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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 21 Recap

With Li Zhenyan’s encouragement and guidance, Fang Xiaorui’s progress was rapid. Teacher Zhang was very pleasantly surprised by Fang Xiaorui’s progress. He felt that following this momentum, it would be no problem for Fang Xiaorui to get the first place. Before long, Fang Xiaorui was about to participate in the first round of the competition.

The RS team gathered together to cheer for Fang Xiaorui, and Li Zhenyan also reminded Fang Xiaorui about the matters needing attention in the competition. Teacher Zhang, Li Zhenyan and others all went to watch Fang Xiaolu’s game. Li Zhenyan looked at Fang Xiaolu’s performance on stage and found that Fang Xiaolu was really different. She exuded light and charm on stage. Fang Xiaolet passed the preliminaries smoothly.

On the other side, Tian Yisong and Jiang Caiwei started a new life in Europe. Although they are separated, their hearts are still together. Tian Yisong made an appointment to spend the anniversary with Jiang Caiwei. Jiang Shasha suddenly came and said The master called her father and expressed interest in Tian Yisong and wanted to meet him.

As long as the master appreciates Tian Yisong through this meeting, he will be one step closer to realizing his dream. Tian Yisong listened to Jiang Shasha’s words and stopped. After the action of packing up his luggage, Tian Yisong gave up meeting Jiang Caiwei under the huge temptation. Jiang Caiwei saw the photo of Tian Yisong and the master in the circle of friends. Although she was a bit disappointed, she tried to convince herself that Tian Yisong could realize her dream.

The reputation of the RS Orchestra is getting better and better. There are many talented musicians who have given up joining the A group and have expressed their desire to join the RS group. However, Li Zhenyan declined the crowd, saying that there is no new recruiting plan yet. Qin Fen was a little pleased when he heard what Li Zhenyan said.

He felt that the RS group would be able to develop for a long time. Qin Fen walked forward excitedly, ignoring Lin Qingshang, who was a little lost behind him. What Qin Fen didn’t know was Lin Qing. Shang’s teacher, Dai Lun, invited her to go to Europe in the spring. He will arrange time to wait for Lin Qingshang. This is a good opportunity for Lin Qingshang, but Lin Qingshang does not know how to tell. Qin Fen.

Before long, Fang Xiaolu passed the semifinals smoothly. Teacher Zhang chose two more difficult songs for Fang Xiaolu. As the day of the finals is getting closer and closer, Teacher Zhang’s training is getting stricter. It is harsh, but Fang Xiaolu didn’t run smoothly with the new work. When Teacher Zhang was training Fang Xiaorui, his temper was not stopped for a while, which made Fang Xiaorui’s condition worse and worse, and even began to be afraid of Teacher Zhang and escaped from the piano room.

Ji Mo saw all this in his eyes. He found Li Zhenyan and told about Fang Xiaolu’s situation. It turned out that Ji Mo met Fang Xiaolu in the music class when he was a child, and Ji Mo told Fang Xiaolu’s bad memories when he was a child.

Li Zhenyan, at this time, Fang Xiaolu must not be hit. Ji Mo feels that only Li Zhenyan can help Fang Xiaolu now. After Li Zhenyan knew the situation, he went to the piano room. Fang Xiaolu saw that Li Zhenyan was coming and hugged aggrievedly. He, Li Zhenyan persuaded him a few words, saying that Teacher Zhang is also changing the teaching method.

The other party’s Xiaolu’s attitude is also for Fang Xiaolu’s competition. Fang Xiaolu’s mood is much better. With Li Zhenyan’s company, Fang Xiaolu’s renewed Started to practice piano, but because the training was too exhausting, both Teacher Zhang and Fang Xiaolu fell ill. Teacher Zhang’s wife was worried about Fang Xiaolu’s body, so she could not help but pulled Fang Xiaolu out of the piano room to let her have a good rest.

On the day of the final, Fang Xiaolu suddenly asked Teacher Zhang to play another song. Teacher Zhang was a little worried. , The piece that Fang Xiaolu said is too difficult, and she hasn’t practiced it. Even if she has sharp ears, it’s impossible to remember all of that piece. To be on the safe side, he still recommends Fang Xiaolu’s play. Past tunes.

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