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The Lost Tomb Reboot S2 重启之极海听雷第二季 Episode 25 Recap

Since Wang Meng changed his face to Wu Xie, his temperament has become increasingly arrogant, which can be described as deceiving others. Second Beijing heard that Wu Xie hadn’t acted yet, and he stayed in Wushan Curie every day, and he was even more unpredictable.

On the way to find the antidote, the occupants of the eleventh warehouse were frequently poisoned. Wu Xie took everyone to find the Ganyin warehouse and opened the door of the Ganyin warehouse. The internal structure was the same, except that many bronze coffins were placed. Appeared at the bottom of Ganyang Cang.

Everyone walked through the dark corridor. The two walls were covered with various pendulum clocks. They followed the map to find the location. At the end was a laboratory full of strange smells. The so-called place of rebirth was actually the place where the antidote was developed. The laboratory is slightly outdated and has a lot of things. Various experimental instruments and bottles are placed neatly and orderly. Right above it is a huge transparent medicine tank equipment.

Fatty Wang discovered on the messy information table about the method to eliminate the bronze toxin. It turns out that the poisoned person only needs to soak in the medicine tank for 49 days to be unharmed, which can be regarded as a home remedy to cure a serious illness. There are still many poison-making drugs at the scene, and Bai Haotian found a pile of ore behind the medicine tank. The ore smells pungent and unpleasant, but it has miraculous effects. This shows that Jiang Yuan has been studying antidote and poison at the same time over the years, secretly thinking about unknown plans. .

While everyone was in a mystery, they suddenly heard footsteps coming from outside the door, so they hurriedly hid beside and witnessed a man with a gas mask dragging Liu Sang to the device. After some manipulation, he threw Liu Sang into the potion. Inside the box, Liu Sang was unconscious and the toxin had reached his face.

Wu Xie and the others were shocked and rushed to smash the medicine tank to rescue Liu Meng. However, the man seemed to be prepared. He immediately threw gasoline and lit it. The flame spread to the entire laboratory. Everyone quickly fled. After Wu Xie was broken, he was crushed by the biogas tank on his leg, unable to move, he watched. The man hid in the secret door and left. In an emergency, Zhang Qiling appeared in time to take Wu Xie away. The biogas exploded when heated, and no one was injured.

Due to the destruction of the laboratory, there was no way to get the medicine water on site. Wu Xie remembered the earthwork described in the materials, and could only use dead horses as a living horse doctor, using mineral steaming therapy for Liu Sang to get rid of poison. After a brief twitching reaction, the pigmentation on Liu Sang’s skin gradually dissipated, and then he woke up and returned to his normal state.

The current method is more useful. Although the specific principle has not been clarified, the other poisoned persons in the 11th warehouse have successfully eliminated the toxin. Director Tong was overjoyed and immediately went to report to his superiors. After detailed discussions, Wu Xie and others were specifically retained to stay for a while until all the staff were cured.

The old warehouse member Ma Shu took advantage of the rest and revealed a bizarre rumor about the dead zone. He said that the ground collapsed unexpectedly when the warehouse was built that year, and the ancient palace temple was exposed under the cavity. It came from a country in the heyday of bronze, which is Nanhai Luoyun Kingdom, and this palace temple is the altar of Nanhai Luoyun Kingdom. Uncle Ma guessed that someone from the outside world who wanted to explore the things in the dead zone must be targeted at this palace temple, because it is said that the palace temple contains the treasures of the Nanhai King, as for other information.

Wu Xie believes that if the legend is reliable, the man Wu Sansheng rescued before came to the Nanhai Wanggong Temple. Since Xiangyang carried the box and entered Wushanju, the spy’s conspiracy had reached the white-hot stage. He knew that Wu Xie had found bronze. The composition of the toxins also expected that Wu Xie would not let his friend be poisoned and die, so he would not save him, so he played the game and put Jiang Yuan in the game to achieve his final wish. This wish is related to Tinglei. ; It is related to the dead zone; even with the Nanhai Wanggong Temple below the dead zone.

To draw the snake out of the cave, you must go deep into the snake cave. Fatty Wang and others stayed there to help detoxify, while Wu Xie led Zhang Qiling and Liu Sang to explore the dead zone and search for the source of the river. The three people found many glass bottles in the laboratory. The note inside pointed to Jiang Yuan and the spies outside in this way.

At the same time, Erjing went to Wushanju to see through Wangmeng’s disguise, but he didn’t show it, instead, he tried his tricks, intending to expose the “fake Wuxie” in front of everyone in the end, and lied that the “true Wuxie” was dead. , Can not only blame Wu Xie’s spy identity on Wu Xie’s friend, but also get rid of this group of people, making Wu family grateful.

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