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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 29 Recap

Liao Qianman and Zhao Yinze studied tricks and performed well. The protest demonstration officially kicked off.

Li Meiqi told Zhang Jingfan about Luo Yuefang’s letting Xu Kaiyu chase herself. Zhang Jingfan had a richer social experience. She analyzed that Luo Yuefang must like Li Meiqi, but because of some other reasons he could not confess to her, Li Meiqi was even more confused after hearing this. Zhao Yinze told Du Mingshan that she was going to Pingtung with Liao Qianman to attend the wedding. This surprised Du Mingshan. She looked more at Zhao Yinze. Zhao Yinze said that besides being a justice whistleblower, she still cares more about women. Attentively, Du Mingshan asked him why he was divorced just like revealing his scars. Zhao Yinze bitterly said that his ex-wife hated him.

Zhang Jingfan suggested to Liao Qianman and Zhao Yinze that since Zhao Yinze is attending the wedding as Liao Qianman’s boyfriend, it is necessary for them to understand each other, otherwise they will definitely wear gangsters, and the two of them have not achieved it after practicing for a long time. With very good results, Zhao Yinze decided to make a script-like thing, as far as possible to plan this itinerary, and perform this play well. It was almost time for the protests to start. A Sam persuaded Gao Tianshuo to retreat because he was afraid of wanting to escape, but Gao Tianshuo felt that at this time, he would not be able to retreat to all those involved, and even more to his own conscience.

After returning home, Liao Qianman asked Du Mingshan about Zhao Yinze’s situation and asked him what his merits were. Du Mingshan said that the only merit was a sense of justice. Liao Qianman doubted whether his decision was right or wrong, but even if he was really wrong, So at this point, there is nothing to be picky about. Tian Tian came to pick up the T-shirt, and the sisters made a bet to tease her without leaving A Sam.

Tian Tian heard that A Sam was going to participate in such an important protest. She was very worried about his safety, so she went to the door and asked him why Without telling himself, obviously such a dangerous activity, he still had to record the live broadcast with him. Tian Tian felt that A Sam was hiding something from him, and A Sam hesitated and did not say it. A Sam wore sunglasses and a mask to help Tian Tian record the live broadcast, saying that only in this way can he maintain a sense of mystery and be watched.

Gao Tianshuo asked Du Mingshan out, and solemnly told her that he would be on stage to give a speech tomorrow. Du Mingshan was very curious that the ten pages teacher would not be on stage to give a speech tomorrow. Is there something wrong with him, Gao Tianshuo said seriously, tomorrow ten Page would give a speech in person, and Du Mingshan suddenly understood that Gao Tianshuo was ten pages, which shocked her. Gao Tianshuo told Du Mingshan the causes and consequences of this incident. At first, A Sam came forward to replace him under compelling circumstances. He said that he had always wanted to find an appropriate opportunity to tell her about this incident, but it was always bad. Missed it by mistake, Du Mingshan couldn’t accept the result for a while, she turned and left, wanting to digest the matter alone.

Early the next morning, Gao Tianshuo faced Du Mingshan very nervously. Unexpectedly, Du Mingshan was unusually calm. Gao Tianshuo asked her how she thought last night. Du Mingshan called the ten-page teacher her life mentor and she was holding a ten-page book. After four years of college, she did not answer Gao Tianshuo’s questions directly. She said that today is a very important day. They must work together to scream out against Chen Kun, because this is something they all value The matter, the implication, the matter between the two will wait until the protest is over.

Zexian Publishing House took the lead and published an article opposing the Chen Kunhu Yaxing case, which subsequently aroused strong resonance among netizens, and the click rate rose rapidly. Luo Yuefang personally sent the EIA report to Chen Kunhu. This result made Chen Kunhu furious and threw the EIA report directly on Luo Yuefang. It was not until this time that Chen Kunhu realized that he might have been tricked by this kid.

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