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The Promise of Chang’an 长安诺 Episode 25 Recap

Ling Zhen’er went to borrow the charcoal stove and was stunned by various expressions. Hui’er stepped on her foot when she saw it and said that she could not see others taking advantage of it. Then she accused Ling Zhen’er of taking the medicine pigeon stove stewed by Helan Wanyin. He ran back to the palace and told Helan Wanyin about the incident, saying that Ling Zhen’er cursed her. Helan Wanyin was worried about the condition of the fifth prince, and Su Yuying and Concubine Hui fanned the flames and said that someone might have cursed the fifth prince. Helan Wanyin immediately slapped Ling Zhen’er and searched for her. s room.

Helan Mingyu and Helan Yunqi rushed over and asked Helan Wanyin what Ling Zhen’er did. Helan Wanyin felt that Ling Zhen’er cursed her and cursed the five princes. Helan Mingyu also knew about it. . Ling Zhen’er quickly explained that she just said anxiously, she didn’t mean to curse at all. Helan Wanyin still refused to let it go, and also complained that Helan Yunqi was so partial to have trouble with her.

Helan Mingyu wanted to have a good chat with Helan Wanyin, after all, the fifth princes were also her nephews. Helan Wanyin pushed Helan Mingyu away and said she was hypocritical, and scolded her to seduce Xiao Chengrui and kill her own child, Helan Yunqi quickly sent her away.

Helan Wanyin still refused to go back, saying that Helan Yunqi was partial to others. Helan Yunqi was heartbroken, and Helan Mingyu quickly asked her to admit her mistake. After all, Helan Yunqi spent two days and two nights when Helan Wanyin gave birth. Helan Wanyin left a false sentence and left. Helan Yunqi was so angry that she could not stand still.

Helan Mingyu feels deeply chilled. The closest sisters in this harem can be eccentric, but still want to have a good chat with Helan Wanyin. Helan Yunqi told Xiao Chengrui about what happened today, Xiao Chengrui cares about what Helan Mingyu thinks, but still wants to get angry with her. Xiao Chengrui said he was going to ask Helan Wanyin.

At this time, Helan Wanyin was performing a scene of suicide by hanging herself. Xiao Chengrui hurriedly hugged her down when he saw it. Helan Wanyin cried and told him that the five princes had not been sick. Well, being jealous has caused disaster, and he keeps saying that Helan Mingyu cursed her child. Xiao Chengrui had to agree to a thorough investigation of the harem. He Lan Yunqi persuaded that there was no reason to thoroughly investigate the harem after hearing this, but Xiao Chengrui insisted on doing so.

The whole harem turned upside down, Helan Mingyu was heartbroken. At this time, Xiao Qihan’s mother hurriedly asked someone to throw out the villain who had cursed the fifth prince. For fear of being found out by the maidservant, the maid panicked and threw it outside the Helan Mingyu courtyard. Helan Wanyin was crying when he saw such a dirty thing, and Xiao Chengrui was surprised to learn that it was found outside the Helan Mingyu Academy.

This forging was personally rewarded to Helan Mingyu, and his heart was very angry. Xiao Chengrui angrily threw Helan Mingyu on the ground and questioned her. The fabric of Helan Mingyu Dao was not only unique to her. Every time Xiao Chengrui rewarded her, she would get a point in each palace and courtyard.

Xiao Chengrui didn’t believe it, Helan Mingyu was also very sad, knowing that it would be useless to explain it, and simply took out the robe crown and Feng Fei Cewen, asking him to depose the concubine. Xiao Chengrui turned her mind aside again, thinking that she was not fighting for favor, but to say this at this time, because the person she really admired was Princess Yan! Helan Mingyu was still smiling. She had no choice but to enter the harem at the beginning, but after entering the palace, she kept her duty quietly. Besides, didn’t Xiao Chengrui believe in her prophecy that she would meet the world?

Because of this, I am afraid that Xiao Chengrui would rather Helan Mingyu die than let her marry someone else. It’s ridiculous to think about it, her destiny was affected by a prediction. Xiao Chengrui became guilty and said that the prophecy was just an excuse to ask her. He liked Helan Mingyu. Helan Mingyu refused to believe it anymore, and Xiao Chengrui’s liking for her could not bear after all. Xiao Chengrui became anxious, saying that even if his things were thrown away and killed, they would not let others get involved. Ling Zhen’er immediately interceded when he saw it.

Helan Mingyu was arrested, so he didn’t just let it go! Xiao Chengrui felt that Helan Mingyu hated him because of this incident, Helan Mingyu said, no matter how Xiao Chengrui sent her, she would just give thanks. Xiao Chengrui blew his beard and stared and said that he had never been sorry to anyone. At this time, someone said that the fifth prince turned blue and couldn’t even cry. Xiao Chengrui hurried to see him. For sure. Xiao Chengrui was so angry that he drew his sword on Helan Mingyu’s neck and asked her to kneel down and admit her mistake.

Helan Wanyin quickly came out and said pretendingly that she could not watch her sister die, as long as she admitted her mistake, she would not be held accountable. At this time, the five princes woke up, but Xiao Chengrui still wanted Helan Mingyu to admit his mistake. Helan Mingyu asked himself to be worthy of everyone, especially Xiao Chengrui. Xiao Chengrui demoted her to the palace in the suburbs of Beijing when he heard the words, and she could never live forever.

The palace on the outskirts of Beijing is like a cold palace, uninhabited all year round, and now only a few eunuchs remain. Helan Mingyu came here with Ling Zhen’er and felt a lot more relaxed. There is no need to weigh this and that. The two cleaned the room with a smile, and Xiao Chengxu sneaked in. Seeing Helan Mingyu like this, he felt relieved. Xiao Qihan sneaked over the wall and entered the palace to take Ling Zhen’er out and said to raise her. Ling Zhen’er thanked that there were not many people who really cared about them at this time. Xiao Qihan hugged her tightly. He only cared She is all alone.

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