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Love in Time 约定期间爱上你 Episode 12 Recap

Su Jianan didn’t want to be added by someone’s halo, let alone be an accessory of Lu Boyan. This is hard to understand for Lu Boyan. Wouldn’t it be better to be a husband to help his wife finish writing a novel? It was Shen Yuechuan who awakened the dreamer with a single word. If Su Jianan’s wishes were all fulfilled by Lu Boyan, then Su Jianan would have no sense of accomplishment and no place to reflect his own value.

Feeling upset, Su Jianan went to the bookstore to pick books for inspiration, and put a pair of strange hands on the same book at the same time. After a few conversations, Su Jianan was comforted a lot. This gentleman received the news and left when he had something to do.

Mr. Kang, who was called Mr. Kang in his voice, sat opposite Director Guo, studying the script together. After reading and watching, I found that the emotional processing of this drama is not delicate enough and needs to be revised. You can contact the author of Tao Ran Literature Club to polish it. In addition, the actors have to be finalized quickly.

Mr. Kang found Han Ruoxi’s assistant and sincerely invited Han Ruoxi to sign. After all, the penalty for terminating the contract with Lu was not paid off, and the assistant repeatedly asked Han Ruoxi to go to the interview. As a result, things turned around. With generous rewards, good projects, and a grand signing ceremony, Han Ruoxi and Ruijin Group Kang Ruicheng had a happy cooperation.

Su Jianan, who was caught in the creative circle, decided to stop for a while. She couldn’t keep writing about her and Lu Boyan, so after explaining to President Du, President Du immediately felt heartbroken. How many readers are paying attention to the literature network because of this novel, Su Jianan The popularity of the literary website is worrying.

Chen Xuanxuan came in at this time to inform President Du that no one was doing the work of adapting the film and television script. Of course no one wanted to be thankful, but Su Jianan just needed to adjust herself, so she promptly asked to take the post.

Lu Boyan watched the commentary on the marriage relationship between husband and wife at home, and on TV said that he should understand and give each other space. Su Jianan said that she was going to work in another place for two months. It takes only two months to understand each other after studying. It’s normal for Su Jianan to go out and temper himself. So no! Two months were too long, and Lu Boyan couldn’t bear it.

Luo Xiaoxi has a new play interview, and Jiang Shaokai will accompany her as agreed. This audition is a coquettish woman, she is not shy in front of the camera, she is very relaxed, but as soon as the audition is over, she always pulls the collar tightly.

The director looked at her evaluation that she was in good condition. The dressing room was changed into regular clothes, and the director suddenly appeared again, holding Luo Xiaoxi’s hand to teach her to release her nature. This naked harassment, Luo Xiao Xi gave a warning, but the director did not change her mind. The second time, she directly raised her knee and hit the door.

After hearing the sound, Jiang Shaokai saw Luo Xiaoxi beating at a glance, and hurriedly stepped forward to stop him, but understood that the reason was because the director wanted to sexually harass Luo Xiaoxi. The restraining hand immediately changed, put it down, and went back, even kicking, and the hitting director complained repeatedly. After being discovered by the staff, the two fled in a hurry, Luo Xiaoxi gratefully kissed Jiang Shaokai, and once again agreed to the next trial.

Lu Boyan and Su Jianan finally reached an agreement on’going out for two months to work’. Su Jianan can go out to work as long as he completes the things on the couple list. As an equivalent exchange, Lu Boyan will also accompany Su Jianan in cute and childish couple outfits. The two of them rode tandem bicycles together on the beach, walked slowly and talked, and Lu Boyan told Su Jianan that he had always been his most loyal audience.

When Director Guo came to Tao Ran Literature Club, Jiang Shaokai asked him about the casting of the latest new play and strongly recommended Luo Xiaoxi. On the day of the audition, Luo Xiaoxi looked dull and suddenly cheered that she had chosen it, frightening Jiang Shaokai.

Su Jianan announced in the group of “Auto Alliance” that it will stop for a longer period of time. “Auto Stars” and many readers have expressed that they will wait patiently. Then Luo Xiaoxi called, and the two sisters discovered that they would work in the same crew in the future. The night before leaving, Lu Boyan prepared a lot for Su Jianan. The next day Su Jianan went out but did not see Lu Boyan. When he went out to see, what was Lu Boyan doing?

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