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Airbenders 乘风少年 Episode 14 Recap

After forming the group, they need to learn a lot. The name of the group is still being selected. The teacher asked everyone if they want to be the leader of the group, they can make a statement by themselves. Only Gu Yang and Lin Chen stood up, and Lin Chen said that they must be strong. Strength, but Gu Yang said that he wanted to lead everyone further, and the captain candidates were the two of them. After the candidates came out, the two were in a state of competition.

Zhao Zhengnan said he would choose whoever helped him wash his clothes. Lu Xinghao would vote for whoever bought the hamburger. Liang Chenxuan would choose whoever had a good composer. After a round of composing and broadcasting, Everyone still didn’t dare to make a choice, until the teacher came to teach everyone the orchestration, they stopped making trouble…

At night Liang Chenxuan learned to rap, and when he wanted to give up, he received support from his family. Teacher Han asked him why he chose to rap. Liang Chenxuan said in the group There should be people who sing rap. Teacher Han taught them to do what suits them naturally instead of deliberately doing what is not suitable for them. Everyone started to get busy, and the missing parts were slowly made up, just like Lu Xinghao’s lack of music theory. After the meeting, Teacher Jiang saw that Teacher Han had been coughing, and passed the medicine to Teacher Han, hoping that he would have a good rest…

The uninvited guest came, and Mr. Guan, who was dissatisfied with his son being eliminated, came. Checked a few of their group members. If the others were quite satisfied, Mr. Guan was not satisfied. Mr. Han promised that they would be transformed in two months, Mr. Guan. Unable to refute, he had to leave. In terms of funding, he would definitely embarrass President Wang and the members for Guan Xi.

Long Yize’s birthday invited Gu Yang to a party. At the party, Gu Yang looked at others playing games he didn’t like, and he looked strange, but in order to appear gregarious, he forced himself to learn games he didn’t like. President Guan comforted Guan Xi, saying that if Teacher Han refused to let go, why bother with Weilai, and Guan Xi is a arrogant person, how could he bear this tone.

Guan Xi saw the photos of the circle of friends and was surprised to find that Gu Yang was also there. Guan Xi secretly went to the meeting place. After cutting the cake, everyone played the game. Gu Yang was the loser and was punished. Guan Xi secretly took pictures. After all of this was uploaded to the Internet…

After receiving the notice, Mr. Wang immediately called Ran Xing’s person, and the two decided to suppress the hot search and watch the changes. Mr. Wang was very angry and called everyone to a meeting. Mr. Wang accused Gu Yang of being in trouble. His actions brought great losses to the company. He worked hard to push them in front of the board of directors. When something like this could not be explained to the board of directors, Mr. Wang directly expelled Gu Yang.

Gu Yang packed up his luggage and planned to leave. Zhao Zhengnan and Lu Xinghao came to persuade him. Gu Yang realized that this was his own mistake, so he left in the rain. Lin Chen chased it out, looking at the back of Gu Yang leaving…

Zhao Zhengnan found the wrong place in the video. It was deliberately framed. There is no sound in the video. If there is sound, you know that this is just a game. This person must be aimed at Gu Yang. Gu Yang opened a room alone, crying. Zhao Zhengnan and Lu Xinghao approached Teacher Han, hoping that he could help Gu Yang. Teacher Han thought it was not that simple, and asked them to contact them first. Gu Yang found Long Yize and asked him to make a statement together. Long Yize said that he could not do anything. All the accounts were in the hands of the company.

He didn’t know the password to help him. The company planned to draw a clear line with Gu Yang in this way, but Teacher Han refused, determined to coexist and die with the League. Guan Xi brought the so-called “snack” to Mr. Wang. Mr. Wang understood instantly. Mr. Wang did not let him go to encourage him to do it next year. Guan Xi mentioned the eliminated Gu Yang, and Mr. Wang directly rejected Guan Xi.

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