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Dating in the Kitchen 我, 喜欢你 Episode 19 Recap

This is how my grandfather carried the pan and shovel to stir-fry the rice for 50 years to support the family and bring up Gu Shengnan. To say that hard work is certain. Grandpa has the hard work of Grandpa, and Lu Jin naturally has the hard work of Lu Jin, but Gu Shengnan is the most exhausted of them during this period. All the grievances have broken teeth and blood. Even if the days were so difficult, she still waited for his Lu Jin, and the bright days came again. Grandpa told Lu Jin sincerely, since Gu Shengnan identified him. So Grandpa hopes Lu Jin will cherish it, don’t let her down, don’t make her sad. So this time Lu Jin made his own soup, and his grandfather was full of praise.

Lu Jin took Gu Shengnan to an undeveloped shopping mall, where even the walls were unpainted cement slabs. Where is such a place worth dating? Gu Shengnan was wondering when Lu Jin took her hand and walked to a wall, which was no longer gray and white but with many graffiti painted on it. The paintings include hot pot, red wine, toast and fruits, and all kinds of rich ingredients, all painted by Lu Jin for Gu Shengnan. They graffiti and splash ink to their heart’s content, and they spread all their sweetness on this wall. Embracing and kissing tenderly for a long, long time.

Then came to the real shopping mall, Lu Jin accompanied Gu Shengnan to pick up clothes. The work phone suddenly interrupted a short period of getting along. When Lu Jin raised his eyes again, Gu Shengnan smiled in a white and flawless wedding dress and appeared close to her, just like Wiener. Goddess, Lu Jin stared blankly for two seconds, and left with work as an excuse. Gu Shengnan was left here, all in white, smiling nicely at his reaction just now.

At Xu Zhaodi’s house, Meng Xinjie served hot pot and peeled shrimp for Xu Zhaodi intimately. Xu Zhaodi wanted to eat hot pot when she was a child, but the family didn’t have money to go out. Her mother boiled cabbage in salt water to cheat her. , There is a special mandarin duck pot. Meng Xinjie felt distressed and would cook hot pot for Xu Zhaodi every day.

In the old uncle’s Quan’an studio, Gu Shengnan came to consult again because of love. It seems that he is not selling high-end clothing here, but an emotional consultation office. Gu Shengnan shook him and asked him to analyze what Lu Jin meant, and why seeing her wearing a wedding dress was like a mouse running away when he met a cat. The old uncle was saying that Lu Jin might think that Gu Shengnan was going to force the marriage. Xu Zhaodi came in desperately from the outside, with a stunned look of loss of chastity, which made his uncle Gu Shengnan forget what he was going to do.

In the villa, Lu Jin called his uncle thinking about Gu Shengnan’s wedding dress. Outside the villa, Meng Xinjie thought about Xu Zhaodi’s hot pot and called for money.

At the reception, Lu Jin talked freely as the new chairman. When he talked about the poem “to make people haggard for Iraq”, the door on the side opened. Gu Shengnan wore a blue dress, and the spotlight dazzled her. Lu Jin stretched out her hand and took it lightly. A pair of wall men stood in the center of the stage, and Lu Jin grandly introduced his fiancee.

When everyone was applauding, Chairman Zheng Hong’s face was gloomy and he asked Lu Jin to leave. So Gu Shengnan ran into Lu Zheng when he was bored, and only then knew that Lu Jin and Lu Zheng were half brothers. Lu Zheng was forced by his mother to attend the cocktail party, but he was completely out of Vanity Fair, and took Gu Shengnan to play in his four-wheel drive. In the venue, Gu Shengnan carried his skirt and chased the car all over the floor until he ran into Lu Jin.

Lu Jin just talked with Lu Mingting about the acquisition of Mingting Group. Lu Mingting swelled his face to fill up the fat man, pretending that he had choices and other retreats. Lu Jin is in the midst of strategizing, and will win a thousand miles away, and let Lu Mingting look good.

On the car home, Gu Shengnan talked about road signs, making Lu Jin very acetic. Waiting for him to make nourishing tea again was a verbal provocation, and he realized that he was too much until he knew that he was under the pressure of Lu Jin. After Vinono’s apology fled, she began to talk unruly again from a distance.

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