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Poisoned Love 恋爱吧,食梦君 Episode 23 Recap

The master of ceremonies announced that the newlyweds would bring engagement rings to each other. Hao Yingjun suddenly rushed up, took the microphone and said that it is now an intermission. Now I am performing a small show for everyone. Hao Yingjun tore off the rings on the left and right coke bottles and went on stage to continue talking My favorite is Fei Zhai Coke Water, and my favorite is Zuo Yao. Kneel down on one knee and marry Zuo Yao.

Uncle Gu motioned to drive him away, and the emcee grabbed the microphone and said to leave the camera to the newcomer. Shiyi is about to give dialectWith the ring, the dialect retracted his hand, then turned his head and walked forward. Everyone didn’t know what had happened. They said they were ill. The dialect accidentally twisted. Shi Meng hurried over to hug her, and the dialect looked at him and said to me. Knowing that you will definitely come, Shi Yi called Shi Meng to stop.

Shi Meng turned around and said that he hadn’t acted enough yet? Stop here. Shi Meng and dialect came to the vegetable market, hand in hand picking vegetables, eating fish in the evening, Shi Meng went to buy fish and bought condiments in dialect, Shi Meng had never bought vegetables, and I was embarrassed to say that the cheapest one, the boss misunderstood that it was He bought a supplement and sold a soft-shelled turtle to him.

The two lived a life of frugal and food reduction. Shi Meng felt very sorry. He said that he was okay and then joked that I would raise you. The two of them said nothing to me. Uncle Gu told Shi Yi that many people in the company wanted Shi Meng to come back. Shi Yi said that since he missed him so much, he changed them! Then the fans on the Internet said that I was ashamed. Uncle Gu said that he took the opportunity to do it, and Shiyi said it was okay.

When I turned to another picture, Shi Meng said to Shi Meng that Uncle Gu still did not hand over the finances to me. The story goes back to nine days ago, when Shi Meng met Shi Meng about the moment he was kidnapped when he was a child. Shi Meng spoke of the little girl in the dialect. He heard the kidnapper arguing with the man in the dialect. The man came to see Shi Meng. Calling that kidnapper was Xiaoliu, Shiyi said that Gu Yuanzhou was the one who kidnapped you?

Shi Meng said that the reason for their dispute was a financial statement. Shi Meng said that Uncle Gu no longer believed me, so you would like to accompany me in a play, Shi Yi agreed, Shi Meng took out a USB flash drive and said that Gu Yuanzhou was involved in the company’s financial affairs. The two discussed Gu Yuanzhou must be rectified. The dialect said that when I watched the news, when I was a producer and wanted to take over Shui Jing, Shi Mengyan cursed Shi Yi insincerely.

Uncle Gu asked to go to Shiyi’s office for a cup of tea. Shiyi deliberately answered the phone and said loudly that Shimeng was still investigating the kidnapping case. Uncle Gu said that some people still support Shimeng. Shiyi said that Shimeng has been investigating the kidnapping case. Without time for management work, he said that Shi Meng had found an eyewitness. He is now looking for clues. Uncle Gu looked nervous after hearing this.

Shi Yi called and told Shi Meng Gu’s uncle’s reflection that she was preparing for the next step. Shi Meng stewed the pig’s trotters soup, and then told her not to go out today, because she had important things to say when she came back. Gu Shuhun did not think about what Shi Yi said. He kidnapped Shi Meng. He was vividly remembered. He pulled out the picture of the little girl and guessed that the little girl was in a dialect. The doorbell rang. It was a bunch of flowers from someone.

There were photos of two people, and the note said, I’m waiting here at 5pm. The dialect thought Shi Meng was going to propose to him, and then he dressed up and took the phone before he got it. gone. Shi Meng drove the car to lure Uncle Gu to the place where he was kidnapped. Uncle Gu quietly followed behind. Shi Meng pretended to walk around looking for evidence and found one in the grass. Ben, Uncle Gu quietly hit him with a wooden stick, Shi Meng asked why you kidnapped me?

If Uncle Gu wasn’t for your dad to threaten me with this, I would never have come to this point. Shi Meng asked you what happened to my dad. As soon as Uncle Gu was about to fight again, Shi Yi grabbed him and said that he had called the police. It has been recorded. Uncle Gu said that by giving me the recorded things, maybe I can put the dialect in my life. When Shi Meng and Shi found out that something was wrong, he hurriedly called the dialect, but Zuo Yao picked it up.

Zuo Yao had already left the dialect, and the police rushed to catch it. After Gu Yuanzhou, Shi Yi asked where is the Gu Yuanzhou dialect? Gu Yuanzhou said that it was too late.

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