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The Lost Tomb Reboot S2 重启之极海听雷第二季 Episode 27 Recap

In recent years, Erjing used Wu Erbai’s business to deposit a lot of goods into the dead zone. Each goods has a different number. Now his subordinates search separately according to the number, wait for the goods to be retrieved, and then bring the equipment and divide them into two. A group of teams, a group of organizations pretending to be a traitor, a group of groups led by Erjing into the Ganyin warehouse to meet Wu Xie and others.

On the surface, Erjing was attacked by an insider, but in fact he wanted Zhang Qiling to help him out, and then led him to the encirclement. He was given an expansion agent, which directly ignited the tunnel and collapsed. However, Zhang Qiling successfully escaped the chase, and even whispered to Wu Xie to report safety.

The footsteps of another group of people gradually approached. In order to surround them, Erjing noticed that the bronze reed disappeared, and hurriedly gestured to let his men retreat first. Liu Cang heard that there was a problem with Erjing’s heartbeat, and doubted it. He originally planned to inform Wu Xie, but unexpectedly Erjing pulled Wu Xie aside to talk.

Wu Xie revealed to Erjing the clues of the previous investigation and the importance of the bronze reeds. It was preliminarily inferred that those killers had been hidden in the team, with the goal of retrieving the reeds and making a profit. Second Jing was shocked by Wu Xie’s keen mind and was able to completely guess the plan, especially when he learned that he had hidden the reed privately, so he could only tell his men to stand still.

After the conversation, Wu Xie deliberately asked Liu Sang to take a group of people to get the bronze reeds in order to delay the conversation. General Liu Sang led to the corner to open the door and confessed the other party’s conspiracy. Seeing that Liu Sang didn’t know what was good or bad, several of his men punched and kicked him, while Liu Sang tried to slow down, exposing the bronze toxin on his neck, and then expressed his willingness to hand in half of the bronze reeds first. Bring the remaining reeds.

Several people believed it to be true, and honestly followed Liu Sang, when Fatty Wang and Bai Haotian were coming here. Liu Sang keenly heard the voice, and surrendered to Er Jing’s men, willing to find another hidden team of Wu Xie for them. At first, the leader hesitated, but seeing the flashlight fluttering in the distance, before he could react, Liu Meng avoided the crossbow spear and sent a whisper message by archery, sending out a message for help.

The subordinates found that Liu Sang was telling the news, and suddenly became furious, and directly stunned him to the ground. After Wang Fatzi and Bai Haotian received the news, they divided the work and cooperated and successfully rescued Liu Sang. Due to the fact that the number of the 2nd Beijing team is hidden behind the scenes and the number is too large, Liu Sang does not agree to use a private message to contact him. At present, he can only find Wu Xie as soon as possible. The true mark returns the same way.

When Er Jing learned that Liu was missing, he was worried that there were other people nearby hiding in the dark, so he told his subordinates to make a mark and keep an eye on Wu Xie at any time to avoid unexpected accidents. Wu Xie went all the way and found a coffin placed in the middle of the tunnel, which was full of bronze fragments and smelled a strong smell of marsh.

Unexpectedly, as soon as everyone left their front feet, the biogas exploded in an instant. Seeing the heat wave, Er Jing immediately protected Wu Xie from lying down, but his hands were scratched and infected by bronze fragments. As the toxins gradually spread on the back of his hand, Er Jing ordered his subordinates to cut off the entire right hand. Wu Xie stood by and witnessed the whole process. He hesitated, even a little puzzled.

Fatty Wang complacently made a careful plan, nothing more than putting different things along the roadside of Erjing and others. Each item has a number suggestion. I believe Wu Xie will be able to understand the meaning. As long as Er Jing was aware of it, Fatty Wang asked Bai Haotian and Liu Meng to make a frontal assault to attract the main force, and he took Wu Xie away from the side.

As expected by Fatty Wang, Er Jing had doubts about this. He used bitter tricks to remove Wu Xie’s suspicion, and by the way ordered his subordinates to destroy the items along the way first. Flakes falling.

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