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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 23 Recap

Fang Dajiang was somewhat satisfied with Li Zhenyan’s performance. After a while, Li Zhenyan cooked breakfast, and the three of them ate at the dinner table. Fang Dajiang did not say anything, but the expression on his face already showed that he was very interested in Li Zhenyan’s cooking skills.

Satisfied, a few people finished their breakfast, changed their clothes and prepared to help Granny Wang collect the fishing nets. It was the first time that Li Zhenyan did this kind of work, and he was busy doing it. Fang Dajiang asked Li Zhenyan to collect the trash from the fishing nets and then roll up the fishing nets.

In order to perform well in front of Fang Dajiang, Li Zhenyan bit the bullet and finished Fang Dajiang. To explain things, Fang Xiaolu looked at Li Zhenyan’s embarrassed look, and then deceived Li Zhenyan that there was a bug on him. Li Zhenyan was startled, and somewhat frightened, let Fang Xiaolu help to pat the bug off. Fang Xiaolu laughed for a while before saying I lied to him.

After a day’s work, Li Zhenyan was a little tired. At night, when Fang Dajiang saw that Li Zhenyan was not asleep, he said that he wanted to talk to him. Li Zhenyan could have no need to help collect fishing nets, but he was willing to accommodate her in order to make Fang Xiaolu happy. ,

Fang Dajiang nodded approvingly, and then told Li Zhenyan about Fang Xiaolu’s piano lessons. Only then did Li Zhenyan know that Fang Xiaolu had a talent for learning piano since he was a child, but he met the more dogmatic teacher, Fang Xiaolu. There will be more resistance.

At first, Fang Dajiang didn’t know the reason. Until Xiangxiang found him, he knew that Fang Xiaolu was wronged in the music class. Xiangxiang is the daughter of the owner of the piano shop. With the help of Xiangxiang Only then did Fang Xiao let rekindle his passion for piano. Fang Dajiang asked Li Zhenyan whether Fang Xiaoru was suitable to be a professional pianist, and if Fang Xiaoru would be restrained by playing the piano as a profession, Li Zhenyan relieved Fang Dajiang and asked him not to worry.

The two chatted for a long time. Fang Xiaolu finally waited until Li Zhenyan came back and wanted to talk to Li Zhenyan, but Fang Dajiang was guarding in the living room. When Fang Xiaolu came out, he drove her back to the room, Fang Xiaolu I had no choice but to send a message to Li Zhenyan with his mobile phone, saying that he wanted to plan the life of the two in Paris. Li Zhenyan was a little helpless. After chatting, Li Zhenyan thanked Fang Xiaolu for the hypnotic things.

Only then did I know that Li Zhenyan was pretending to be hypnotized by himself, and Fang Xiaolu felt a little happy when he remembered his confession to Li Zhenyan that day. Early the next morning, Fang Xiao Let and Li Zhenyan packed up and left, ready to go back to Shanghai. Li Zhenyan took the plane again, this time with Fang Xiaofu’s company, Li Zhenyan’s situation was much better than last time.

In France, Tian Yisong and Jiang Caiwei are on the phone. Tian Yisong’s performance in the orchestra has been adjusted. He is in charge of the Paris performance and can take this opportunity to meet Jiang Caiwei. However, Jiang Caiwei is embarrassed and said that he is going to see the opera performance with the teacher and wait for her to finish. Later, go to Tian Yisong again. On the weekend, after Tian Yisong’s performance was over, Wayanda approached Tian Yisong and expressed his willingness to accept Tian Yisong as his apprentice.

Tian Yisong could also follow him on a world tour. Tian Yisong seized the opportunity he dreamed of and was very excited. He told Jiang Shasha about the news. Jiang Shasha was also happy for him. Tian Yisong was excited for a moment and suddenly kissed Jiang Shasha. Jiang Caiwei, who was rushed to see Tian Yisong, saw this scene. Jiang Caiwei was ashamed and threw the flowers he had brought to the ground and left.

Tian Yisong came back to his senses. Knowing that Jiang Caiwei had been there, he started to call Jiang Caiwei, but Jiang Caiwei refused to answer, and even sent a text message to break up. Tian Yisong rushed to Paris to find Jiang Caiwei, but Jiang Caiwei did. She has moved, leaving only the ring Tian Yisong gave her.

Li Zhenyan is about to go abroad. He decided to invite He Shengliang to join the RS team. Li Zhenyan said that he had seen many students in the command department. Only He Shengliang and Tian Yisong impressed him. He Shengliang’s professionalism also surprised him. Looking for He Shengliang is hoping that he can save the field. Then this time, Li Zhenyan really hopes that He Shengliang can join the RS team.

In the RS Orchestra, Chen Zheng asked Lin Qingshang how he was preparing for going abroad. Qin Fen heard the conversation between the two at the door and realized that Lin Qingshang was going abroad. Qin Fen did not show it in front of Lin Qingshang, but Lin Qingshang saw that Qin Fen’s face was not good, but Qin Fen didn’t take the initiative to speak, and Lin Qingshang didn’t know where to start.

In the evening, Qin Fen practiced the piano by himself very late. After Lin Qingshang and Qin Fen finished practicing, the two had a good chat. Qin Fen said that he supported Lin Qingshang’s going abroad for further studies, and he would work hard to become a good player.

The chief waited for Lin Qingshang to return. The next day, Li Zhenyan announced to everyone that he and Fang Xiaofu were going to Paris. He Shengliang also came to the RS group and sincerely apologized to everyone. Qin Fen and others who originally disagreed with He Shengliang’s joining saw his sincere attitude, so they had to agree. Up.

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