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The Lost Tomb Reboot S2 重启之极海听雷第二季 Episode 24 Recap

Fatty Wang watched the red-topped narcissus all night in front of the computer. During this period, there was nothing unusual. On the contrary, other people salvaged the glass bottle from the Ganyang Cangshui. The bottom of the bottle carried the article number of the bronze coffin, and it contained Liu Sang watch and a piece of it. The note, which reads “There is a place of rebirth underwater, which can solve the curse of bronze”.

Wu Xie prevented Fatty Wang from entering the water to prevent the trap, and then returned to the room, and found that the red-topped narcissus had disappeared. At the same time, the red-topped narcissus came to the cafeteria, stood in front of everyone very strangely, unbuttoning the buttons while talking. After the clothes were opened, there was a row of explosives tied to his waist and bronze toxins all over his body.

When everyone saw this, Wu Xie rushed to stop him. However, the red-topped Narcissus still refused to listen to the advice and insisted on taking out the remote control. The smiley face instantly cried in mourning, and then he bowed deeply and apologized and pressed the button. As the explosion sounded and the heat wave hit, many people were scratched and infected by the bronze fragments. Fatty Wang immediately rushed to Wu Xie and stood in front of him.

Afterwards, Wu Xie was unharmed and woke up in the infirmary. Although Fatty Wang had only minor skin injuries and concussions, there was no life-threatening life, but seeing him lying on the hospital bed, Wu Xie felt uncomfortable, thinking of Hodolf and Jin Wantang, as well as the missing Liu Sang, so he planned to as soon as possible Leaving the infirmary, find a way to enter the dead zone to investigate clues and find the antidote.

That night, Wu Xie sat beside the bed, both distressed Wang Fatty’s injury, and blamed him for being too impulsive for disregarding his own safety. However, Fatty Wang didn’t care about this. Although he was a trader, he emphasized love and justice. He also hopes that the Audio-Technica will be intact in the end. When everything is resolved, the golden basin will wash his hands and guard Wu Shanju to live leisurely. Wu Xiejiang intends to tell the fat man that he decides to store them in the dead zone as goods and find the truth at the source.

Restart the Tiantuan and prepare to be sent out, and entered the dead zone after signing the agreement. The mysterious person spread poisonous gas in the dead zone ahead of time. Everyone was forced to wear a gas mask and slide down the climbing rope. As a result, there was an accident. Everyone stumbled and fell, but there was no major problem. After regrouping, they realized that Bai Haotian was not around.

At this time, Bai Haotian gradually woke up, holding a flashlight and groping forward. During the period, he was attacked by a hair monster. Fortunately, Wu Xie arrived in time. Because the hair was terrified of fire, Wu Xie used a lighter to force him back. However, the scope was limited, so he could only drag Bai Haotian to rush all the way to meet everyone. Seeing the increasing number of hair monsters, Fatty Wang and the others hurriedly raised torches to resist, and eventually burned the hair monsters completely.

Wu Xie found a well-designed hair jar where he must pass, so he concluded that the murderer had appeared and was in the dead zone. Everyone was vigilant and followed Bai Haotian to find Wang Junyi, but Wang Junyi didn’t know where he was going, and even took away everything.

Many hip flasks and cans appeared around. Based on the food residue inside, Wu Xie inferred that someone was eating here recently. Following the traces, he and Bai Haotian saw an iron door, but the iron door mechanism could not be cracked, and could not be opened at all, and beside the door was a pile of daily necessities.

Just when Wu Xie was about to use her cell phone to find the signal source, she suddenly heard the sound of a text message, and the two of them took a flashlight to take a photo. A cell phone happened to be placed not far away. At the same time, hallucinations appeared in the vest and poisonous hair, drawing a dark shadow from memory, which was exactly the same as the red-topped narcissus. Wu Xie quickly checked Fatty Wang’s body, but fortunately, his friend was not poisoned.

Fatty Wang fully charged the mobile phone that appeared out of thin air. Inside was a video that had already been shot. Wang Junyi appeared in the video and seemed a little groggy. The man who filmed the video was called Luo Xin. He and several others were in charge of looking for Buddha’s goods. Until one day, they heard a strange sound coming from the bottom of the water. Hearing hallucinations in the later stage, describing the symptoms are the same.

Luo Xin said that they worked so hard to search for the source of the bronze pieces, and they encountered a person deep in the dead zone. This person was named Jiang Yuan, who died in the Hanyancang blind run in 1942. According to Jiang Yuan’s description, he had suffered from the same symptoms after being poisoned, but he found an antidote from the warehouse called “Rebirth Land” and returned to normal without any sequelae.

If what Luo Xin said is true, then the file records of that year are wrong, and a group of people who have touched the bronze goods are still alive. But Wu Xie suddenly opened his mouth, and immediately took out his mobile phone to play the calling sound from the bottom of the water, and then compared the audio with Jiang Yuan’s voice. Sure enough, Jiang Yuan was the real murderer, whether it was to seduce everyone into the water under the water or release it on purpose. The bronze coffin all means that Wang Junyi is currently in a very dangerous situation.

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