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3-nin no Single Mother (2020) 3人のシングルマザー

3-nin no Single Mother
Other Title: 3人のシングルマザー, 3-nin no Single Mother, すてきな人生逆転物語, Sutekina Jinsei Gyakuten Monogatari, 3 Single Mothers ~A Nice Life Reversal Story~

Genres: Drama, Family
Fuji TV
Release Date: 
Oct. 1, 2020
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  • Hasegawa Kyoko as Maehara Mayumi
  • Yamasaki Ryutaro as Maehara Kouji
  • Saito Kento as young Kouji
  • Fukumoto Riko as Maehara Seiko
  • Takamaru Emiri (高丸えみり) as young Seiko

Maehara Mayumi is a single mother raising two children while working. Mizukawa Sanae lost her husband to an illness and is raising two adolescent sons while working part-time at a convenience store. Sudo Misuzu is a single mother with a young son and is working double job as a clerk and yoga instructor. This is a story of three single mothers who face life reversal for their families.

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