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Falling Into You 因為我喜歡你 Episode 2 Recap

In the middle of the night, Zhi Sheng heard the abnormal noise from the living room, and he was vigilant to subdue the thief with a bat. Knowing that he missed a bat, he was threatened by the thief with a knife. In the fierce fight between the two, the blood stains let him. Sheng recalled the terrible experience he had witnessed when he was a child, which caused panicemia! When the world was spinning, Zitong appeared! Zhisheng was once again sought after due to misunderstandings, and became the new darling of the media and the righteous brother in the eyes of everyone.

But on the surface of the beauty of the supremacy, but in his heart Zitong may master his own weaknesses, and only care about the attitude of five-star evaluation. Uneasy and kindly Zhisheng transferred Zitong to his full post, and was transferred to the “Executive Special Assistant”, and put forward various problems to test Zitong, but he was solved one by one by Zitong, which made Zhisheng and Yuqian feel incredible…

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