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The Lost Tomb Reboot S2 重启之极海听雷第二季 Episode 26 Recap

Zhang Qiling had a premonition and decided to find Jiang Yuan as soon as possible. He and Wu Xie took the lead in the front, and had not noticed that Liu Sang behind him was abnormal. Liu Sang can hear all the passages, but some passages are filled with goods, so the sound is also intermittent. There is no way to draw a complete passage diagram, and he can only lead the way. Wu Xie mistakenly believed that Liu Sang was due to limited knowledge and planned to find a relationship for him to make up for university in the future.

Fatty Wang took Hodolph and Jin Wantang to the eleven warehouse, and the group reunited and sat in the canteen with drinks and joy. Since steam therapy treats the symptoms but not the root cause, and the results of chemotherapy have not yet come out, Hodolf wants to develop an antidote, he has to trace the original production method, analytical materials and drug properties, so he asked Bai Haotian to arrange the laboratory in advance.

Second Beijing prepared to implement the plan, and before leaving, Wu Erbai sent Wu Erbai to Wu Shanju to recuperate and was temporarily taken care of by Wang Meng. However, Wang Meng waited in a hurry and confessed the truth to Wu Erbai after Erjing left, telling Wu Xie where he was really going. Wu Erbai had known about this for a long time, and was not shocked. Wang Meng guessed from his facial expression that Wu Erbai had something to say to him, so he blinked an eye to question.

Wang Meng consulted about the identity of the spy. He said everyone’s name, but Wu Erbai didn’t react at all. It wasn’t until Wang Meng mentioned Erjing casually that Wu Erbai looked solemn and kept blinking. Wu Erbai wanted Wang Meng to stab himself with a fruit knife, but Wang Meng’s character was straightforward and innocent. He could not understand Wu Erbai’s true meaning at all, and he refused to start.

Coincidentally, at this time, the second Beijing turned around and returned. Wang Meng did not understand the disguise, and questioned the second Beijing on the spot, but the other party tore off the disguise mask, revealing his true identity. Wang Meng fled and ran all the way, finally evading the chase of Er Jing’s subordinates, so he tried to get in touch with Bai Haotian as soon as possible to inform him.

The warehouse staff who had previously received steam therapy successively died of poisoning. After inspecting the corpse, Hodolf guessed that the ore contained traces of toxins, which made people appear to be healed, but in fact they aggravated the symptoms of poisoning. Hearing this, Director Tong became furious and was asking Fatty Wang and others for an explanation. How could he expect that Er Jing brought a large number of people to the eleven warehouse.

Now that Erjing no longer pretends and reveals his true colors, he publicly announced that Wu Xie was killed. Someone pretended to be Wu Xie and mixed into the Wu family, even injured Wu Erbai, destroyed the handicap, and pointed the finger at Fatty Wang and Zhang Qiling. It means that they are spies, and I want Supervisor Tong to make it easy for him to take Fatty Wang away.

Bai Haotian had an idea, and insisted on refusing to release people on the grounds that Fatty Wang was responsible for the death of the warehouse clerk. In addition, the director Tong was angry, causing the second capital to make a mistake. Seeing the shrewd and capable young girl in front of him, Er Jing was quite surprised. He saw a trick, temporarily let go of Fatty Wang, and then asked to enter the dead zone to capture Zhang Qiling and others back.

In the dead zone, Liu Sang repeatedly modified and finally drew a complete channel map. The three people cooperated tacitly and fought back and forth, finally trapping Jiang Yuan and facing him directly. Jiang Yuan refused to explain to the master behind the scenes, because the man promised to take him into the Nanhai Wanggong Temple and share the treasure, so he did not want to follow Wu Xie to leave the dead zone.

Originally, Wu Xie tried to arbitrarily talk, but he didn’t guess that they had a contact mark. Jiang Yuanming was stubborn and ran away again. Liu Sang chased him. The two scuffled together. Zhang Qiling saw him secretly taking out a dagger and hurried to help Liu Sang. The accident caused the death of the other party.

Liu Sang saw a strange tattoo on Jiang Yuan’s arm, which seemed to be some kind of mark. Wu Xie believed that the organization mentioned by Jiang Yuan had a deep obsession with treasures and should have been in business for a long time. Interrupted. Bai Haotian received the news from Wang Meng and sat down to confirm his identity as a spy in the second capital, and then went to find Fatty Wang. The two sneaked out of the infirmary during the night, planning to find Wu Xie before the lower area of ​​the second capital.

At the same time, the Second Beijing team came to the top of the dead zone. They have been preparing for more than 20 years, for today’s success or failure, not only to occupy the Wu family, destroy Wu Xie and others, but also to restore the thunder-listening device with the Nanhai King artifact , Open the palace organs and regain the treasure.

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