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Marry Me 三嫁惹君心 Episode 28 Recap

Long Yue drove away Yun Qingxian and Mu’er hugging each other tightly. This time they got the marriage gift from the emperor, and no one can separate them in the future. Yun Qingxian watched Mu’er and Long Yue go to each other in the dark, and made up his mind to let others not get what he could not get. Long Yue prepared to marry Mu’er in the graceful and graceful way. Mu’er knew he wanted to make up for himself, so he agreed.

On the wedding night, Long Yue gave Mu’er two gifts, a string made of silk, but a collection of music scores by Shiboyin. Mu’er was moved by seeing Long Yue so hard. At this time, after spending a good time, the two became a real husband and wife. After a while, Long Yue and Mu’er Qinse and Ming, the two of them lived a newly married life.

On this day, Mu’er was about to play the piano, and she didn’t want Ya Lili who had been driving her to appear suddenly. She accused Mu’er of deceiving herself, saying that the teacher was still alive, but Mu’er just didn’t tell her, and tried every means to get her away. Muer was very puzzled when she heard this, but she watched Shi Boyin beheaded with her own eyes. Ya Lili vowed that Shi Boyin was not dead, saying that she had seen him. Muer took Ya Lili to Jiang Hua Bai, hoping that Hua Bai could convince Ya Li Li. Ya Lili suddenly mentioned Ji Yan during her argument, saying that she was Shi Boyin’s favorite person and also the former princess of Xi Min.

Mu’er went into the palace to ask Ji Yan about her true relationship with Uncle Yin, but Ji Yan said that she was just lingering, she said nothing about the past. Hua Baixian asked Ya Lili why he only said it now. Ya Lili said that she didn’t want to admit that she lost to Ji Yan, because Shi Boyin only winked her eyes from beginning to end. After Mu’er left, Ji Yan felt anguish. She just wanted to let her child live safely. She was sorry for the teacher, but she couldn’t tell.

When Long Yue learned that Mu’er and Ya Lili secretly met, he was very worried, and asked Long Teng for the news immediately. Long Teng said that as long as he encountered Mu’er, he would be in chaos. Long Yue did not deny it, and asked him if he could remain calm if he encountered Shu Ruochen. After thinking about it, Long Yue felt that it was not safe to stay in Beijing, so he decided to take Mu’er to West Fujian by purchasing goods. Mu’er was very surprised when he heard the news, and let Long Yue give himself a few days to deal with the affairs in the palace. Long Yue was afraid that Mu’er would be suspicious and had to agree. In order to marry Feng Wu as soon as possible, Long Fei had to ask Xiaobao for help, and Xiaobao had no choice but to agree to him.

Concubine Shu Gui adopted a child as the prince and asked Nantong, who was a high-ranking official in the middle of Beijing, to enter the palace to participate in the selection of accompanying students, and Xiao Bao was naturally among them. Feng Wu became nervous after hearing the news, and blamed Long Fei for not calling the shots without authorization. Long Fei also felt wronged. He didn’t do this to marry the phoenix dance into the door. Ji Yan changed clothes for the children who participated in the selection. After seeing the birthmark on Long Bao’s body, she recognized him as her own child, especially when she heard that his mother was Fengwu. At this time, Concubine Shu Gui came to check and liked Xiao Bao’s cleverness very much, which made Ji Yan even more nervous.

Ji Yan went out of the palace and came to Long’s house in the name of a queen dowager. She asked why Feng Wu brought Xiaobao here and asked them to leave as soon as possible. Feng Wu said that she was entrusted by her teacher to take care of Xiaobao and moved into the Long’s house under his arrangement. Now it is even more suspicious to return to the Ximin National Assembly as her. Besides, Xiaobao also wants a family. Together, I don’t want the country without a father.

Hua Yibai took Mu’er into the palace to test the rhythm of the companion reading together. He finally understood what he wanted. When the dust settled, he took Ya Lili to a place no one knew. Live quietly. Feng Wu asked Mu’er to find a way to eliminate Xiaobao. After receiving Mu’er’s suggestion, Xiaobao deliberately made trouble, and it turned out that Hua Yibai couldn’t listen.

Long Teng went to the temple to pick Shu Ruochen home. Shu Ruochen said that this time he must clarify the affairs of the two of them. Long Teng said that if Shu Bo disagrees, let Shu Ruochen live in Long’s house, there will be her home. Long Teng and Shu Ruochen appeared in front of Shu Bo hand in hand, not wanting Shu Bo to have no objection at all, saying that he could prove his innocence by Long Teng, and he wanted to remember the kindness of the Long Family.

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