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Love in Time 约定期间爱上你 Episode 11 Recap

The rhythm of the dance is bright and comfortable, and the red dress and the tuxedo alternately appear before people’s eyes. Lu Boyan’s eyes have never separated from Su Jian’an. They trust each other and have full aura. The fragrance of red wine paired with the dance of talented and talented women, and the guests present after the dance were applauded.

The appearance of a talented woman on stage, Han Ruoxi in the stage drinking boring wine alone. While Su Jianan went to the bathroom, Han Ruoxi asked Lu Boyan to ask her for a dance, knowing that Lu Boyan must have fallen on deaf ears. Han Ruoxi used the secret of a one-year marriage contract as a threat, and she won Lu Boyan’s contemptuous look.

Luo Xiaoxi’s long dress and Su Jianan’s red dress are in the same family, and they are equally beautiful and indispensable, and a man invites him to dance. Jiang Shaokai was late, but when he entered the venue, he saw Luo Xiaoxi and the stranger shaking in the middle of the dance floor. Fighting and scolding two people is like a brother dancing. It’s like Jiang Shaokai rushed out to relieve the siege because his brother was trapped. In fact, people just danced happily and didn’t need him at all.

When the brothers met for a drink, Luo Xiaoxi and Jiang Shaokai started to drink each other again. They had a strange desire to win and lose in terms of the amount of drink.

Su Jianan could not let these two drunks come to persuade them to drink. Suddenly Lu Boyan’s voice sounded at the banquet, calling her.

Lu Boyan invited him to the stage again, and said affectionately that he liked her since childhood, and believed that she would be his wife since childhood. Su Jian’an stood in front of him, and a sparkling ring in Lu Boyan’s hand was shining with happiness. It turned out that Lu Boyan had already prepared for her, and had been preparing since the day of her wedding.

In this meeting place where everyone blessed them, Han Ruoxi looked strange and redundant, and she left alone.

Lu Boyan was drunk, Luo Xiaoxi and Jiang Shaokai were also drunk, the world is drunk only Su Jianan sober. Carrying Lu Boyan back to the room, given that Lu Boyan was so drunk, she wouldn’t leave now, she might not be able to keep it in the evening. But Lu Boyan stopped her to take a bath instead of walking. Su Jianan wiped Lu Boyan’s hair, he didn’t even know himself in the mirror, he just thought the person in the mirror was really beautiful.

Of course he looks pretty. Su Jianan put on makeup and a wig. When the light was turned off and ready to go to bed, Lu Boyan suddenly hugged him nervously and vaguely told him not to leave. What did Lu Boyan experience when he was a child that made him so afraid of the darkness? Su Jianan stayed with her until dawn. So Lu Boyan shouted Su Jian’an’s name to himself in the mirror that morning.

Luo Xiaoxi and Lu Shaokai are equally drunk and don’t know what the world is. They wake up in the morning naked again, not embarrassed.

In Lu’s office, Han Ruoxi came to talk about the fond memories he cherished alone. The more she talked, the more excited she forced Lu Boyan to divorce, otherwise she would terminate the contract with Lu. Lu Boyan followed her wish and contacted Shen Yuechuan and Han Ruoxi about the termination of the contract.

Jiang Shaokai was auditioning with Luo Xiaoxi today. The director embarrassed her and asked him to perform various emotions on a durian. The whole durian was almost eaten up, and the director also considered it inappropriate for her. Luo Xiaoxi vomited faintly, Jiang Shaokai had been with her, and actively asked to come with her next audition.

In Tao Ran Literature Club, people of all sizes called her Mrs. Lu when they saw Su Jianan. In fact, everyone knew that without this aura, Su Jianan was almost unheard of. Colleagues said that behind her, and media interviews focused more on her relationship with Lu Boyan and Han Ruoxi. She used to be the underwear queen, and now she is Mrs. Lu. She always wears the halo that others have given her. She never has her own name. When will she be Su Jianan? Lu Boyan suddenly appeared next to her and asked him with concern what was wrong with Mrs. Lu.

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