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The Promise of Chang’an 长安诺 Episode 26 Recap

Ling Zhen’er hurriedly pushed Xiao Qihan away. Although she was very grateful to him, she would never leave Helan Mingyu. The monthly statutes and supplies of the palace were sent to the princes. Ling Zhen’er was very happy when he saw this and said that he would need some fabric to make a new dress for them. The eunuch came to deliver meals to Helan Mingyu. Ling Zhen’er was very angry when seeing that the buns were moldy, and ran to find what the prince wanted to deserve. He scolded him for filling his pockets, but the prince said, the palace concubine was afraid to come here.

He was not as good as a slave, Ling Zhen’er was so angry that he grabbed the prince and beat him, but was beaten violently by the prince’s men. Helan Mingyu hurried to rescue Ling Zhen’er. Grandpa Li did not forget to set rules for her. Here, he only said it! Helan Mingyu comforted Ling Zhen’er that people have to bow their heads under the eaves, and they can take things slowly if they don’t want things. The body is the most important thing. Helan Mingyu burned some firewood to make it warmer at night. Ling Zhen’er blamed herself for being too impulsive. It was extremely uncomfortable to see her like this.

In the evening, the two guarded the brazier and finally got a good night’s sleep. However, sparks splashed on the clothes next to them unknowingly, and when the two of them were choked up, they found a fire, and hurriedly took a basin of water to put out the fire. Seeing the smoke, Xiao Chengxu hurried over. Helan Mingyu refused to say anything. Xiao Chengxu wanted to send them some supplies, but Helan Mingyu refused. It would be terrible if someone else discovered it. ! But how could Xiao Chengxu bear to watch her suffer here, he must figure out a way to get her out of the sea of ​​suffering.

Xiao Chengrui originally agreed to let Xiao Chengxu cultivate for a period of time, but now there has been war in Yingcheng. Wang Shangshu proposed a method, saying that as long as he retreats from the enemy, Yingcheng should be sealed to generals. Xiao Chengxu does not have a fief, and he will be moved if he thinks about it. Sure enough, Xiao Chengxu stood up and Xiao Chengrui was very happy. It turned out that Wang Shangshu was his person and the chess piece arranged by his grandfather back then. Now it is finally in handy.

Xiao Chengxu came to see Helan Mingyu again, and let Ling Zhen’er go outside to guard. Whoever had a few words to tell her, Helan Mingyu was busy giving Ling Zhen’er a dress for her to put on. Xiao Chengxu asked Helan Mingyu if she had the opportunity to leave here and leave the palace, and if she would be willing to live freely as a concubine Xian. Xiao Chengxu wanted to burn the palace and waited for Helan Mingyu to go to a place where no one knew her, so that she could live freely. Helan Mingyu had no choice but to decide.

She was worried that if she gave up her status as a concubine, it would mean she had given up her status as Princess Yonglin. She was afraid that she would never return to her hometown. Xiao Chengxu said that if Xiao Chengrui dies one day, everything will be fine. He will serve Princess Mu, Helan Mingyu, and seek justice for himself. Helan Mingyu hastened to persuade him to think twice, but Xiao Chengxu has made up his mind. There was no brotherhood with Xiao Chengrui anymore, only resentment was left.

Helan Mingyu’s quilts are all broken, and there is a musty smell. Ling Zhener really feels worthless for Helan Mingyu. She is the pearl of Yonglin and should have lived proudly instead of being caught by those villains. Insult and trample, is she really willing to do such a day? Helan Mingyudao, she is not reconciled! At night, General Yan led people into the palace, sent away Helan Mingyu and Ling Zhen’er, and then lit a torch to burn the palace. This fire burned all Helan Mingyu’s past. The day is coming. The next day, Helan Yunqi was persuading Xiao Chengrui to release Helan Mingyu, and suddenly there was news that Helan Mingyu was buried in the fire in the palace fire.

Xiao Chengrui was shocked immediately, and He Lan Yunqi was even more anxious that her eyes were red, and she was extremely sad. Xiao Chengrui sank down on the chair, Helan Yunqi sadly questioned that he was satisfied now, and only asked him, Helan Mingyu’s death he regrets or not! Xiao Chengrui lowered his head and said nothing.

Helan Wanyin was also sad to learn that Helan Mingyu was burned to death by the fire. After all, it was her own sister. He didn’t want her to die when he drove her to the palace! Helan Wanyin decides to pray for Helan Mingyu and let her have a good baby in the next life. After Liang Jun was defeated, Xiao Chengxu personally captured Chen Wenzhi.

Chen Wenzhi also decided to surrender and became a subject of Dasheng, and he also handed in the layout of the Liang soldiers. However, Chen Wenzhi asked to submit this thing after seeing Xiao Chengrui, and Xiao Chengxu agreed. Xiao Chengrui hid in the study all day longing for Helan Mingyu, but no matter what, she would never come back. Xiao Chengrui beat the prince to death with a stick. He Lan Wanyin came to find Xiao Chengrui but was stopped outside, saying that he could not enter without being summoned. He Lan Wanyin begged her father-in-law to report, but Xiao Chengrui lost his temper and smashed many things. He Lan Wanyin was taken aback and left quickly.

Ling Zhen’er and Helan Mingyu died together, and Xiao Qihan was very sad when he came to the burnt palace. If Ling Zhen’er had married him earlier, how could the misery of today come from. Helan Mingyu had never thought of leaving before encountering a lot of grievances in the palace, but now he finally left the palace and feels at ease.

Ling Zhen’er also looked at Xiao Chengxu with admiration, thinking that he took the risk to save Helan Mingyu out to keep her by his side, but after all, he already has a main room. Helan Mingyu’s life is nameless, isn’t it he and the palace Is there no difference in it. But Helan Mingyu knew that Xiao Chengxu would never think that way, no matter how he sits, he really thinks for himself. Helan Mingyu said that the world is so big that there is always a place for her. As for her and Xiao Chengxu’s affairs, she can only obey God’s arrangements.

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