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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 30 Recap

Protests succeeded, Yaxing case was shelved, ten pages of identity were exposed, good sisters created estrangement.

The media outside the Yaxing Building were holding protests. Luo Yuefang offered to go out to check the situation, and then stood firmly on the side of the protesting crowd. After Du Mingshan delivered a speech on behalf of Zexian Publishing House, Gao Tianshuo came to the stage to give a speech. Gao Tianshuo’s impassioned speech was recognized by everyone, and then everyone issued a declaration that he was not afraid of. Gao Tianshuo stated on the spot that he was a ten-page identity. After hearing this, they were very surprised, except for Du Mingshan, all the sisters were dumbfounded.

Chen Kunhu was very angry after seeing the media reports and the live broadcast. He directly picked up the phone and called Father Luo, accusing his good son of disrupting his overall layout. Father Luo said that he was on his way back. After he investigated it clearly, Will give him an explanation. Luo Yuefang was interviewed by the media.

He said that Roche was the main partner of Yaxing Group and was mainly responsible for environmental assessment and public relations matters this time. Because the EIA report was not passed, this shows that Yaxing Group’s development project is lacking. The group announced the suspension of this development activity and donated 10 million yuan to support the activities of protest groups to protect Taiwan’s precious forest resources.

Afterwards, Tian Tian was very angry. He questioned A Sam, who was the ten pages, and then asked Du Mingshan if he knew about it a long time ago, and regarded himself as a joke. The good sisters did not tell her about it early. , To make her foolish in this matter, how fans see her, Tian Tian is lost in confusion, and also drew a big question mark on the feelings between good sisters. Du Mingshan was also very uncomfortable. Gao Tianshuo didn’t tell herself that he was ten pages in time. The departure of the good sister caused her to fall into extreme conflict. Du Mingshan turned and left the event.

Chen Kunhu refused to give up like this. He asked Luo Yuefang to go to the office, gave him a head-to-head training, and ordered his subordinates to lock down the people who took the lead in support today and prevent them from going home safely. Luo Yuefang stopped these people and did Explain to Chen Kunhu, but Chen Kunhu was willing to listen to him.

At this time, Luo’s father came to rescue Luo Yuefang in time. When Chen Kunhu saw Luo’s father coming, he had to suppress his vicious face. Luo’s father carried on to the former kowtow brother. After some persuasion, Luo Yuefang also told Chen Kunhu of his thoughts. He said that all this was for the sake of Chen Kunhu’s Yaxing Group. He even prepared an apology statement, and prepared countermeasures for the stock market and said that his company would provide it. Chen Kunhu had no choice but to acquiesce in this result with a donation of 10 million for Yaxing.

After leaving Yaxing Company, Luo’s father asked Luo Yuefang if this matter had been arranged in advance. Luo Yuefang said that he had this idea at the beginning, but later the plan was changed because of a friend. He did this except to protect Taiwan. In addition to the forest resources, I don’t want to let down an important friend’s entrustment, and that person is Li Meiqi. Father Luo reminded his son that he helped him so much, how he should repay him, let Luo Yuefang think about it. Luo Yuefang returned home. The whole family was waiting for him to eat together.

Father Luo mentioned the Yaxing case again. He said that he had reminded Luo Yuefang not to provoke Chen Kunhu. He was not afraid of him, but that good steel should be used on the blade. However, Luo Mu did not agree with him, and felt that protecting Taiwan’s forest resources was also very important. As a result, the father and son had some disputes, Luo’s mother had to take out the photo of his friend’s son to introduce him to Luo Danfang to divert the topic.

Tian Tian is very annoyed about A Sam’s deception. She doesn’t care if A Sam is ten pages or not. What she cares is whether he deceived herself. At the same time, she is very concerned about the fact that A Sam did not tell herself the matter in time. I was angry and still couldn’t calm down for a long time after returning home. At the same time, Du Mingshan was also in extreme distress. She did not go home. It was difficult for her to calm herself outside. Gao Tianshuo sent countless messages to Du Mingshan but did not receive a response. He knocked on the door of Du Mingshan’s house, but was caught by Li Meiqi. And Liao Qianman gave a severe lesson.

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