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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 28 Recap

Zhao Yinze appealed to Liao Qianman for sympathy to protest against the Yaxing case and the activities are ready.

Zhao Yinze finally waited for the netizen Qiqi to arrive. Unexpectedly, this female netizen is the owner of the poor and loves the rich. At first glance, she often goes to this kind of appointment. She interrogated Zhao Yinze and heard that he had a car but no house, and immediately disappeared. Interested, so he went to the bathroom under the pretext of ordering three thousand yuan and left, leaving Zhao Yinze sitting there alone and waiting. Liao Qianman brought up the red wine and asked if Zhao Yinze had opened it, and told him that Qiqi had left. Zhao Yinze was very disappointed after hearing this. He asked Liao Qianman to beat the bottle of red wine and asked if she could sit down and have a drink with him. .

Luo Yuefang sent Gao Tianshuo the designed T-shirt design that he was not afraid of. Gao Tianshuo thought it was good and asked Luo Yuefang to print it according to this design. When Luo Yuefang went to buy coffee, he seemed to see Li Meiqi sitting on the sidelines and talking to him. His mind was full of Li Meiqi’s shadow, and he intuitively told him that Li Meiqi had already taken root in his heart. Liao Qianman drank with Zhao Yinze and discussed about the netizen Qiqi. She felt that it shouldn’t be for Zhao Yinze’s age and experience to be deceived by others. Zhao Yinze was very disappointed.

He kept drinking boring wine by himself and told Liao. Qian Man confided his thoughts. He also wanted to have a home. He also wanted to have someone waiting for him at home after get off work. He just wanted to find a companion, why is it so difficult. When talking about the sadness, he couldn’t help crying, Liao Qianman patiently comforted him, and Zhao Yinze told her not to tell Du Mingshan, otherwise he would be embarrassed.

Liao Qianman’s mother sent another message urging her to go back to Wanping’s wedding. Liao Qianman was speechless. She suddenly had an idea after looking at Zhao Yinze. Later, Liao Qianman suggested to Zhao Yinze that she should go to the wedding to find a female partner, because a girl always dresses herself very beautifully when attending a wedding. It happens that she is going to attend a classmate’s wedding, and Zhao Yinze is asked to accompany her. Liao Qianman His words resonated with Zhao Yinze, and he decided to accompany Liao Qianman back to Pingtung.

Gao Tianshuo became a trick to make a love bento for Du Mingshan. When it was given to Du Mingshan, a colleague from the magazine happened to send her a message. Du Mingshan hurriedly replied. Gao Tianshuo asked curiously, she used to input information for a long time, why the most With only a few words, Du Mingshan had to tell him that he also wrote a long list of messages at the time, but later deleted it because of embarrassment. Gao Tianshuo knew that Du Mingshan had already liked herself.

Gao Tianshuo made up his mind to tell Du Mingshan about his ten-page story. Just when he wanted to say it, Wu Bihua sent a message to Du Mingshan asking her when to accompany her to the gold shop to change the ring. Du Mingshan felt that the time was not yet, Gao Tianshuo It is more concerned about whether she will agree to it. Finally, Gao Tianshuo solemnly wanted to tell Du Mingshan that she was ten pages, and was interrupted by Luo Yuefang’s message. Du Mingshan mistakenly thought Gao Tianshuo was going to propose to her. She didn’t let Gao Tianshuo say it, and ran away in a hurry.

Zhao Yinze was still immersed in the pain of losing netizens. He felt relieved when Du Mingshan mentioned that Liao Qianman didn’t say anything after returning. At this time, Ten Pages sent him an e-mail, inviting Zexian Publishing House to join him. Participating in the protests against Chen Kunhu’s Yaxing case, Zhao Yinze was relieved. He felt that Shiye was indeed a good brother who had drunk with him. He was thinking of herself at the critical moment, and Du Mingshan knew that Shiye had initiated a confrontation against Asia. Xing case protests, and Gao Tianshuo is also busy with this activity recently.

Luo Yuefang and Gao Tianshuo discussed the details of the protest together. Various preparatory activities were already in place. Gao Tianshuo guessed that Du Mingshan and her sisters would also participate. Luo Yuefang said that if they really want to participate, he would send someone to protect them. Zhao Yinze, Gao Tian and others went to Luo Yuefang’s company for a meeting to study the specific itinerary. Du Mingshan asked whether the sisters could participate. Luo Yuefang agreed, but the premise was to pay attention to safety. Du Mingshan sent a message to the sisters. The sisters were very happy and expressed their intention to participate in this event.

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