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To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 31 Recap

Li Siyu asked Guan Xiaotang that all the propaganda materials were in place, so he asked everyone to go back to rest and go to the office alone to take a rest. Suddenly, I received a call from the courier saying that the company’s investment promotion manual has arrived. Li Siyu hurried out of the office, but everyone was gone, only Guan Xiaotang was left. Li Siyu asked him why the promotional materials that he had said were in place, why there was still an investment promotion brochure downstairs at this time, Guan Xiaotang patted his head and said that he had forgotten.

Li Siyu cursed downstairs to get the courier, a full twelve boxes of investment brochures, Li Siyu aggressively said to Guan Xiaotang that he could get out. Guan Xiaotang looked innocent and said that he was also temporarily taking over for Xiaosun. Li Siyu didn’t care about him, so he dragged the trailer to transport the supplies to the company. As a result, the elevator broke down and won’t open until 10 o’clock tomorrow morning. Guan Xiaotang said that if he would come tomorrow, Li Siyu explained that all the guests would be there at ten o’clock in the morning. If it was too late, he had to drag the trailer up the stairs.

Guan Xiaotang said that the company was on the twelfth floor, but Li Siyu walked up with two boxes of supplies. Guan Xiaotang followed up and asked about Li Siyu’s relationship problems. Guan Xiaotang asked Li Siyu to talk about how she and the ex-boyfriend knew each other. Li Siyu couldn’t help Guan Xiaotang talking about her and talking about how she met Chen Yiming.

At a planning exhibition at that time, he didn’t know why he fell in love with himself and began to make appointments with himself frequently. Moreover, Chen Yiming is also a talented, excellent, and handsome boy. Guan Xiaotang interrupted him and asked him if he was handsome. Li Siyu didn’t want to talk to him, and talked a lot about her and Chen Yiming. The latter two were unable to move towards the future together because of their disagreements. They were the two branches of a tree. Although they grew together, they found that they were getting farther and farther after a long time and had to break up.

Li Siyu asked about Guan Xiaotang. Guan Xiaotang said that his father was killed in a car accident very early. His mother remarried and followed his grandfather. His grandfather could only make a living by picking up tatters, so he didn’t have many toys when he was a child, but he could often touch game consoles. , So I play the game very well. When I was young, my grandfather would bring back the Transformers that others didn’t want, and he would reassemble him into a unique Transformers as a birthday present. Li Siyu asked him when his birthday was. He bought a Transformer and gave it to him. Guan Xiaotang laughed. Li Siyu asked if he lied to him. Guan Xiaotang said you guessed and ran away.

Li Siyu and Guan Xiaotang finally finished moving all the supplies. Li Siyu was tired and collapsed on the ground. When Guan Xiaotang was talking, he found that Li Siyu was asleep. He secretly kissed Li Siyu on the cheek, and then carefully began to disassemble the materials and pack them.

The next day I called for the official listing, and the company’s cocktail party was successfully held. Li Siyu played like a fish in the water at the reception and drank a lot of wine. Guan Xiaotang helped him change into grape juice but in exchange for a curse. The evening reception was over. Li Siyu asked everyone to go back to clean up tomorrow. Guan Xiaotang helped Li Siyu soak the medicine so that he would not drink like this again, which was not good for his stomach. Li Siyu sincerely thanked Guan Xiaotang for his help for so long.

Chen Yiming received a call from Wang Ziru and came to the office, and happened to bump into a worker who came to replace the fish tank. Wang Ziru said that big fish tanks keep big fishes and small fish tanks keep small fishes. He also seems to know. Wang Ziru said that he needed to purchase some things recently, and would like to ask Chen Yiming to refer to it. Chen Yiming could only accept if he refused.

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