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Poisoned Love 恋爱吧,食梦君 Episode 21 Recap

Left and right, I think about it and think that the most reliable thing around you is that you two can incubate the egg. The dialect is eavesdropping outside and can’t help but laugh. At night, Meng gave the egg to Shiyi .Shi Meng gave the egg to Shi Meng again during the day, and the two exchanged for it. When Shi Meng found a seam in the egg, he blamed Shi Meng for putting it in his socks. Shi Meng explained that Shi Yi was overprotective and the two fought for battle. relatively.

The dialect told Zuo Yao that the two people were still in harmony at first, and then they started quarreling. Dialect and Zuo Yao felt that the plan had failed, so they tried another way. Uncle Gu was drinking tea, and Gu Wei came in and said that she would be back to Japan on a flight ticket. Uncle Gu said that your mother had left long ago. You can tell me what was wrong. Gu Wei said that liking someone for so long is not as good as a little girl who is worthless, Uncle Gu.

Say but you are always the best in Dad’s heart. Shiyi = Tomorrow I want to shoot a magazine, I will give you the egg to Shi Meng. Shi Meng reluctantly followed up. During the meeting, Shi Meng held the egg in his hand and had nowhere to follow. Hao Yingjun thought that the boiled egg was about to be broken. Meng hurriedly stopped, and then took a closer look at whether there was anything wrong, and everyone looked at him with strange eyes.

Hao Yingjun joked that when Shi always held the goose egg in his hand, he was thinking of the sequel to the water mirror, and everyone applauded like flattering. Uncle Gu saw the photos of Shimeng and dialect in the office, and he called Shimeng and said that when I started a business with your dad and treated you as self, now I feel that you are becoming more and more strange.

Obscure, feeling abnormal, Weiwei was mad at returning to Japan, Shi Meng said that she was her girlfriend in dialect, and she was a very good woman. Uncle Gu scolded that the child had grown up with his own ideas, and then turned and left. . Dialect went downstairs and saw Shiyi came back, and found Shiyi had a goose that was exactly the same as Shimeng.

Shiyi said that his father gave them one for each of them, and Shiyi continued to tell the story of the two brothers. That elder brother was him. It was he who lost Shi Meng. When he knew that he was adopted, all his pride, self-confidence, and even a sense of security were ruined. Shi Yi took Shi Meng to a place to play a game, and then quietly ran away by himself, but dropped it. I regretted it for a moment, but I didn’t find Shi Meng when I went back.

The dialect says that you have thought about telling Shimeng about this, but Shiyi doesn’t know how to speak. The dialect took Shi Meng to a place. Shi Meng saw that this was the place where he was kidnapped when he was a child. He remembered that the little girl kidnapped when he was a child didn’t know what happened. The dialect said that there was a little boy when he was sleepwalking, and he held hands. , The dialect sent a text message to Shiyi and asked him to come over.

Shimeng had something to say to him. Shimeng took the dialect to the place where he was dropped. When he turned his head and looked for his brother everywhere, the two of them walked slowly around here again. Shiyi still had no way to face it, so he never came. Shi Meng continued to tell the story of the little girl. This is where she was kidnapped.

A clothes rack suddenly awakened the dialect and remembered the original scene. He went up the stairs and heard The child’s voice followed the sound and saw the tied boy, Ji was also kidnapped. The little boy tried to untie the rope, and then took the little girl to escape. He said in dialect that he remembered, and fell when he ran. The boy turned around and pulled her, and then let her hide in the corner. , Go and call someone to save her.

The two went back together and told Dr. Cui that this was the cause of the dialect’s illness, but Shi Meng went back and did not find the girl, and the dialect couldn’t remember what happened later. Dr. Cui said it was psychogenic somnambulism. It should be just fine to face the fear of somnambulism. Dialect and Shimeng were shopping, and suddenly the dialect remembered that someone was calling Xiaoliu at that time.

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