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Dating in the Kitchen 我, 喜欢你 Episode 20 Recap

Meng Xinjie went to the jewelry store, and the next day he placed a large rose cluster downstairs where Xu Zhaodi was working, and he held a bunch of mutton rolls. Kneeling on one knee, holding a shiny ring, proposed to her. If there was no delicious hot pot when he was young, then he would like to eat hot pot with her for a lifetime. Everyone cheered for joy, watching for whom this romantic scene came for, until Meng Xinjie called out Xu Zhaodi’s name. This woman who seemed to be chosen by love turned and left in the envy of everyone and the lively eyes.

Meng Xinjie faced the small hot pot alone in front of him, grabbed the meat rolls in the bouquet and threw them into the pot one by one, eating angrily. What Xu Zhaodi said to him was what Xu Zhaodi said to him. How could we be together just by liking each other? She walked out of such an embarrassing environment, she was not reconciled. So after all, Meng Xinjie’s shabu-shabu hot pot was eaten and swallowed with tears.

Gu Shengnan, who was still sleeping early in the morning, received a call from Chairman Zheng Hong, inviting her to garden in the vegetable garden. Several hectares of vegetable greenhouses are filled with fresh fruits and vegetables grown by Chairman Zheng Hong for Lu Jin, but the fertile land causes weeds to grow, and they are eager to absorb the nutrients from vegetables.

How could this work? Zheng Hong said that since everyone is good for Lu Jin, it is better to ask Gu Shengnan to pull out the weeds for Lu Jin. If you only talk about it without paying, how can you take it seriously for Lu Jin. Chairman Zheng Hong always likes to use all kinds of things as metaphors, telling Gu Shengnan that from the time when it was not a confession, it is now that weeds grow.

When Gu Shengnan nodded and agreed, Chairman Zheng Hong suddenly left beforehand, leaving Gu Shengnan alone with a large area of ​​fruits and vegetables. Gu Shengnan can bow his head for Lu Jin and pull the grass. When Chairman Zheng Hong came back to check, Gu Shengnan not only did not pull out the weeds, but also pulled out a lot of vegetables. She will tell Chairman Zheng Hong with practical actions that all beings are equal and that no weeds are weeds, everyone is life.

After working hard all afternoon, Gu Shengnan got a fever when the evening breeze blew. Lu Jin perceives the temperature of Gu Shengnan’s forehead, and understands why Gu Shengnan has a fever, why he works, and what he said to Chairman Zheng Hong.

Chairman Zheng Hong said that Gu Shengnan resembled her when she was young. Was this praise her or cursing her? Lu Jin bluntly said this must be praise her. After being praised, Gu Shengnan thought that she wanted to eat canned fruit. Of course, Lu Jin did not agree to eat those things with preservatives during his illness. Gu Shengnan began to play tricks, acting like a baby and let Lu Jin surrender instantly. Isn’t it just canned fruit? He can make it for her. So there were boxes of fresh fruits on the long desk where the company was supposed to work.

After a long time, Gu Shengnan got his wish and ate canned fruit late at night, but it may be that her appetite has become tricky when she grew up. She felt that canned food was not as good as when she was a child.

In order to repay Lu Jin’s care, Gu Shengnan decided to start delivering meals for Lu Jin. The old uncle said that this would disturb Lu Jin’s work, and Gu Shengnan vowed that he would be obedient and just give food and not talk.

Downstairs of Zheng Hong’s company, Gu Shengnan was stopped by the front desk, and Lu Jin just came out. So Gu Shengnan followed the car to the next location, listening to Lu Jin and Riemann speaking fluent English on the phone. It seems that Ming Ting Group really used the trick of returning from the dead to submit a new project development letter to Wien. And Lu Jin turned out to be the last to know about this. This means that all the preparations made before may fall short.

When the car turned around and turned back to Zhenghong, Lu Jin called the team in charge of the Ming Ting project and sternly taught these insensitive white-collar workers. What Gu Shengnan saw when he was sitting behind was Lu Jin’s real domineering president. It was really charming.

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