr. Hu also knew that Zhang Zhizhi had had an unpleasant relationship with Yuan Huizhong before. Zhang Zhizhi smiled and said that it was not only unpleasant, it was already torn apart. Mr. Hu said that if he wanted to go to the sales department, he had better prepare mentally. Zhang Zhizhi said that he went back and thought about it. He left President Hu’s office and ran into Yuan Huizhong face to face when he came out. Yuan Huizhong stopped Zhang Zhizhi and said that he welcomes him to his department. Talk to him at will.

Zhang Zhizhi received a call from the kindergarten at this time. It turned out that Yuwei has been in the new kindergarten for more than half a month, but she has been peeing her pants several times. Zhang Zhizhi asked the teacher if there was a problem with the kindergarten’s diet. The teacher said that everyone eats like this, but Yuwei herself has a problem and is peeing her pants. Yuwei said that she wanted to go home, and Zhang Zhizhi asked if he did it on purpose when she took Yuwei back. Yuwei said that it was because the teacher scolded him, and that he was not allowed to eat, so that he was fined. Zhang Zhizhi realized the seriousness of the problem after listening to it, and found the principal.

As a result, the principal said that the children were not able to bear it in their hearts, so they spent so little money and wanted good teaching conditions. Zhang Zhizhi said he was going to report them. The head of the kindergarten dismissed them, thinking that their prices were so low and they still provided so many services. If the child is expensive, he shouldn’t be placed in their kindergarten. Zhang Zhizhi took Yuwei away angrily.

When Zhang Zhizhi returned home and saw Liu Yang go to the kitchen to cook, Zhang Zhizhi asked him if he didn’t enter the kitchen before. Liu Yang said that he can’t drag the family down without a job, and he always thinks about what he can do to help Zhang Zhizhi. Moreover, I went to buy food today and realized that the prices are so expensive now. I asked Zhang Zhizhi for a small amount of living expenses every month but he still eats very well every day. Zhang Zhizhi said that some vegetables are cheaper to buy during the day, some are discounted after 8pm, and some are in Online spike. Liu Yang felt that Zhang Zhizhi had paid a lot before asking this family, and he assured Zhang Zhizhi that he would treat them well after finding a job.

Gu Xiaoling works in a gallery, and a customer who buys paintings frequently visits Gu Xiaoling. Before leaving, walked to Gu Xiaoling and arranged his bag according to the color, and then left. The colleague told Gu Xiaoling that the man had inquired about her foot injury before and asked her name, which seemed interesting to him. Gu Xiaoling asked what could be done, and a colleague said that she had registered membership information.

The next day, Gu Xiaoling took the member handbook and found Mr. He’s office. Mr. He understood Gu Xiaoling’s intention. He introduced everything straightforwardly, and took out the real estate certificate company certificate, etc. As a result, Gu Xiaoling hadn’t reacted yet. Mr. He asked Gu Xiaoling and answered that Mr. He said that she was in line with his wife’s requirements, at 4:4 next week. There can be a date at 14 minutes, and he left after speaking. Gu Xiaoling felt a little funny when he saw such a man for the first time.

Zhang Zhizhi finally decided to join the sales department. Yuan Huizhong ignored Zhang Zhizhi on the first day. Everyone deliberately ignored her, and Yuan Huizhong later gave a bad-tempered client to Zhang Zhizhi to find a way to sign the order. As a result, Zhang Zhizhi was kicked out of someone else’s office. She was frustrated for the first time and hid by the roadside crying.

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