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Poisoned Love 恋爱吧,食梦君 Episode 22 Recap

Shi Meng failed to serve as chairman, Shi Yi and dialect decided to fake marriage.

The dialect suddenly recalled that at that time someone said that Xiaoliu returned the child to me and handed in the financial statements. After hearing this, Shi Meng said that he had an urgent matter to deal with and told the dialect to go back first. Everyone in the company knows that Shi Meng has a certain position on the board of directors, and the chairman of the board of directors must be stable, but Mr. Gu feels that it is not necessarily right now.

The dialect made the food, Shi Meng has not yet returned, and Shi Yi has not returned. The dialect called Shi Yi, but Shi Yi did not answer it. Mr. Gu pressed his hand and invited him to drink. The dialect thinks Shiyi is very strange, always inexplicable. This is the first board of directors after the disappearance of the old Shi Meng. It is very important for Shi Meng to discuss who is the new chairman. Shi Meng wears a tie in dialect. When the time is up, Shi Meng puts on a suit and goes to the meeting.

The board of directors has started. Hao Yingjun said that today is the first meeting of the old president who announced his death. He felt that the chairman should be Shi Meng and would start with time. However, Mr. Gu said that there is still one person who hasn’t arrived, and then he left. Coming in, Mr. Gu introduced that this is Shiyi, a new member of Concept Pictures’ board of directors. Zuo Yao, the dialect is cooking, and everyone is saying that the goose is about to be born.

Mr. Shiyi decided to redistribute the equity. Shiyi said that I had objections, and then went on to say that I elected Mr. Gu as chairman. Shiyi explained that the budget of Shui Jing was seriously overrun, and Shi Meng was the first to pay the responsibility, and finally voted. Investing in General Gu, and others followed him, and finally announced Gu Yuanzhou as the next chairman. Shi Meng said that Shi Yi should not go too far, and Shi Yi did not want to give in.

Before the picture returned, Uncle Gu told Shiyi that as long as I sit on the board of directors, I will let you sit on the position of CEO. Shiyi said that the CEO, I don’t need to, I only need to get Shimeng out of the concept theater. Hao Yingjun came back and said that Shi Meng had something wrong, Shi Meng’s position was removed, Shi Meng’s people were gone, Shi Meng’s company CEO Shuijing producer was removed, and the dialect wanted to call Shi Yi, Hao Yingjun So Shi Yi took the lead in a vote by show of hands. After hearing the dialect, she ran out in a panic, the phone rang, and Zuo Yao asked where she was?

The dialect said that he was going to look for Shimeng. The dialect came to the bar he used to go to. Shimeng and Shiyi were talking about Shuijing together, and then they went to all the places where Shimeng had not been seen. At this time, Shi walked over to stop the dialect, and the dialect asked if you chased Shi Meng away?

Shiyi said yes, but I have my problems. Shiyi wanted to send the dialect home, but the dialect was not acceptable. Shiyi said that I have a way to get Shi Meng back. This way we are just acting. The next day, the news of Shiyi’s engagement spread across major networks, and everyone talked about it. Shiyibox of Yinjiang was engaged. When Shimeng was crossing the road, he heard the comments. I turned on the phone and saw in the news that Shiyi and Yinjiang’s engagement will be on March.

Held after the day. The wedding ceremony has begun, everyone Congratulations, Shiyi is going to be interviewed. The bride-to-be dialect comes out of it in a wedding dress, like a fairy descending to the earth. It’s so beautiful. Everyone firmly believes that Shi Meng will come out. Zuo Yao is afraid that he will cook rice and cook mature rice.

Saying that I believe Shi Yi is not such a person, Shi said to Uncle Gu that he had arranged security and said that he wanted to thoroughly check everyone’s identity. He couldn’t get in. Shi Meng put on his hat and met his subordinates who were going to the banquet. , And then Shi Zong changed into a colleague next to him and slipped into the arena. Shi Yi said, “You are so beautiful today, do I have a request that you promise me?” If Shi Meng does not show up, can you finish the show?

I will announce my break up with you after a while. Everyone was seated, the bride entered, and the dialect slowly came out. The dialect looked at the audience looking for Shi Meng’s shadow, as if seeing Shi Meng walking out, the dialect stretched out their hands and the two smiled like flowers in the petals, but they fixed their eyes. It was just the time when the master of ceremonies announced the bride and groom exchange rings.

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