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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 22 Recap

On the way to the competition, Fang Xiaolu was still looking at the piano scores. Before coming to the stage, Teacher Zhang had a thousand exhortations to let Fang Xiaoluo come down after playing the first piece. Her state was not suitable for playing the second piece. .

But Fang Xiaolu didn’t listen to Teacher Zhang’s advice. After playing the first piece, Fang Xiaolu took a deep breath and began to play the second piece. Both Teacher Zhang and Li Zhenyan became nervous. They knew that Fang Xiaolu didn’t have time at all. Practicing the second song, Fang Xiaolu played and remembered the psychological shadow of his childhood, and forgot the content of the score. Fang Xiaorui’s risky behavior failed and did not win the competition. Fang Xiaorui lost and left.

Her failure meant that she could not go to Paris with Li Zhenyan. It was difficult for Fang Xiaoru to accept the result. Li Zhenyan wanted To comfort Fang Xiaoluo, Fang Xiaoluo was immersed in the emotion of failure, and her words became incoherent and contradictory. No matter how comforting Li Zhenyan was, Fang Xiaolu felt that it was meaningless. Everyone in the RS group is also very worried about Fang Xiaolu’s situation, but now it doesn’t help to find Fang Xiaorui, and can only wait for Fang Xiaorui to adjust himself.

After Li Zhenyan went home, he went to find Fang Xiaolu. Fang Xiaolu didn’t answer Li Zhenyan’s call or opened the door to Li Zhenyan. Li Zhenyan watched Xiaolu’s room upstairs without turning on the lights and didn’t know where Fang Xiaolu had gone. Worried, after returning home, she found that Fang Xiaolu left a note for herself, and then she knew that Fang Xiaolu had gone home.

After Fang Xiaolu’s failure, Teacher Zhang also began to think about whether there was a problem with her teaching method. Teacher Zhang’s wife comforted Teacher Zhang. Of course, Teacher Yan could give a good disciple, but Fang Xiaolu was different from others and had to use other methods. Treat small lettuce. Teacher Zhang feels that Fang Xiaolu is the most talented student he has ever met.

He just wants to make Fang Xiaolue stand on the world stage and become a real pianist as quickly as possible. The so-called haste is not enough because Too eager for quick success, Teacher Zhang yelled at Fang Xiaolu when he was anxious. Fang Xiaolu was scared, and Teacher Zhang was uncomfortable. Teacher Zhang began to think about how to change his teaching methods.

Teacher Zhang received a call from the international piano master Vogelui’s management team and officially invited Fang Xiaolu to go to Paris to study piano with Vogelui. Teacher Zhang was overjoyed and quickly called Fang Xiaolu and told Fang Xiaolu three days later. Hurry back to school, Fang Xiaolu quickly agreed.

After Mr. Zhang put down the phone, he resisted the excitement in his heart, and got up with his wife, but after thinking about it, Mr. Zhang was a little unwilling to get along with Fang Xiaolu. After this time of getting along, Fang Xiaolu became like his child. Although the two quarreled, Teacher Zhang did it for Fang Xiaolu’s sake.

Fang Xiaolu returned home, and his father Fang Dajiang cooked a table of dishes. Fang Dajiang saw that Fang Xiaolu was in a bad mood, and asked if Fang Xiaolu had a boyfriend, or if he suddenly came back because of his boyfriend. Fang Xiaolu quickly denied it. Halfway through the meal, Fang Dajiang answered the phone and left in a hurry.

He also instructed Fang Xiaolu to go out after eating and not stay at home all the time. Who knew that Li Zhenyan also went to Fang Xiaoru’s hometown in order to persuade Fang Xiaoru, and wanted to persuade her to go back. Li Zhenyan finally found Fang Xiaolu’s house, but Fang Xiaolu had not returned. Li Zhenyan saw that there was no one at home, so she had to leave.

Fang Xiaolu suddenly called Li Zhenyan and asked if Li Zhenyan was still angry with him, Li Zhenyan While talking with Fang Xiaolu while walking, she suddenly found that Fang Xiaolu was sitting not far from him. Fang Xiaolu told Li Zhenyan that he was going to Paris. When Fang Xiaolu was thinking about the future, he found Li Zhenyan. Suddenly appearing in front of him, Fang Xiaolu was extremely happy.

Fang Xiaolu returned home with Li Zhenyan. When the two of them were hugging at the door, Fang Dajiang suddenly came back. Seeing the scene before him, he thought that Fang Xiaolu had been bullied, and put Li Zhenyan on the table beside him. After the misunderstanding was resolved, Li Zhenyan and Fang Dajiang were still a little embarrassed. Fang Dajiang asked Fang Xiaofu to return to the room, leaving Li Zhenyan to chat alone.

Fang Dajiang asked Li Zhenyan how he knew Fang Xiaolu and why he liked Fang Xiaolu. Li Zhenyan talked about the details on 1510. While talking, Fang Dajiang received a call from Granny Wang and promised to help collect the fishing nets tomorrow afternoon. Li Zhenyan said that he could go together. Fang Xiaolu heard it and clamored to go . After talking, Li Zhenyan wanted to go back to the hotel to rest, but Fang Xiaolu insisted on letting Li Zhenyan stay at his home. Early the next morning, Li Zhenyan got up to make breakfast.

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