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Poisoned Love 恋爱吧,食梦君 Episode 18 Recap

Dialect slowly come out, Lin Wei came to ask such a big thing on the official declaration, if the official really is when you declare a girlfriend, and later when BangladeshThere is no chance. The dialect says I will discuss with Shiyi. Shi Meng told Shi Yi that you want the moral kidnapping dialect to stay with you, right?

Shi Yi said that since you intend to let go, you should completely let go of your feelings for her. Shi Meng said that she was emotionally free, Shi Yi said that it was your own wishful thinking. It was you who were really reluctant, and turned and left. When Shiyi asks the dialect, you are sure to make an official announcement. Shiyi said that I have one more thing, should I move to my house? We have to do enough to act.

Dialects say that we are affecting Zuo Yao and Zuo Zuo’s life, and dialects feel that this is the only way to go. Shiyi brought her dialect back to her home, and took her around and asked her to choose a room. The dialect casually pointed to a room and stayed. When Shi Meng knew that the dialect had moved to Shi’s family, the dialect suddenly saw a picture book in the trash bin in the room. The story was about his brother and his younger brother.

The brother wrote about him and left him in a small room. Only then did I know that this was Shi Meng’s room. There was a story about a little girl in the room. He told the little girl that he was Shi Mengjun. Later, he escaped and never saw the child again. Later, his father also left. The dialect remembered what Shi Meng had told her when she was a child, and then continued to turn over the painting book and found that a few pages had been torn off.

When I closed the book, I saw the word Shi Meng written on the cover. Shi Meng stood outside the house, looked at it, and suddenly saw the dialect come out to breathe, and hid in the car. In the morning, I went downstairs in dialect. Shiyi had already prepared breakfast, and Shiyi said that you are now a public figure, so be careful not to open the door to people casually.

Shiyi wears a scarf and prepares to go to work at the company. Shi Meng slept in the car downstairs all night, and hurriedly hid when he saw Shi Yi go out. When the dialect poured water, the quilt suddenly broke and made a sound. Shi Meng rushed into the room when he heard it. He was scratched when he made the glass in the dialect. Shi Meng hurriedly told her to rest and give her a bandage. Seeing the food on the table, I sat down and said to drink coffee.

Dialect went to make coffee and found that all the food on the table was finished. Suddenly the doorbell rang and the door was opened in dialect, but no one was seen. Only a courier was placed underground. The dialect took the courier in and opened it. When it was about to open, Shi Meng found that something was wrong and told her not to open it, and then took the courier away. Take the courier to the office and find a note in it that says leave him, or it will kill you.

Shi Meng asked Hao Yingjun to check the delivery and monitoring. Everyone felt that there were no official announcement fans. They thought it was better not to make official announcements. Shiyi felt that official announcements should be cultivated and the dialects should be matched to his role. Shi Meng’s phone rang, and the police found it was Nina, but Nina said that she had sent a photo of him confused for a while, but did not send a scary toy.

Dialect was thinking about Shimeng caring about his appearance, the doorbell rang again, and the dialect asked Shiyi if it was you, there was no sound, but the phone was below, and the dialect took one. The baseball bat went downstairs and found that it was Shiyi’s assistant Xiao K. He quickly apologized in dialect. Xiao K said that he was here to fetch Xiao Yang, who was recorded by Shiyi’s last time. Xiao K said that he was a fan of Shiyi when he was in college.

It’s not that I don’t want idols to fall in love. Xiao K said that there is a saying in the fan circle that idols are going to kill their heads when they fall in love. When Shi Meng checked all the information about the scandal, the signature was Kong Xiaowei, and Shi Meng found that the words on the card were exactly the same as Kong Xiaowei’s handwriting. Shi Meng hurriedly called Shi Yi and asked where Xiao K was. Shi Yi said that he had gone to the room to fetch things.

Shi Meng found that something was wrong and drove back. Xiao K stunned with a stick in the dialect, and the phone fell on the ground and could not answer. After the dialect woke up and found that he was tied to a chair, Xiao K took out a bunch of photos of Shiyi and dialect, and cursed that the whole person has changed since you first appeared.

When Shiyi learns that K is the president of the fan support team, K continues to say that he selflessly likes Shiyi, and it is the dialect that ruins everything. When Shi Meng arrived at the door and couldn’t open the key, he turned over the fence. Xiao K took out a knife. Shi Meng immediately ran in and grabbed the knife and untangled the rope. Xiao K spilled a lot of gasoline, picked up a lighter and prepared to die together. Shi Meng spoke in dialect. The person I like is not Shiyi, and I like dialects too. Xiao K thinks they are lying and presses down the lighter to ignite it.

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