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Poisoned Love 恋爱吧,食梦君 Episode 20 Recap

When a hurry to hold dialect came when BangladeshThe office, I told Shi Meng that you treated her, but Shi Meng was surprised that I treated her? Isn’t it all you need to kiss her? Shiyi said you hold her first, and then explain to you later. Shiyi said that she only woke up after falling asleep for a while, and then showed him a video of the dialect falling in Shimeng’s arms.

After waking up, she thought she was holding Shiyi, but she could actually give the dialect. It was not Shi Yi but Shi Meng who treated the illness. Shi Yi said that I lied to you. The hypnotism I used in the restaurant that day was the hypnotist I used in the restaurant. Shi Meng happily said that was the case. Shi Yi turned around and left after speaking. Shi Meng was smiling happily holding her in her dialect, and Gu Wei came up and saw Shi Meng happily turning in her dialect, and left angrily.

Zuo Yao was cutting the food, and the door rang. It was Gu Wei. Gu Wei came to tell the old story. Zuo Yao said something straightforward. Gu Wei’s purpose is to tell the dialect to stay away from Shi Meng. Zuo Yao said me. If you don’t care about that much, Gu Wei can’t guarantee her safety. Hao Yingjun came in and asked why are you all here? Gu Wei looked at the pictures on the wall and asked if your son is so old, is this boy Hao Yingjun’s?

Zuo Yao said that it was not Hao Yingjun that you were with Hao Yingjun. Gu Wei was surprised. Zuo Yao said that she saw Gu Wei in the hotel on the graduation ceremony day, and then Gu Wei said that she sent Hao Yingjun back to the hotel that day. I took off my clothes and cleaned it. Gu Wei said that all I like are Shi Meng, and Hao Yingjun is the only thing you can see. I can’t talk about it. Hao Yingjun said it’s because of this? You said goodbye. Zuo Yao said that I had no one else.

Hao Yingjun asked who was the father on the left and right? Suddenly left and right opened the door and walked in, saying that you should stop arguing. I was adopted. Zuo Yao said how do you know that I was really not biological? Then I went on to say that no matter whether you are related to me or not, you are my whole life mother, and walked into the room sensibly from side to side.

Shiyi was about to go home, and the dialect said she was planning to invite Shiyi for dinner, and Shiyi asked Shimeng why you didn’t tell her, I lied to you. Shi Meng said it was your and her business, not me. Dialect received a call saying that left and right ran away from home and no one was found everywhere. The left and right knew that they had been adopted and left a piece of paper. The left and right liked to eat fried chicken the most.

Everyone searched for fried chicken shops around, and everyone looked for them separately. Back to Zuo Yao’s house, looking at the note written on the note, there was a sound of the door, when I opened the door and asked if you were there, when I guessed that I was in the dialect room, I sat in the dialect room and said I knew you were in the dialect. Sister’s room. I ran away from home when I was ten years old. I left a letter like you.

After I really left the house, I was scared. I hid under Shi Meng’s bed. The few hours under the bed were the most in my childhood. Good memories, seeing everyone being anxious for me, knowing that they can’t Instead, after listening to the left and right, crawled out from under the bed and asked why did you run away from home? After everyone came back, they counted down one by one. They said sorry, Shiyi was going to leave first, and left and right wanted to chat with Shiyi alone.

Zuo Yao told Hao Yingjun, do you know why I adopted it? After breaking up with you that year, I met the abandoned right and right in the hospital. Since I have the right and left, I have the motivation to live. Hao Yingjun said I’m sorry, I just explained it to you at that time, and the two got back together. . I asked Shiyi why our parents abandoned us. Shiyi said that the most important thing is that we met our current mother. Ask around, how do you know you were adopted?

Shi Yi said that he had retrieved his adoption certificate and had done an irreparable mistake. Shi Meng and Dialect happened to hear their conversation. Shi Meng thought to himself that it was because of adoption that he left me behind? The dialect explained that Tian wanted to accompany the family for dinner. In the morning, Shiyi was about to move back and live and told the truth to the dialect.

I liked her. The dialect said it’s okay, but I want the two brothers to talk together. I said there was an important thing. I took out an egg and said it was a birthday surprise for my sister in dialect. This is my bird’s egg, but my bird has depression and can’t incubate the egg, so I need two people’s body temperature of 24 to hatch the egg.

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